Thursday, October 9, 2008

AmeriKan People Drunk on Junk

"The joy of junk... USA is drunk.

Beware... this is perhaps just the ranting of a confused independent, government distrusting person in his late 20's, watching his country fall apart and not sure what to do but rant... so here goes....

It's amazing how we can be so enwrapped in our own naivety that we fail to see that we are part of what is making our country ill, economically, morally, environmentally, as well as our physical health and well being.

We the People of the United States have been so immersed in self-pleasure, convenience, and procrastination of responsibility that we have allowed ourselves to become intoxicated by junk and allow self-condemnation for our inability to be as successful as those who use luxury as symbol of superiority.

We the People have become so drunk on junk that we don't know how to stop. The mentality that acceptance by peers is measured in possessions and physical image, and that failure to meet or outdo expectations of others is sign of inferiority seems to be promoted rather than rejected.

From the day we are born to the day we die, we are taught to love junk, so much that we get angry and in some cases kill others who try to steal it, get more of it, or won't sell it to us. This junk addiction must be addressed before US can recover.

This junk comes in many forms like psychological pacifiers. Pacifiers designed to keep us occupied while others plan our fates. Some of the key pacifiers comes in junk foods, entertainment, technology, cosmetics, and other things that we don't necessarily need, but somehow don't know how to live without..

The most waste comes in the form of entertainment. In the areas of television, movies, sports, theatre, music, and the Internet itself, we spend a great portion of our lives in accommodating time and money to watching other people act like other people, sing songs based on the same stories, and tell us what junk to buy next. And then we complain when they don't perform the way we expect.

I challenge the people of this nation to take a moment to look back at all of the money spent on music (records, cassettes, CDs, concert tickets), movies (VHS tapes, DVDs, movie tickets), sporting events, cable/satellite bills, and then think "What did I actually get from these things?" In essence, nothing more than stirred emotions and pride in collections, and then horror as you try to replaced those collections while trying to figure how to redeem some kind of value from the whole process.

As a nation born of this thirst for junk, we are now expected to by some miracle to become financially responsible, moral, sacrifical, law-abiding citizens, and ignore the man behind the curtain pulling the strings to help keep you in your self made prison cell of fear.. fear of your neighbors, fear of your own family, fear of breaking laws and now fear of terrorism.

But the truth is... WE THE PEOPLE...

  • continue to cater to those who enslave us.
  • purchase the repackaged junk they sell
  • allow companies like credit bureaus, insurance, and medical agencies prevent help to those struggling through financial problems due to job losses or simple low income.
  • build our own prisons out of our own homes
  • build their mansions and summer homes, corporate towers and private jets, resorts and golf courses.
  • agree to pay penalties, interest, and fines
  • agree to give away liberty for protection
  • ignore fine print, accept unclear terms and jargon

But the solution is... WE THE PEOPLE...

  • must wake up and say "NO MORE"
  • stand up against what we know is wrong
  • stop saying "let them handle it, they're the experts"
  • must hold ourselves accountable
  • go outside, take down our fences, and show our humanity...
  • must turn off the TVs, PCs, and other distractions keep us away from life.
  • expose media bias, lies, and filtering.

If our government is the problem,
then WE THE PEOPLE are the only solution.