Sunday, August 31, 2008

Send-Off Day Soaking

Let's see, trillions for wars and billions for banks and Israel, and millions for illegals, but nothing to help out the kids going into debt for a scitte ejerkashen, huh?

"For parents of college freshmen, first test is on economics of travel; Costs put the squeeze on traditional send-off" by Tracy Jan, Globe Staff | August 31, 2008

Still struggling to recover from tuition sticker shock, parents of college freshmen are now confronting a new economic hurdle: the rising costs of moving their children to campus.

With gas, airfare, and shipping prices soaring, many families are resorting to creative twists on the age-old tradition of the college send-off.

So now even that allegedly exciting and fun time of life is comprised -- while war looters are doing just fine!!!!

Where are those war looter exposes of corruption in my Sunday shitter, anyway?

Some are vacuum-packing clothing and bedding to conserve precious luggage space - and avoid airline fees. Others are imposing strict limits on how much - and what items - their children can pack. Others have redeemed frequent flyer miles or driven long distances to airports served by discount carriers.

Their cost-saving efforts were tested at the airport, though. One of the suitcases weighed 51 pounds, one pound over the limit. Hunt had to pay a $29 fee.

I'm sure that helped the kid and his parents out.

As I have said before, FUCK the AIRLINES!! Don't fly anymore, please!!!!

Because of financial concerns, Hunt said, she probably will skip parents weekend in October. And Phillip will not be coming home for Thanksgiving.

Yeah, that's great for our FAMILY-ORIENTED SOCIETY!!!

How much longer you gonna eat shit, Americans?

Think you are going to stand up to a draft?

Gas prices have risen by more than a third compared with a year ago. Airfare to Boston is up more than 20 percent, plus new fees to check luggage and for overweight bags. Shipping costs, too, have increased, with fuel surcharges doubling in that period.

Colleges are also adjusting to the new economic reality. Tonight, Tufts will bus freshmen to Target for an after-hours shopping field trip, according to the orientation schedule. Tomorrow, the university will hold its annual swap meet when students can pick up furniture and other donated goods on the cheap.

The only folks who don' have to worry about $$$: the WAR PROFITEERS, BANKS, and ISRAEL!!!!

Try as they might, some parents have just resigned themselves to the higher costs of moving these days.

Good practice for the upcoming draft of your children, folks!!