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Combating The Zionist Network

"Zionist Neo-Nazis Engineer US, Canadian, and Global Fascism

Combating The Zionist Network ­ Part 1
Exclusive to
By Ted Lang

Just as we, the informed of America, have correctly anticipated the horrors of the USA PATRIOT Act with its almost total abolition of the Bill of Rights, and just as we have anticipated the Military Compensation Act, which abolishes habeas corpus, we all know what's coming next: -- the unanimous passage by our Congress of "hate crimes" legislation to silence critics exposing the total control Israel has over our government. This will be followed by legislative bans to effect the complete shut down of the Internet to block independent websites that cannot be controlled by Zionist gatekeepers and Hillary Clinton.

This "legislation" is, of course, all totally illegal. Articles of the United States Constitution cannot be set aside by federal statute; neither can Amendments. Articles can be amended and undesired Amendments must be repealed. The latter procedures require input from the joint and several states comprising the United States of America. The criminal Bush regime's adeptness in circumventing constitutional law obtains legitimacy via our nation's "state of war." That war was created not only by the lies from the criminal Bush regime, but required as well the planned and manufactured "terrorism" of 9/11. Bush is therefore a "war powers" president based upon an act of deliberate sabotage engineered to launch the Iraqi War. It was not a random and astonishingly well-coordinated and successful random act of luck and terror executed by rank amateurs. The present American government's legitimacy is based upon a war that isn't a war because Congress hasn't declared it.

But the US invasion that has destroyed Iraq, and the Israeli invasion that has destroyed Lebanon, as well as the planned and intended military incursions to be continued to engulf Iran and the entire Middle East in endless wars, will facilitate the unfettered construction of oil and gas pipelines through Afghanistan and Iraq. This will serve to provide total control by the US of these major energy sources for the West. Another purpose for the illegal invasions serves also the never-ending quest for imperialistic expansion by Israel.

The Bush regime's imperialistic war and planned future wars serve these two ends. Such multiple purpose planning patterns used by the criminal regimes can be seen in the triple motive of crashing planes into the WTC and Pentagon, and the former's controlled demolition ensuring the total collapse of the WTC buildings. The public outrage and anger on the part of the American people was used to pressure our witless and immoral Congress to support Bush's unjust invasion of Iraq and the huge $7 billion insurance policy payout to Larry Silverstein. It is indeed the 9/11 "act of terrorism" that is the only source of the Bush regime's power.

Anti-Zionism is not anti-Judaism; it is not anti-Semitism. Zionism was, at one time, definable as being the motive and method behind the establishment and justification of a Jewish state. In fact, that was the title of alleged Zionist founder Theodor Herzl's book written in the late 1800s. Zionism is manifested in the Jewish state of Israel. Criticism of Israel is no more a "hate crime" than is criticism of the Roman Catholic Church a slur upon Italy. Even a legitimate "hate crime" targeting Catholicism cannot in fact be "elevated" as anti-Italian merely because of the Vatican's location within its borders.

And criticism of the Catholic Church for its problems involving pedophilic homosexual priests is no reflection on either the Church or Italy because the Church is termed "Roman Catholic." Yet, neither the Roman Catholic Church nor the nation-state of Italy maintains a privileged tax-exempt lobby such as is the case with the "American" Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. And certainly neither the Catholic Church nor the nation of Italy has been exposed as either spying on our nation or engaging in espionage against US. Italy and the Church have not stolen our nuclear military secrets nor sold them to Communist China as Israel has. AIPAC is an American government-sanctioned tax-exempt agent of a foreign government that spies on US and engages in espionage against America.

In a September 25, 2004 press release from renowned pollsters Zogby International, an opinion poll conducted by them posed this question in its narrative summary: "A tax-exempt organization that lobbies Congress on behalf of Israel, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (also known as AIPAC), has been under investigation by the FBI for allegedly receiving classified information from a Pentagon official and using this information on behalf of the government of Israel. In view of this investigation, do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree that AIPAC should be asked to register as an agent of a foreign government and lose its tax-exempt status?"

This, at least insofar as I am aware, represents the first "official" type exposure and inquiry into this glaring injustice, an injustice that gives monumental, towering and all-encompassing power to a tiny nation-state, not a religion, over the entire government of the United States of America. If examples of this total and unlimited power over our government are needed, here are just three that can be considered. First, every one of the over sixty U.N. resolutions condemning Israel for its horrific and egregious crimes against the Palestinians in the form of mass murders, public executions, mass slaughter of young Palestinian children on their way to schools, the burning and destruction of olive groves and farms, the bulldozing of private homes while Palestinian residents were still inside and were mercilessly crushed to death, the murder of Rachel Corrie, the attempted sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty and the murders of 34 of our sailors, and other Hitlerean and Stalin-like acts of terrorism that were all international indictments of the Nazi-like regime of Israel, were neutered by the United States votes against ALL of these resolutions.

Two more examples are: 1) the lopsided vote supporting Bush's authorization launching the mass slaughter and carpet-bombing of Lebanon by Israel and supported by the United States Congress voting 410 to 8. The majority of innocent civilians murdered by Bush and his and Israeli bosses were Christians. And 2), the vote in 2004 when the Congress voted 407 to 9 to allow Israel to basically steal whatever land they pleased from their rightful owners in Palestine. Is really more evidence needed to demonstrate the total domination that tiny Israel has over the government of the United States of America? The Jewish state has a population only three fourths that of the tiny state of New Jersey,

The Zogby Poll indicated that 61 percent of those voters polled agree that AIPAC should be registered as agents of a foreign state and lose their tax-exempt status. Those that strongly disagreed numbered six percent, as did those that somewhat disagreed. The numbers become more relevant by merely offering that 61 percent agreed that AIPAC should be registered as a foreign agent, and that 12 percent did not support this action. But as impressive as these numbers are, they are not nearly as impressive as the percentage attributable to the "walking dead" with "no opinion." A whopping 27 percent weighed in as "not sure." Why is this number so significant? Let's drop the "dead" vote! Now the "for" percentage becomes 83.6 percent and the vote against AIPAC to allow the continuation of their inordinate power becomes only 16.4 percent! That translates to five out of six Americans wanting AIPAC registered as agents of a foreign country and loss of their tax-exempt status.

Think of the poll results you have read in the past. Has the number of brain-dead zombies and ignorati ever been more than two to five percent? Why such a whopping number of uninformed in this poll? The reason is simple. As the Reverend Ted Pike has offered, "Face the forbidden truth: the media speaks with a Jewish voice." And this "Jewish voice" is not limited only to the mainstream media, but Internet websites that support the Christian Fundamentalist lunacy embraced by more than twenty million "Americans" that believe that modern Israel connects completely and unswervingly to the teachings in the Bible and the wishes of God. Nonsense!

Zionism has more connections to Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto than to the Holy Scriptures. And just consider the many "holy" acts that Israel has perpetrated against the hapless Palestinians. If their crimes against humanity cannot be compared to what Professor Kevin MacDonald describes as the product of Jewish intellectualism, namely communism, perhaps we can draw a better analogy to the behavior of Hitler and his Nazis towards the Jews before and during World War II. As they scream "never again," they are viciously engaging in precisely the same thing in both Palestine and Lebanon.

It was Israel that first introduced undeclared war acts of terrorism against civilians in the 20th century in perpetrating the King David Hotel bombing and the massacre at Deir Yassin. Yet, with all the UN resolutions against Israel and quashed by its captive and enabling giant, US, and all the news releases that could have been possible and could have been offered in an unbiased manner, remember "our" media speaks with a "Jewish voice." Isn't it easy to see how 27 percent of our voting population is so uninformed? Yet, more astonishingly, a further breakdown by Zogby in the results obtained shows that 59 percent of those "not sure" were Jewish! This too is significant, because whether they are or are not sure, they didn't blindly support Israel!

Zionism can no longer be defined as merely the establishment of the modern Jewish state of Israel. That tiny nation-state cannot exist without the taxpayer support of the American people to the tune of three-plus billion dollars a year in foreign aid. And in addition, American taxpayers are made to support one fifth of Israel military "defense" budget. And Israeli corporations and businesses enjoy virtually unlimited "specially sanctioned and protected" contracts from our government, specifically in communications. The vast array of transgressions against the United States perpetrated by "our friends" in Israel, as well as their transgressions against humanity especially in the Middle East, has earned them worldwide contempt and hatred for both them and US as well.

The definition of Zionism can now be expanded to include the planned and total destruction of our nation and our American way of life. Israel's puppet, G. Bush, tyrant, is bankrupting our nation and devaluing our money with his illegally launched Iraqi quagmire all now agree is destroying US. The only remaining beneficiary is clearly Israel. The turmoil and distraction in Iraq gives Israel breathing room to follow through on its plan to launch a war with Iran requiring once again our total involvement. Israel has stolen our nuclear secrets, sold them to other nations who are potentially our enemies, has refused to sign the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty while probably being the world's fourth nuclear power, and continues to deny even recently its nuclear capability. Its chief defense is the employment of a highly vitriolic accusatory rhetoric supported by a former international guilt complex based upon the Holocaust.

Accusatory tactics are Israel's and Zionism's greatest weapons. As Hitler offered, no one challenges the winner in war. And as Zionism continues to prove, no one challenges an accuser with Chutzpah! Israel has first accused Iraq, and we now know falsely and obviously deliberately, for their own narrow advantage. What about Israel and Zionism's gratitude for the wealth and protection the American people have given them? That is now being summarily dismissed! What have we done for Israel lately?

The destruction of the United States of America by Israel and Zionism is directly supported by the White House and Congress. The American people are being neutralized by the Zionist press that "speaks with a Jewish voice." Yet, academic intellectuals, including John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt in their Harvard School of Government report, attempted to warn America about the dangers of the powerful Zionist lobby. Additionally, Jewish academics, loyal to their faith but also loyal politically to America, have all been attacked and silenced by the Zionist traitors in Abraham Foxman's Anti-Defamation League and other elements of "organized Judaism." The term "organized Jews" was originally conveyed to me by a rabbi from a Torah-based Jewish religious group. Obviously, traitors like Foxman would smear these Jews as "self-hating Jews" thereby marginalizing both their academic achievements as well as their loyalty to our once-great nation.

The Zionist network is not just well organized ­ it should be considered as one of the Wonders of the World. After all, how can a tiny nation and a tiny religious minority translate to such massive power that it now totally controls the power of the United States of America? The organization is comprised of many organizations, independently structured and domiciled, but all connected by one powerful overarching intellectual agenda: namely, Zionism. It is the total power that Zionism commands that should immediately send up warning flags that our nation, as well as the entire world, is in grave danger. What was formerly offered by another agenda offering the battle cry of "Workers of the world unite!" is now replaced by the charge: "Israel has a right to exist!" and "Your fight is our fight!" Neither is true.

As to Israel's right to exist, Wikipedia- The Free Encyclopedia offers this assessment of the Balfour Declaration: "By the standards of international diplomacy, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 is an amazing document, succinctly summarized by Arthur Koestler who wrote that the declaration amounted to 'one nation solemnly promised to a second nation the country of a third.'" How do the arrangements between World War I Zionists, the British government, the Council on Foreign Relations, Herzl, Rothschild and Palestine date back to biblical times? Britain proclaimed Balfour after capturing Palestinian teritories previously held in colonial cativity by the losing Ottoman Turkish Empire as spoils of World War I. The Turks were allies of Germany, which, along with the Austria-Hungary Empire, comprised the Central Power beligerents of World War I. And the Rothschild-prescribed Versailles treaty favoring the "Jewish banker" proxies [Warburg] were indeed reality, even if denied by that great author, journalist and "expert," William L. Shirer.

The network supporting Zionism includes the "free and independent" American press and such Christian Fundamentalist websites as Joe Farah's WorldNetDaily. Farah always rails against the ACLU as subverting the very religion he is supposedly so devoted to. But the ACLU is just another Zionist organization along with Foxman's ADL, B'nai B'rth, the Jewish Defense League, and many other organized "Jewish" organizations simply too numerous to list. Zionist propaganda promulgated by our press spikes the truth concerning Israeli attrocities against the Palestinians and blows out of proportion retaliatory acts by outgunned and outmanned Palestinian terror groups. Terror groups should not be limited to underarmed minority populations, but also to the full-blown military terrorist operations such as those of Israel and the United States in Fallujah.

The Zionist network is not limited to only the American press and the powerfully structured and heavily funded domestic Zionist organizations. It includes smaller Jewish religious groups, and more commonly, outspoken, arrogant individuals that can be, but do not necessarily have to be, Jewish. These individuals take advantage of the fact that their power can be magnified thousands of times over by stating an argument or citing an incident and then seeking the assistance of the in-place Zionist organizations who are more than willing to lend power, support and might to the accusors. Making accusations is what it's all about. The accusations don't have to be true or accurate ­ they need only be considered, even remotely, as "anti-Semitic." Zionists are always the ones who accuse ­ they are never the ones to be questioned, or refuted, or cross examined for the accuracy of their protestations and outrage. Truth is never considered when they launch their attacks; nor are their qualifications ever examined when smearing those challenging Israel.

In the next segment, we will examine some actual situations wherein the purveyors of America-destroying Zionism, and not "liberalism," spread their accusatory venom and hatred.


Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.


Combating The Zionist Network ­ Part 2

Note : Zionist apartheid requires US / Canadian fascism.

Exclusive to
By Ted Lang

Increasingly, the wall of continuous propaganda engineered by the journalistic control that is exercised over the so-called "American" free and independent press by Zionist America and Israel, is beginning to crumble and fall away. As Israel-first Jews and Christian Fundamentalists continue their campaigns of misinformation, disinformation, and no information at all, their un-American bias as well as their un-American agenda are being recognized and reviled. Revealed and reviled ­ Zionism is being exposed for the threat it is not only to America, but to the security and well-being of the entire world as well.

As I offered in the preceding segment, Zionism is no longer manifested by the Jewish state alone; it now includes the parasitic and ever-ongoing destruction of our once very free and very wealthy nation. We are a nation that is rapidly deteriorating on both counts. Israel, America's parasite, continues to suck the lifeblood out of our once-great nation in the form of foreign aid, additional financial support for its military, and in terms of maneuvering American politicians to deploy our youth and nation's future fighting wars dictated by Israel. But to criticize Israel is the height of treason insofar as fraudulent "Americans" are concerned, "Americans" who identify with either Christian Fundamentalism or "Jewish" Zionism. To be sure, there are many Jewish people both here and in Israel who oppose Israel's aggressive and terrorist-based militaristic imperialism.

William L. Shirer offered that the German people, prior to World War II, embraced Hitler and his Nazis because they were "unorganized and unarmed." Of course, the primary driver used to terrorize and persuade Germans and Jews to be subjugated by Nazi authoritarianism was the hijacking of the "Jewish media" by the Nazis to brainwash the populace. The German media had formerly been dominated by "Jewish" interests that supported communism. Hitler quickly marginalized the German press to press forward with his agenda of National Socialism. He transformed the German press away from its former form of "Jewish intellectualism" [Professor Kevin MacDonald] to his own propaganda machine. This too, however, was clearly an abuse of journalism, Shirer's chosen vocation. And it parallels the current condition identifiable to the "American" press today.

How conveniently Shirer failed to either observe or trumpet these glaring journalistic anomalies. But the other two failures of a society about to be enslaved by authoritarian, despotic government are almost of equal importance, especially the failure assured by a disorganized approach. To be sure, since heavy Zionist funding played a central role in financing Hitler and his Nazis, isn't it now ironic that no one agonizes more about the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jews than highly organized Zionists themselves? And can there be any louder protest and hand wringing than that from Abraham Foxman and his Anti-Defamation League? I'm not sure that contributions to the ADL are tax-deductible, but certainly contributions to AIPAC and the ACLU are! These are the high-powered tips of the powerful Zionist iceberg, an iceberg poised to sink our ship of state every bit as much as the Israeli-intended sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty.

These are highly effective, disciplined and structured "Jewish" organizations are better described as being, in reality, Zionist organizations. It was an orthodox rabbi that described these entities to me as "organized Jewry." And these Zionist organizations are very generously funded, even by such means as American taxpayer dollars channeled back from Israel to fund the lobbying of American politicians, providing funding to Israel-sympathetic politicians' campaigns, and to launch marketing and other campaigns and events favorable to Israel. Zionists also obtain funding from tax-sheltered foundations and from highly successful yet misguided wealthy Jews who understandably wish to support the nation that most aggressively asserts their Jewish faith.

Some of American taxpayer funds transferred to Israel, the number one nation receiving our American foreign aid, even provide direct financial aid in support of synagogues and other "Jewish" religious institutions. In combination with the Zionist control of the news and entertainment media, any form of meaningful opposition to organized Zionism is virtually futile. Our nation is being sacrificed for the Zionist agenda that is Israel and its immoral territorial expansion. The resultant destruction of both our society and our nation is part and parcel of that Zionist agenda.

American foreign policy is, of course, not solely based upon the financial and military support of Israel. It combines with the quest for total control of the world's richest oil and gas deposits. The establishment of the state of Israel serves both American and British interests and plants a solid Western footprint in the Middle East. This was the obvious initial intention. Israel was to be the West's Middle East outpost and justification assuring British and American hegemony to prevent Cold War communism from intruding in that part of the world. My, how far we've digressed from our original intentions regarding Israel. Our present day obeisance to Israel is a total reversal of the very interests that gave Israel birth. This is now more of a factor than is the observation that defines our non-representatives in government as merely being idiots.

As Justin Raimondo points out ["Israel, Alone"], the neoconservative/Zionist "Clean Break" agenda was developed and implemented by members of the White House and Pentagon to give the Zionist state total freedom from domination by the West. Raimondo makes clear that Israeli Prime Minister Olmert's slip of the tongue acknowledging for the first time officially that Israel has nuclear capability, and coming after denying that very same capability only a week earlier, can clearly be interpreted as a "hands off!" threat to the West. As with our own politicians, anything Israeli politicians say initially should also be written off as lies. First deny, then justify when caught!

But whether it is Israel that is under attack, or our own corrupt politicians that always support Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians, criticism of either is always vigorously and ruthlessly blocked by the astonishing power of the Zionist network. Even former President Jimmy Carter has now been targeted by the network, along with Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. Zionist smear-and-slime artist and Harvard shyster, Alan Dershowitz, postured himself once again in his Israel-first/America-last stance by attacking the former President of the United States for daring to question Israel and its Zionist network's key lobbying organization. Dershowitz has once again crawled out from underneath his slimy rock after smearing Mearsheimer and Walt for daring to discuss the most powerful lobby in America, AIPAC, and has now attacked former President Carter for his new book calling for a more balanced approach towards the Middle Eastconundrum of our own creation..

Until one personally experiences the smear and accusation of "anti-Semite," nothing will bring you closer to appreciating Hester Prynne's agony and anguish than Zionism's designated scarlet letter "A." You become marked, and no one will invest too much time and effort to examine whether or not the charges are fact-based or true. The brand converts you as an "untouchable"; you become a pariah. You do not wish to challenge your accusers, for the more you defend yourself, the more you become stuck to the "tar baby." Clearly, I speak from experience.

Any individual that believes they are observing "anti-Semitic" behavior, is, of course, encouraged to contact the ADL. After all, that is their sole role and function: defaming any and all who question the foreign nation-state of Israel. Their methods are indignation, outrage, and then accusation. No one questions either their sources or qualifications when such accusations are being made. It explains why Rush Limbaugh and other so-called "conservatives" including Hannity, Coulter and Guy Smiley O'Reilly, continue to be terrified of "liberals." There's a "bad guy" out there somewhere, but we can't mention his real name. They all need a scapegoat for Bush's insane policies, so the enemy is "liberal" and the "liberal" media. To them, even a tiny hint of criticism directed at the criminal Bush regime by the media ignores totally the fabulous support and protection the corporate establishment mainstreamers provide to the Bush crime machine. The term "Zionist" simply isn't in their vocabulary!

In yet another incident in my life that can be attributed to an eerie redundancy of inexplicable synchronicity, the editor in my local paper advised me of the severe restrictions to be placed upon my weekly column. It coincided and dovetailed into a similar incident in which Professor Anthony Judt was targeted and successfully silenced by the Zionist network. In his October 9, 2006 article entitled, "In N.Y., Sparks Fly Over Israel," Michael Powell, writing for the Washington Post, begins, "Two major American Jewish organizations helped block a prominent New York University historian from speaking at the Polish consulate here last week, saying that the academic was too critical of Israel and American Jewry."

"Too critical?" "Israel and American Jewry?" Are we being advised that Judaism and Israel are one and the same thing? I'm not buying any of that for a moment. As I've mentioned earlier, I happen to know that there are many Jews both here and in Israel that oppose the horrors the Israeli government is imposing on Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians and Christians. And before ever hearing Professor Judt's speech, and before ever allowing him to comment, the Zionist network struck and silenced him. And who gets to decide what is "too critical?" Would that be the Sultan of Smear, Abraham the Foxman, or is it Dirty Dershowitz?

Here's Powell again: "The historian, Tony Judt, is Jewish and directs New York University's Remarque Institute, which promotes the study of Europe. Judt was scheduled to talk on Oct. 4 to a nonprofit organization that rents space from the consulate. Judt's subject was the Israel lobby in the United States, and he planned to argue that this lobby has often stifled honest debate." Ironic, no? The subject of Jewish Professor Judt's presentation was amply proven to be true by this very incident. But is it merely a lobby that stifles speech, or was it the powerful and heavily funded Zionist network?

Along with the attacks and smears upon former President Jimmy Carter, Professors Mearsheimer and Walt for their paper written under the auspices of the Harvard School of Government, we now have a Jewish historian and scholar smeared by "two American (sic) Jewish organizations." The organizations are [the envelope, please!] the Fox Man's ADL and the "American" Jewish Committee. My goodness, these gangsters, fascists, and/or communists seem to have no problem getting their chance to speak seeking redress of alleged grievances. When do real Americans like Judt get a chance for their day in a public forum? As they stifle everyone else's freedom of speech and expression, they reserve those God-given rights for only themselves. They are demonstrating for all to see the fact-based accuracy of the points made as concerns the stifling of open, honest and balanced debate as pointed out by the smears against Carter, Mearsheimer, Walt and now Judt.

In response to an "inquiring photographer" type column in my local paper, a woman queried as to her opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict offered that she was completely uninformed about it. It was my decision to disallow any reader of a paper I write for to be uninformed, especially when the dumbing-down of such people originates with the media division of the Zionist network. I was brutally frank and employed fact-based input and cited credible references, including the article cited by the Reverend Ted Pike from National Geographic. I had in fact written a previous article concerning Israel when the fascist nation-state attackedLebanon and murdered innocent Christian civilians there. The article I wrote to answer the woman was structured as a two-part column like this one.

The first solitary column came under immediate attack by a member/user of the Zionist network. The individual felt sufficiently superior "to go it alone." No escalation may even have been attempted in enlisting the power of the higher echelons of the Zionist network. The individual threatened my editor by offering to "pull" advertising from the paper ­ the individual didn't have any advertising space in the paper and my editor knew it. But after the two-part column motivated by and responding to an uninformed reader, the Zionist gang swung into action. In all probability, my Zionist attacker was acting alone; but, there's always the feeling and realization that somewhere in the background lurk the higher echelons of the Zionist network ready to pounce and smear and destroy. The attacker seemingly forwarded to my newspaper's publisher a copy of an e-mail he had originally sent to me.

The Zionist smearer ostensibly magnified his efficacy by not only sending copies of his nasty e-mail to the newspaper's publisher, but also to the mayor, a councilman, a civic leader, a police officer, and a list of other group "IDs" to indicate a wide distribution of the aggrieved condition which I had caused him by writing the truth. Perhaps the Zionist only indicated wide distribution, but then copied no one! Perhaps he did AND threatened to sue using the vast and unlimited resources of the higher echelons of the Zionist network. It is easy to see how the publisher would just simply inform my editor to cease and desist in allowing me to write articles of an international, national, state and county nature, and stick to local township issues as the Zionist slime ball dictated and offering this only "if I was qualified."

When on a previous occasion, having opened up and launched a website, I wrote on Israel, another Zionist called my webmaster and threatened him and his wife. The poor computer techie was very concerned, considering the threats the cowardly creep made to him and his wife using foul and obscene language. The attacker found my associate's name and address from the website registration. The couple has three small children. I sent nasty e-mails back to the creep and notified the police.

I will never rise to the stature of such notables as Carter, Mearsheimer, Walt or Judt; but my personal experience must be documented. I know that it has happened to others at my level who dared to speak out against Israel and the Zionist network organized to advance only the interests of Israel and to silence and stifle criticism of that fascist nation's continued atrocities against Mankind. I had been in a quandary as to what to do ­ the accusation and smear, as unfounded and loathsome as its originator, was nevertheless, a very hurtful experience for me. I have contacted my lawyer.

Again, considering the more elevated amongst US that have been smeared and defamed as "anti-Semitic," there is yet another case as was reported on onNovember 24th. It involved a Professor David Noble of York University. The article, entitled, "Jewish Prof Sues Organized Jewry," [ ] relates how Professor Noble initiated "a $25 million suit against various Jewish organizations for defamation for labeling him an 'anti Semite.'"

Wait a minute ­ run this by me again! A Jewish professor has been marginalized once again by the Zionist network, but this time being accused directly as being an "anti-Semite." If "anti-Semitism," acknowledging its inherently incorrect racist inference when used to smear those of other than the Jewish faith and described basically as "Untermenchen" by the Talmud, is now being deployed to smear those of the Jewish faith as well, why shouldn't a Jew be allowed to sue for defamation of character? For that matter, why shouldn't anyone be allowed to sue AND SUCCEED against this horrific disabling defamation perpetrated to silence criticism and opposition to a foreign nation-state that has proven itself an enemy of our society and our national interests? Why should freedom of speech and thought be denied to anyone who doesn't accept the Zionist agenda? Way to go Professor Noble! Perhaps Professor Judt should do the same!

In fact, it is my belief that in all likelihood, thousands, and perhaps even tens of thousands of Americans, have been sandbagged, intimidated and smeared by the secret criminal Zionist network. It's time to not only hold them accountable, but to take them to court and to get our American taxpayer dollars back into American hands once again. They've certainly got deep enough pockets!

Lawsuits would serve to provide an even more beneficial service: that of exposing the Zionists secretive and back room/closed door back-stabbing and bring it into the sun-bleached daylight of public awareness. The Zionist network and its vile ranks attack and smear publicly, but when challenged, desire always to make amends in the darkness of secrecy. Think of an errant loudmouth who publicly accuses you of wrongdoing at a town hall meeting, but after challenge in that venue, apologizes and tries to settle differences quietly and privately. That describes Zionists to a tee!

After smearing Professor Judt, Foxman invited Judt, and fellow academics who protested his treatment, to his office for a "private" meeting. This is the Network's method: accuse and smear publicly, apologize and smooth things out privately and quietly. But finally, about 100 academics have had enough of the ADL'sterrorist tactics and then went public with a letter of rebuke sent to Foxman. The entire letter and signatures can be found at [ ]. The last two paragraphs in the academics' letter of protest says it all: "In a democracy, there is only one appropriate response to a lecture, article, or book one does not agree with. It is to give another lecture, write another article, or publish another book. For much of its hundred-year history your organization worked side by side with other Americans who wanted to guarantee that freedom for all, and your mission statement still declares: 'the goal remains the same: to stand up for the core values of America against those who seek to undermine them through word or deed.'

Though we, the undersigned, have many disagreements about political matters, foreign and domestic, we are united in believing that a climate of intimidation is inconsistent with fundamental principles of debate in a democracy. The Polish Consulate is not obliged to promote free speech. But the rules of the game inAmerica oblige citizens to encourage rather than stifle public debate. We who have signed this letter are dismayed that the ADL did not choose to play a more constructive role in promoting liberty."

As the academics point out, Foxman and his ADL have violated their own organization's primary reason for its creation, and continue to violate the reasons the American people formed this government; namely, to escape religious repression and to acquire and enjoy freedom of speech and thought. My detractor, considering his well written letter, could have challenged me in a letter to the editor, or by simply writing a guest article opposing my viewpoint. Foxman could have allowed Judt to speak, and then afterwards could have written an article, given an opposing speech, or challenged him to a debate. As the academics pointed out, this is the "democratic way." Obviously, this is not the way of the underhanded Zionist network.

And apparently Professor David Noble is onto their act as well! In initiating his lawsuit, the article continues: "Defendants include the private corporate entity York University Foundation, pro-Israel lobbying and fundraising organizations, Hillel of Greater Toronto, the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto, and the Canadian Jewish Congress, Ontario, and their agents.

They are accused of trying to intimate Noble because of his critical investigation into external influences on Canada's third-largest public university. In 2004, he distributed a short report entitled 'The Tail that Wags the Dog' which showed the connections between members of the York Foundation, a fundraising body, and pro-Israel lobbyists.

As a result Jewish student activists red flagged him for implying 'Jews controlled York University' and singling out fundraisers by their racial identity." The article ends saying, "Noble, an expert in the History of Technology, says he has lost family in the Holocaust and finds the charge of 'anti Semitism' both 'hurtful and offensive.' Earlier this year a Jewish York University grad student was suspended for three years for protesting the death of Rachel Corrie. He has sued the university for $850.000."

It is within the power of all Americans smeared by the agents and proxies of a foreign government to seek protection and legal relief through the courts. Yes, the Zionist network is rich and powerful, but they are also very wrong and vulnerable. My Zionist antagonist can continue to enjoy the power and invulnerability of anonymity, but only until that point in time that it can be proven that I have a case. And if and when a lawsuit can be initiated, the advantage of anonymity will evaporate and public exposure of the underhanded methods of the Zionist network will be exposed.

If members/users and leaders/principals of the Zionist network use their freedom of speech and thought to silence the freedom of speech and thought of others, how can their actions in any way, shape or form conform to the American ideals of democracy and freedom we so cherish? Why do our so-called elected representatives kowtow to such un-American organizations as AIPAC and the ADL? Why does AIPAC, which initiates espionage against our government and nation, continue to enjoy tax-exempt status? And why is this exemption allowed to continue even after a Zogby poll offered that over 80 percent of Americans want AIPAC's tax-exempt status yanked? And where does "our" Congress stand on this, and where are they on all the other critical problems confronting our nation, the most critical of which were caused primarily by the Israel lobby that Dershowitz and Foxman don't want US to question? When will America be restored to the American people? llll