Thursday, October 9, 2008

SNL "Blames Jews" for Financial Crisis

Well, if the SHOE FITS....

"'SNL' Finance Skit Raises 'Blame the Jews' Issue

Oct. 9, 2008

Interesting JTA piece about fears that the financial meltdown will lead to attacks on Jews. It cites "Saturday Night Live"'s attack on bankers Herbert and Marion Sandler and on George Soros. Included this:

“There is definitely a fear among certain Jews in this industry,” said a Jewish employee with a top New York investment bank who asked that his name be withheld. “And it’s because it’s spreading past Wall Street now. There’s a growing animosity towards the wealthy, and especially the wealthy that have made money on Wall Street and real estate and finance, as so many Jews have—some legitimately, some not so. It’s very easy to generalize that it must be the entire Jewish people.”

The piece also said that a lot of commenters on the web reacted to the fact that the Congress took off Rosh Hashanah when the financial system was falling apart. Something this website also went into. I still don't get that one, whether Jews weren't compelled to put New Year's celebration aside. Today of course is Yom Kippur. Thanks to monotheism, the one god in heaven made sure that there would be no playoff games today or last night, thus sparing us the Koufax story redux: Will Kevin Youkilis suit up or not? (Well he did suit up once, sat in the dugout.)


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