Friday, August 29, 2008

The Georgian Lobby

This is offensive!

Another Zionist-controlled government influencing AMERICAN elections again!

"Georgian official in Denver as events unfold at home

DENVER - Davit Bakradze, chairman of the Georgian Parliament, was far from his seat of power when major news arrived from Moscow on Monday: Russia had recognized two of his country's regions, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, as independent, bluntly challenging Georgia's sovereignty.

"My instinct was to head back immediately," Bakradze recalled. "Then I realized it is more important to be here and explain to the world what is happening. What is happening here is in some ways more important than what's happening anywhere else."

Bakradze was part of a seven-member delegation from the former Soviet republic that came to the convention under the auspices of the nonprofit National Democratic Institute.

Unlike some delegations, Georgia brought along a prominent Washington lobbying and public-affairs firm, the Glover Park Group, to raise its profile among American political figures and media (Boston Globe)."

That McCain's man?

I've just about given up on politics if you haven't noticed.