Friday, August 29, 2008

The Georgian Slaughter of South Ossetia

You would feel the same way if it happened to you.

Here are some photos to look at first
: PHOTOS (warning, graphic).

"An Embattled Enclave Yearns to Be Free (and Liechtenstein)" by ELLEN BARRY

TSKHINVALI, Georgia — For the skeptics who raise doubts about their future as an independent state, South Ossetians have one word: Andorra.

The comparison sounded a little strange, looking around this city, the capital of the enclave of South Ossetia, which was burned and battered by Georgian attacks earlier this month. Bullets had torn big chunks out of the pine trees, and the turret of a tank lay upside down in a doorway. Someone had spray-painted the words “Shame, Georgian bootlicker!” on a wall on the main boulevard.

This city has been the site of sporadic fighting for 18 years, culminating in five days of fierce shelling the second week of August.

As if the fighting had been going on that long and Georgia didn't attack!

I'm so sick of the lying New York Times!

People here are still deeply shaken by the attacks. Attending a boisterous rally on Wednesday, Gulo Pukhayeva, 46, said that for two days, her neighbor’s body lay on the street in the late-summer heat, but Georgian soldiers were posted in tanks at the intersection and they were too afraid to pick up the body. Recalling it, she began to cry.

Two weeks ago, the air was thick with dust and debris, and bodies lay uncollected in the streets. On Thursday, teams of young Russian men were swarming around a few damaged buildings, wearing neat uniforms with labels that said “Special Construction.” They were cutting glass to replace windows, putting coral-colored paint on a primary school and spackling hundreds of bullet holes. A caravan of trucks passed through town, distributing “Genuine Russian Bread” and a popular Moscow daily, “Russian Newspaper.”

You see that? The Russians are HELPING REBUILD!!!!!