Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Boston Globe Aborts Women's Rights

How is it that the MSM excoriates the politicians for pandering to women on issues of abortion, as if that is thier only concern, and then turn around and do just that!!!!

Do the words CONDESCENSION and HYPOCRISY mean anything to you, ladies?

"GOP speaker roster to steer far from Deep South base" by Sasha Issenberg, Globe Staff | August 31, 2008

Jennifer Blei Stockman, national chair of the Republican Majority for Choice, which supports abortion rights, put it more bluntly: "It's like a beauty contest. They put the speakers in front that will have the greatest appeal."

Since Pat Buchanan declared a "culture war" in Houston in 1992, Republicans have worked to project a softer image from their convention stages. US Representative Susan Molinari of New York was the party's 1996 keynote speaker, and four years later the convention dais was graced with a parade of minorities, including Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. Giuliani, Schwarzenegger, and McCain stood at Bush's side for his 2004 nomination.

Is that every a revision of history or what?

They don't remember the 2004 Republican convention with its "TERROR, TERROR, TERROR, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11" rhetoric?

While the marquee speakers are more liberal on social issues than McCain or Palin - Giuliani, Ridge, and Lieberman support abortion rights - Republican activists say the program does not reflect any shift in the dominant positions within their party.

"This is exactly what they did at the convention in 2004," said Stockman, adding that her Republican Majority for Choice has stopped fighting the platform's abortion plank because "it wasn't worth our trouble. It was all smoke-and-mirrors," she said. "The party wanted to present a moderate front because they realized it would most appeal to the general electorate."

Meanwhile this year, the dominant force on the convention's agenda could be Gustav: Convention planners are closely monitoring the hurricane, which is expected to make landfall tomorrow afternoon.

"It will have a very serious impact on the convention," said Kathleen Shanahan, a Republican strategist from Florida and one of the convention's honorary deputy permanent chairs. "When one part of the country is getting hurt, it's hard to have a national celebration."

That never stopped them before!!!!

Maybe GOD is finally getting through to these assholes, huh?