Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ban Blows Fart Mist Out His Ass

I am SO SICK of the LYING about this issue!!

Read this to find out why
: A Lifetime of Lies Since 9/11

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"At Harvard, Ban calls for climate action; Says warming is a global priority" by Peter Schworm, Globe Staff | October 22, 2008

CAMBRIDGE - Calling global warming "the defining issue of our time," UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged immediate international action to counteract the "imminent threat" of climate change.

Here we go again! Every fucking day, pounding this damnable FALSEHOOD!!!!

See: Cold snap brings snow to NSW

It's spring south of the equator, readers. That means snow is supposed to be going away!

In a wide-ranging speech yesterday at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, Ban said it was crucial to ratify an international treaty on greenhouse gas emissions before the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. Climate change "is no longer theory, it has become a fact," he told an audience of several hundred.

Only because HE SAYS IT! Notice how quickly the enviro-cultists switch the terms from "global warming" to "climate change?"

That's because it is GETTING COLDER! Hell, it is FREEZING HERE right now and it is only mid-October!!!

Never mind the SCIENCE and the EVIDENCE the BLOGS keep turning over -- I'd rather believe a LYING, AGENDA-PUSHING SHIT-RAG and an EVIL GLOBALIST!

Ban, the former South Korean foreign minister who became the head of the UN in 2007, said global cooperation is increasingly critical to addressing the world financial crisis, terrorism, and nonproliferation.

Especially when you are IMPLEMENTING an AGENDA the masses don't like!!!!!

"Now more than ever we must be bold," he said. "In these times of crisis, when we are tempted to look inward, it is precisely the time when we must move pursuit of the common good to the top of the agenda. Global solidarity is . . . in the interest of all."

Well, take your GLOBALISM and SHOVE IT, asshole!!!!!

In an interview with the Globe before the speech, Ban said he was encouraged by conditions in Burma as it seeks to recover from a devastating cyclone in May. "Humanitarian aid is flowing," he said.

Oh yeah, I forgot all about Burma! Yup, if the Zionist, enemy-creating, agenda-pushing assholes of the Amerikan MSM ain't bashing Burma, then it ain't noted!

Ban also said the situation in Sudan remains deeply worrisome. But he expressed hope that an increase in peacekeeping troops over the coming months, coupled with ongoing negotiations, would lessen the violence in the war-torn Darfur region. --more--"

Yeah, WTF, you got TIME on DARFUR!!! WTF, readers? Then don't come back and pull out the Darfur club anytime you feel like it, Zionist agenda-pushers!!! Makes you wonder why Sudan does make their papers when it does! They obviously don't care that much about it since the rag is full of so much shit everyday!!

Proof of point: Where is the CRITICISM or CONCERN for the PEOPLE of PALESTINE, Mr. Ban!? Or if he did, the Zionist-controlled Globe EDITED IT OUT, right?

And THAT (along with U.N. spinelessness on the issue of Israel) is the PROOF that ZIONIST JEW SCUMBAGS are RUNNING the SHOW!!!

For THAT information, I had to go to the blogs: Wave of Hope Heading for Gaza


And check this out:

"Police: No evidence of hate crime at local mosque Biehl said the incident will be assigned to a detective today, Sept. 30, since it happened over the weekend. The detective will determine if a crime was committed.

"Two strangers spray a bunch of kids at a Mosque with pepper spray and the cops say it is isn't a hate crime and indeed may not be a crime at all. If two strangers had sprayed a bunch of Jewish kids at a synagogue with pepper spray, what do you think would have happened?" -- Webmaster of Wake the Flock Up

Naw, Zionist control and brainwashing doesn't exist in Amerika!!