Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mass. Drivers Must Stay in Line

My question, why the renewal? So you can KEEP PAYING FEES?!?!

I think ONCE YOU GET IT, that should be it!!!!! Unless you are driving drunk or something!!!

Hey, why would the government want to shut down a looting operation that the public seems to accept? Answer: They wouldn't!

"Mass. Registry drifting back to slow lane; Funding blamed as delays rise" by Noah Bierman, Globe Staff | August 30, 2008

After years of improvement, the wait times at the Registry are once again getting longer.

Rachel Kaprielian, who became the registrar on June 1 attributed the long waits to declining state funding and resulting staff cuts, as well as added responsibilities.

And this is state that sees fit to give millions of t
axpayer $$$ for social services for the illegals and to pass out to rich Hollywood folk, Wall Street, corporations, favored client and BANKS.

Yeah, but is for YOU, a CITIZEN of the state, you get a "fuck you" funding cut!!!!!!

Despite the reduced staff, the state transferred responsibility for road tests and school bus inspections to the Registry last year.


Yup, gave them less money to do more.

Now, that means one of to things: either a) this government is fucking you, taxpayer, or b) they are looting the fuck out of us for shit not needed!

Or BOTH, actually!!!!

No wonder my asshole is sore!

Getting pump-pooched as I wait in line!!!