Friday, August 29, 2008

Massachusetts Business Doesn't Want American Workers

Read it and weep, Americans.

I'm so sick of the Boston Globe and its lying, distorted, horse shit lying and agenda-pushing that I've about reached my limit. Not as many posts today as I've averaged from them, and this is one of the major reasons why:

"Division of labor; Immigration debate cuts Cape's summer worker supply" by Tania deLuzuriaga, Globe Staff | August 29, 2008

WELLFLEET - With summer in full swing, vacationers are clogging the restaurants, shops, and inns of this town on the outer reaches of Cape Cod. But behind the counters, in the kitchens and back rooms, it is another story. Help is in very short supply.

The seasonal visa program that for years has supplied thousands of foreign workers to Cape Cod and the islands each summer has been entangled in Congress's contentious immigration debate, and business owners are struggling to manage high-season workloads with skeleton staffs.

Translation: They don't want to pay Americans decent wages.

Across the Cape, businesses that cater to tourists say labor shortages are forcing them to cut back on services and pay large amounts of overtime to the small number of workers they have found. Many owners are frantically trying to handle unfilled jobs themselves.

In past years, some 7,000 workers arrived on the Cape with temporary H-2B visas allowing them in the country to work during the busy summer months.

Businesses have filled their ranks in several ways. Some, like Hay, have hired foreign workers who were already in the country with seasonal work visas and then were granted extensions. Others, like Pihl, turned to international students who entered the country through a separate visa program that allows them to work for three or four months at a time. But the students return home at the end of the month, leaving her with a shortage for September and October. And most J-1 visa workers aren't allowed to return for a second season, which means she will have a new crop to train next spring.

Like I really give a fuck what trouble this slaver is finding themselves in!

One thing is clear, they DO NOT WANT AMERICANS!!!!

So fuck off, BG!!!!

Critics of the seasonal visa program say businesses should hire more Americans instead of relying on foreign workers, but Cape employers say few US citizens on the Cape are interested in the jobs they offer.

"They don't want this kind of job," Pihl said. "The Americans don't want to start as dishwashers or busboys. They want to be waiters and bartenders."

Yeah, we wanna do the CLASSY JOBS!!!! This is SUCH SHIT!!!!

As a KID, I bussed tables and dishwashed!!!!

"Americans want year-round employment with insurance," Grant said. "That's not what we provide."

Translation: Ameriucans want a DECENT WAGE and JOB SECURITY -- unlike the immigrants that come here to work for shit!!!!

Though they're in the midst of their high season now, business owners are worried about what they're going to do next year.

Well, WHO GIVES A FUCK about NEXT YEAR!!! I'm trying to KEEP the HOUSE, assholes!!!!!!!!!


By the way, what about OUR KIDS?!

The City of Boston is developing a job training program in an effort to stem the increasing number of young men from low-income Boston neighorhoods who are not in school and do not have steady work.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino has set aside $200,000 in federal grant money for the program, which will focus on training 18- to 24-year-olds for careers in food service, transportation, and logistics or the marine and building trades.

Well, they DON'T WANT YOU, kids!! Did you see the above article?

They want to hire FOREIGNERS!!!!

But don't worry, American kids. There is a DRAFT COMING, so you will have PLENTY of WORK!!!

"To have any population idle, when they don't want to be idle, that's just not a good thing," Doty said. The social costs for the city down the road would be high, including increased crime, homelessness, hunger, and, overall, a slowed economy, she said. "We need everybody in the work force to keep the economy going forward."


Yeah, well those "costs" don't seem to matter much with the manufacturing base cratering and the jobs being moved offshore!

Maybe this will help you out, kids:

Like you SELL the AGENDA every day, huh?

And new graduates also come into the job market at a difficult moment in the economy, so polishing a presentation can only give someone a leg up.

You know, EMBELLISHING IT! LYING, in other words!!!

All with the APPROVAL of societies KOMMISARS!!!!

Now I see why the Boston Globe prints lies everyday: that's the way we do things here!

"What you find is in New England and in the United States among younger college graduates, particularly bachelor's degree holders, the share of them that have been ending up in true college labor-market jobs - jobs that typically require a college degree - has been going down," said Andrew Sum, an economics professor and director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University.

Yup, but ejerkashen is the ticket here in America!!! If you get that ejerkashen, you'll be getting ahead!!!! What a fucking STINK LIE!!!!!

It's so accepted to: when I told people I was in school they would say "Oh, good." Really? Is it? I got nothing but a WORTHLESS HISTORY DEGREE based on LIES and a big hole in my bank account!

So the whole GET an EDUCATION to get a GOOD JOB is BULLSHIT, too!!!!

Some sessions teach students to get their selling points across to an interviewer, no matter what the question; discuss their core strengths; and polish their resume.

Making a splash at an interview isn't all that different from making one in a 30-second TV ad or a sound bite in a radio commercial for products, said Jack E. Rossin, a former Boston ad executive who now works as a consultant, teaching corporate employees the importance of presentation skills.

Umm, no I'm not an illegal, that gonna make a difference?

"Helping a job candidate find the right communication tools honest to God, is not different than selling kielbasa," he said.


So go SELL YOURSELF like a PRODUCT, kids! You are a KIELBASA now?

Of course, for the rich elite, none of these are problems at all.

Get a load of this avarice: Gucci is latest to sign on at Mandarin

I think it is pretty clear there are two societies in America: the HAVES and HAVE-NOTS!