Monday, October 20, 2008

Mass. Drivers Are Movin' On Over

This seems reasonable. One wonders why it has to be a law; what simps are running around driving this way?

"'Move Over Law' sought after trooper struck" by Megan Woolhouse, Globe Staff | October 19, 2008

State Trooper Dana Cresta had no time to run. As he stood in the breakdown lane of the Massachusetts Turnpike, investigating a car crash early yesterday, a fast-moving 2008 Nissan Maxima careened into him. The impact sent Cresta through the Nissan's windshield.

The trooper survived, but he sustained serious injuries and was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The accident was a prime example of the dangers troopers face when they pull over to investigate crashes or make traffic stops. Now, some legislators have renewed calls for a state law that would require highway drivers to move out of the right lane when emergency vehicle lights are flashing.

Forty-three states have passed similar laws, according to the group Move Over America, a coalition of national law enforcement agencies that advocate for the measure. Earlier this year, New Hampshire enacted the law, expanding it to include construction trucks with amber lights used by its Department of Transportation workers. Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, as well as Delaware, Hawaii, and Nebraska, are the only states, as well as Washington, D.C., that have not.

Why does Massachusetts hate its cops? What is it about liberals?

The Massachusetts Association of Chiefs of Police supports the Move Over America law. Some research by national law enforcement groups has shown that drivers are sometimes mesmerized by the spinning lights on emergency vehicles and inadvertently drive toward them on the highway.

Unfortunately, I can believe that about Amurkns! God, we are a stoo-pid people!!!

It is impossible to say whether the law would have prevented yesterday's crash. For one thing, the driver of Nissan was charged with drunk driving. For another, drivers don't always abide by traffic laws. --more--"

Oh, that NEVER HELPS!!!!

And how can I obey traffic laws with the pretty lights and colors?