Saturday, August 30, 2008

Occupation Iraq: Saturday Shit Shovel

"Militias seem to cut weapons; Unclear whether Shi'ite fighters getting Iran aid" by Missy Ryan, Reuters | August 30, 2008

BAGHDAD - Iraq's once formidable Mahdi Army appears to be bowing to orders to lay down arms, but it is yet unclear whether Shi'ite fighters are preparing another offensive with Iranian help, a US intelligence official said.

(Blogger shaking head, enraged and sick of damn propaganda and lies)

The United States is hoping that improving security and greater access to electricity, water, and jobs will make it harder for returning militants to find support.

Yeah, minimize the FAILURE of the U.S. on the social services side. This gets tiresome after a while, readers.

Iraqi and US forces have been combing the northeastern province of Diyala in recent weeks in search of Sunni Arab Al Qaeda members, detaining hundreds of suspects and clearing bombs from roads and homes.

Yup, and we have heard NEXT to NOTHING about that from the shit Zionist MSM here. It's been all POLITICS and BULLSHIT ACCUSATIONS of PROPAGANDA!!!!

They believe Al Qaeda is now dug in across the countryside after it was driven out of Baghdad and other cities.

Oh, now "Al-CIA-Duh" is DUG IN ACROSS the countryside!!!!

Whatever happened to the SURGE SUCCESS?!

So SICK of the FUCKING LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pffft! I'm so sick of the bullshit!

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How much more evidence do you need?

Case closed on AmeriKa's MSM and its PROPAGANDA SHOVELING, folks!

Final fart bleat:
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Oh, about that sectarianism:
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So FUCK YOU, Zionist AmeriKan MSM!

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!