Friday, August 29, 2008

Free Furniture Store

I don't think these guys (Gucci is latest to sign on at Mandarin) will be scrounging on sidewalks, do you?

"First come, first served; Students face stiff competition for curbside treasures" by Linda Matchan, Globe Staff | August 29, 2008

They've found 90 percent of their furniture on the street.

It's tough to be a student scavenger these days. Nowadays there are a lot more impediments to scavenging. For one thing, the competition for free goods has become fierce, partly because of the economic downturn.

It's not just students seeking furniture giveaways, however. It attracts environmentalists, too. These include Jenn Pucci and her fiancé, James Yeagle, recent law school graduates starting jobs this fall at Ropes & Gray, a prominent law firm. Despite being gainfully employed, they were eagerly shopping in the parking lot last Thursday and scored a slightly battered coffee table, which they stuffed into the back seat of their car.

Translation: YOU EAT SHIT, America, while RICHERS GORGE THEMSELVES!!!!

Yeah, I HAVE HAD IT with this agenda-pushing, ELITE STINKSHIT RAG, readers!!!

There are also the entrepreneurs such as Wayne Garnett of Brookline, who describes himself as being "gainfully employed in buying and selling anything." The Allston lot is just one stop along his route - he also checks out yard sales and thrift shops around New England - and when he finds decent furniture, he loads it into his truck and resells it at the Brimfield Antique and Flea Market show.

So the guy picks shit off the curb and tries to call it an antique and rip off someone? Oh, yeah, I love American business! I love it when an institution is based on DECEPTION, can't you tell?

There are also the people Gogan calls "scrappers," and there are more of them than ever as the value of scrap metal goes up. "We can't keep a file cabinet in here because people jump on them for scrap metal," Gogan said. "On Thursdays they come in like locusts and take everything that's metal."

In terms of the scrap meatl, that is not a good sign for America.

This is the kind of thing that happens in war-torn or dirt-poor nations, folks!!

See: Bleacher Bonanza

WAKE the FUCK UP, America!!!!! (Response: zzzzzzzzz).

But none of this has put an end to Boston's thriving underground free furniture industry.

Yeah, and it is ALL SO GREAT, according to this shit-spewing piece of shit crust paper!!!!!!!

Yeah, I have HAD IT with the fucking stink shit elites down there at the BG, how can you tell?