Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Commentaries and Blogs That Need Reading

Here: "Shifting human political consciousness is underway!"



And here: "Prosecute Bush for 'Nazi' Atrocities and Crimes Against Humanity"

Ooops, new post there, too!

"Recession/Depressions: How the GOP 'Soaks' the Poor and Middle Classes"

I've read the posts, and so should you, reader.

You may have notice how erratic I've become in my posts and the truth is, I'm really just getting tired of the propaganda being shoveled at the American people day after bloody day by the garbage joosmedia. I know nobody likes the term, and they don't like you pointing to the joowish/zionist cabals that run the banks, staff the U.S. government, and print, publish and broadcast the Amerikan MSM.

Frankly, what I don't like is the annihilation of a people, nay, a RELIGION by these lying monsters. Once you understand false-flag terrorism and you repeatedly read the lies of the jooish mainstream media regarding Muslims (or any foreigners outside the globalist or Zioniost elite) and the RACISM and JEWISH SUPREMACISM each and every day, the task of coming here and reporting becomes distasteful, frustrating, and HURTFUL.

Because that is what is at the bottom of the rage and frustration, folks. The INABILITY, no, the INTENTIONAL, COMPLICIT and ENABLING promotion of OUTRIGHT LIES, VITAL OMISSIONS and/or DELIBERATE OBFUSCATIONS meant to foster CONFUSION, it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE! The DAMN BASTARDS REPEAT LIES after LIES after LIES about EVERYTHING EVERY DAY, and they DID IT AGAIN TODAY!!!! I purchased a crappy Boston Globe for a buck, and check out what MORE comes out AFTER the FACT -- like SO MUCH in the "NEWSPAPERS!"

"Some seeking US aid worked to avoid taxes WASHINGTON - Some of the financial giants that are turning to US taxpayers for unprecedented assistance have used disputed practices over the years to avoid the payment of billions of dollars in taxes for themselves and their clients, according to tax specialists, court records, and a Senate investigation committee.

Oh, that just adds to THIS OUTRAGE and THIS OUTRAGE reported AFTER the FACT -- AFTER the AGENDA has been ADVANCED and the LOOTING completed!!! And WHY the OMISSION of the Goldman Sachs guy in charge of distributing the hard-earned taxpayer loot? Why no PROFILE on THAT GUY? By the way, all done ON PURPOSE!!!!!!! For YOUR OWN GOOD, America (and world). But the MSM acts as if THEY DON'T KNOW!!!! Those SMART GUYS, those MONEY MEN (jooish, zionist, sorry), they just TRYING to FIGURE it out for YOU!!! Uh-huh! Let's listen to the guys who DELIBERATELY screwed this up to FIX IT for YOU by turning the taxpayers upside down and looting us!!!!

The problem is, it is not NOT just LIES about the WARS and the IGNORING of the WAR CRIMINAL MASS-MURDERS by the scum Zionist media, it is the LYING AGENDA-PUSHING on EVERY ISSUE, ranging from gays and immigration (cover the divisive society-splitting, as well as advance global economic government) to the environment (lying about the weather of all things) and the pro-corporate, pro-oil, pro-war tilt of the whole damn thing -- as well as the UNABASHED OMISSIONS and DISTORTIONS about ISRAEL!!

That is the KEY to UNDERSTANDING the ROOT of the CONTROL!!! When you understand HOW DEEPLY ZIONISM has been HAMMERED into the American consciousness (through the media, cultural institutions, and schools), the task of decoding (and thus, the road to outage and insanity) becomes much easier -- and FAR MORE FRUSTRATING!!!

But rather than continue to prattle on in this relatively clean (for me) post, let me direct you to another fine author.

"Have Fun Bending Over for the Catch 22. Here is what you have to do. You have to abolish the Federal Reserve. You have to cut Israel loose… period. Neither of these entities are your friends. In fact, they are your worst enemies and they are the same thing, so to speak.

I may be back here today, I may not. Vote in my poll if you like, readers, and thanks for coming.