Friday, August 29, 2008

The Forgotten of Denver

This is AmeriKa, all right!

"Just blocks away, the party was far out of reach" by Brian C. Mooney, Globe Staff | August 29, 2008

DENVER - On almost every corner of downtown Denver, you could find people working to be visible, trying to make waves or make money. On Tuesday, 13 anti-abortion demonstrators, including two Catholic priests and a Baptist minister, were arrested in an act of civil disobedience downtown and about 100 antiwar demonstrators were arrested in a clash with police near the Civic Center.

And that's it for the protests, 'eh, shit bag shit sheet? Fuck you!

Readers, see: Denver Protest Videos of Police Brutality

Besides free speech, another quintessentially American ideal - capitalism - thrived in the carnival-like atmosphere of Denver.

Passersby were offered free condoms and diet-plan peanut fudge bars. The horde of news media representatives received special attention. Upon their arrival at their work stations last weekend, everyone received a keepsake tote bag, adorned with the corporate logos of AT&T and Coca-Cola. Each bag was stocked with freebies, including a Visa/USBank water bottle and a dietary supplement called Joint Juice.

Corporate fascism and media control on display.

That's why I despise AmeriKan MSM "news" now. Nothing but AGENDA-PUSHING PROPAGANDISTS!!!!

Not everyone partook of the giveaways, however.

These are the invisible, the homeless who live outside the margins of society in Denver as it hosted the glittering Democratic National Convention, unfolding each day less than half a mile away from this soup kitchen. For days, this city was a bazaar of commercial excess and political expression, teeming with groups and individuals who sold products, promoted a cause, and clamored for the attention of the 15,000-strong media throng. Heavily armed police were everywhere, a reminder that all is not normal in the post 9/11 era.

They are disgusting, aren't they? Not only the MSM, but the DemocraPs!

They are TALKING SHIT just like the Repuglicans!!!!

To hold this four-day extravaganza, hundreds of millions of dollars were spent by corporations and government to amuse, pamper, and protect the visitors. Not a nickel will find its way to this soup kitchen.

There are your "compassionate" DemocraPs! What SHIT FOOLEYS AmeriKan politics is!!!!

The only attention these homeless men received was from police shooing them back into the shadows.

And there is your DEMOCRAPIC TYRANNY!!!


I really don't have anything left to say. I'm just shaking my head, and reconfirming how much I hate politics now! String 'em up, all of 'em!!!!