Friday, August 29, 2008

The Israeli Threat

"Israel as a Strategic Threat to Russia and the U.S.
by Bob Finch
Israel has amassed a nuclear arsenal that has been variously estimated at between 200-400 nuclear weapons. Some commentators have argued this makes it the world’s fourth most powerful nation in the world. A former Pentagon official and whistle-blower, Daniel Ellsberg, said that Israel could have close to 400 nuclear weapons. "That’s more than Britain, China, India and Pakistan, and probably more than France," said Ellsberg.

Since the early 1970s the ziocons in American politics, have operated on the convenient, but highly dubious, assumption that what is good for the Israel is good for America. This assumption ignores a critical issue: whether America is wise to continue providing economic assistance, military hardware, and technological assistance, to the Jewsish state, as it has done since 1967, so that it can develop intercontinental nuclear missiles that could threaten the U.S.? Of course, Zionists would argue, it is highly unlikely that Israel would ever want to threaten its bountiful provider but why should Americans put themselves at risk?

The long term goals of the Jews-only state in Palestine are firstly, to gain political and military independence from all other countries. Secondly, to protect not only the reign of Jews within its borders but all Jews around the world, "Unlike many countries, including the United States, the Israeli state does not belong, even in principle, to those who reside within its borders, but is defined as the state of the Jewish people, wherever they may be." (Noel Ignatiev ‘Toward a Single State Solution: Zionism, Anti-Semitism and the People of Palestine’). Thirdly, to increase the strategic territory of the Jews-only state to make it more difficult for it to be obliterated with nuclear weapons. Russia, the U.S., and Iran all have the strategic "depth" to survive a limitted nuclear exchange.

As regards the first objective, the jews-only state still has a significant technological, military, and economic, reliance on America. As regards the second objective, the Jews-only state has probably developed medium range nuclear missiles which can reach any country in the Middle East. It has also developed long range nuclear missiles which could pose a retaliatory threat to Russia, Europe, and China. But whether it has developed nuclear missiles which could reach the United States is another matter. The jews-only state can’t be far off such a missile given the sophistication of its space programme, "Israel is midway through a drive to establish a space program, much of it devoted to military purposes." (Yoichi Clark ' The Wrong Stuff' Pacific News Service).

In recent years, however, the Jews-only state has acquired four submarines from Germany which it could arm with nuclear cruise missiles. "Israel’s acquisition from Germany a few years ago of three Dolphin-class submarines capable of launching conventional and nuclear-tipped cruise missiles? The 1,720-ton diesel-electric submarines are among the most technically advanced subs of their kind in the world. Each can be equipped with four cruise missiles, which Israel reportedly tested in the Indian Ocean in 1999. (Uzi Mahnaimi and Matthew Campbell, "Israel Makes Nuclear Waves with Submarine Missile Test," London Sunday Times, June 18, 2000) The subs will cruise the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and, ominously, the Persian Gulf -which tends to confirm the views of the late Israeli scholar, Israel Shahak, a leading dissident, who argued that Israel’s strategic goal is hegemony from Morocco to Pakistan. (See Israel Shahak, Open Secrets, 1997, chapters four and eight)."

So, even if the Jews-only state does not yet have nuclear missiles which could reach America it has submarines which could probably traverse the oceans to bring America within range of its nuclear weapons. It is bizarre that America helped to fund the acquisition of these subs for the Jews-only state.

As regards the vulnerability of the jews-only state because of its tiny size. In the 1960s, the Soviet Union was an unquestioned superpower which possessed a fairly efficient, but vastly powerful, military machine. The Jews-only state then acquired a tiny number of nuclear weapons – primarily to protect the conquests it had made over neighbouring Arab countries. However, even at that early stage, the Jews-only state was also planning to develop a nuclear capability to offset what seemed like the Soviet Union’s overwhelming nuclear superiority, "American-born Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard obtained satellite-imaging data of the Soviet Union, allowing Israel to target accurately Soviet cities." (Warner D. Farr, LTC, U.S. Army 'The Third Temple's Holy of Holies - Israel's Nuclear Weapons' The Counterproliferation Papers Future Warfare Series No. 2).

At that time, the Soviet Union may not have worried unduly about such a tiny nuclear threat from the Jews-only state. Since then, however, there has been a dramatic turn around in the relative power between the Jews-only state in Palestine and Russia. Such has been the calamitous political and economic decline of Russia, and the prodigious political and economic development of the Jews-only state that the latter is beginning to pose an increasingly serious threat to the former superpower. The existence of a Jews-only state with a plethora of powerful nuclear weapons on Russia's doorstep has now gone far beyond the realms of a modern Cuban missile crisis in the Middle East. It's a little difficult to credit it but basically a country with a mere six million people is getting closer to nuclear parity with a country of 120 million. Russia and the Jewish state are now in a sort of mad predicament. Russia would be highly unlikely to launch a nuclear attack against the Jews-only state because the Jews would retaliate causing large scale losses in Russia. However, this nuclear parity is deceptive. There is no equity between them so that in the maddest of situations, where the survival of one country or the other was at stake, the Russians have the upper hand. Russia could completely obliterate the Jews-only state making the country completely uninhabitable but the Jews-only state could not do this to Russia because of its vast size. True, it could make large parts of Russia uninhabitable but the Russian state and a substantial proportion of its population is almost certain to survive.

The irony of the situation in which the Jews-only state wants to become so powerful that even the U.S. will fear to challenge it, is that the Jews-only state in Palestine seems to be able to obtain almost any military technology it wants from successive American governments without America being in the slightest bit worried about the military implications for its own national security. With each transfer of military technology and military hardware, the Jews-only state becomes militarily stronger and thus more capable of striking a terrible blow to America. And yet since 1967, all American administrations have seemed perfectly willing to provide most types of military hardware and technology to the Jews-only state.

The dominance of Jewish interests over American interests could also be seen in 2003 when the ziocons pushed the Bush regime into a proxy zionist war against Iraq. The ziocons hoped this would be the first of many zionist proxy wars against anti-zionist Arab/Moslem countries - devastating each country in virtually the same way as the Jews-only state has devastated Palestinian society.

For the ziocons, America’s proxy zionist war against Iraq was intended to defeat a country which posed a minimal challenge to the regional dominance of the Jews-only state. They were not in the slightest bit concerned that America might struggle militarily against an Iraqi insurgency which was predicted not only by many civilian commentators but by many in the American military itself. The proxy zionist war against Iraq has ended up with America losing thousands of troops and suffering a huge financial strain on its economy. The zionists could not lose. The zionists would benefit if America was able to easily defeat Iraq, and the Moslem countries that aren't subservient to the Jews only state, conversely, they would also benefit if America struggled to defeat such countries and ended up weaker, militarily and economically, than before. If the zionists manage to extract more military hardware and advanced military technology from the Americans during the occupation of Iraq this will continue the process of reducing the huge disparity in military power between themselves and America. By far and away the biggest reduction in the military disparity between the Jews-only state and America will occur if the zionists manage to develop, with or without America assistance, intercontinental nuclear missiles that could reach America. This will enable them to pose a considerable military threat to their main benefactor and protector.

The idea of the Jews-only state possessing nuclear missiles which could threaten America is not an issue which is discussed in America. It is politically impossible for Americans to discuss the nuclear threat from the Jews-only state because American politicians do not recognize the existence of the Jews-only state’s nuclear weapons. "The U.S. government has never acknowledged that Israel possesses nuclear weapons, even though the world knows otherwise, thanks to the whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu. (London Sunday Times, Oct. 5, 1986).

This is quite remarkable. Perhaps Americans are not concerned that yet another government is capable of launching nuclear missiles against their country. This seems to run counter to America’s national security and its national interests. Perhaps the reason why it has never become a political issue is because the American media and American politics is dominated by "Israel first" Jews who are not worried about America being threatened by the Jews-only state in Palestine. Even more amazing is that American politicians do not seem in the least bit bothered about the Jews-only state stealing American secrets or American military technology to help it develop nuclear missiles which could threaten America. But then again, America’s Christian evangelists spend more of their time supporting the Jews-only state in Palestine than they do defending their own country from the "Israel first" traitors stealing American technologies and threatening America’s security.

The critical question Americans need to reflect upon, while they are boosting Jewish supremacy in the Middle East, donating vast subsidies to the Jews-only state, and providing it with the world’s most sophisticated military technology, is whether it is in their interests to allow the Jews-only state to develop nuclear weapons that could reach America. Given Jewish dominance of the media it is highly likely the zionists will continue to keep the topic a part of the wide range of taboos. If America continues to help the Jews-only state acquire inter-continental wmds without discussing the political and military implications for American security this is a clear indication of zionist control over American politics. This leads to the conclusion that the Jews-only state in Palestine has colonized America and is currently treating it as a resource for its own benefit. There could be no clearer example of Jewish domination of the West than America’s willingness to implement the foreign policies of another country, the Jews-only state in Palestine, and its failure to defend itself against its Jewish colonisers.