Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boston Hates Its Children

Because they are INTRUDING on RICHERS' TURF!!!!

"City's retail vision requires changing a youth hangout" by Milton J. Valencia, Globe Staff | October 22, 2008

This should not be happening at Downtown Crossing, "Boston's Meeting Place," as officials now call it, a neighborhood that is seeing $4 billion in investments to develop new office buildings, restaurants, high-rise condominiums, and high-end lofts that officials hope will restore the area to its glory days of the 1960s.

Looks like the WEALTHY ELITE are having NO PROBLEMS with CREDIT, 'eh, America?

The city and developers have been planning the revitalization with million-dollar homes at 45 Province and the construction of a 38-story tower above the old Filene's, Downtown Crossing is dealing with the type of urban nuisances typical of a neighborhood in transition.

Translation: the KIDS are making the area look bad!! Yup, BLAME the KIDS for EVERYTHING in this SHIT SOCIETY!!!! FUCK YOU, Boston Globe!!!!!!

Vacant storefronts dot Washington Street, the main thoroughfare. Homeless men sleep in the crevices of T stations and ATM vestibules.


And Filene's, the focus of huge plans, is for now an enormous, gaping construction site. Of particular concern are the hundreds of youths who converge on the scene in the afternoon, taking over street corners, yelling, fighting, and, in some cases, intimidating shoppers and tourists.

Yeah, they are GOING HOME from SCHOOL!!!!!

Of course, it is O.K. for a WAR CRIMINAL to INVADE another nation and KILL MILLIONS with his INTIMIDATION!! Hell, this SHIT PRES will HELP YOU SELL the LIES THEN!!

Speaking of which, that will be a good way to clean up the streets, huh? A DRAFT!!!!!!!!!

"The kids that don't belong stick out," police Lieutenant Sean Feeney said recently, during a tour of the neighborhood. Since police commanders have sent extra teams of officers to patrol Downtown Crossing, from West Street toward the State Street T stop, beginning around 2:30 p.m. Boston police teamed with MBTA police, court officials, and school workers who can help identify problem students.


This is what TAXPAYER DOLLARS are paying for while REAL CRIMES like rapes, murders, and robberies GO UNSOLVED?!

Sig Heil, 'eh, kids?

Deputy Chief Joseph O'Connor of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority police said, "When you get large groups of adolescents going into stations, sometimes it creates fear for riders, even if they're not committing crimes," O'Connor said.

Yup, BE AFRAID, BE AFRAID of EVERYBODY!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!! They are KIDS we are supposed to LOVE, right? Or are they all a bunch of illegals? What are you NOT TELLING US, Globe?

Mayor Thomas M. Menino said the increased patrols are to ensure that shoppers feel comfortable in Downtown Crossing and diminish any sense of disorder that the large youth presence might cause. The mayor is planning elaborate decorations for the holiday season, just as FAO Schwarz is to open a new store in the basement of Macy's. By then, Menino hopes, cold weather will push the youths to congregate elsewhere.

How does it feel to live in a FASCIST SOCIETY that SERVES the WEALTHY ELITE, kids? Ready to GO TO WAR for them?

Students are known to move from one corner to the next. The management company that runs the Food Court on Washington Street has resorted to blasting classical music to annoy and eventually repel teenagers who like more modern music. Other businesses simply ask teenagers to move, and they welcome the police presence.

Rosemarie Sansone, president of the Downtown Crossing Partnership, said she and others see promise in projects like the continued $650 million investment in the former Filene's property, where developers envision replacing the storied department store with retail shops, condominiums, a hotel, and offices, with a 38-story tower next door.

Down Washington Street, Suffolk University is renovating the former Modern Theatre into a residence hall and theater, and Emerson College is embarking on an $80 million renovation and addition to the Paramount Theater. In the meantime, neighborhood businesses and residents have worked to clean up their properties. Macy's, the department store, helped spotlight Summer Street by setting up display windows, and planted pots now dot the area, serving as accessories for the neighborhood.

Through it all, Downtown Crossing still serves as a tourist destination for some. Maureen White, a 61-year-old from Connecticut, recently returned to the area where her mother worked on Summer Street decades ago, but the businesses she recalled were no longer there.

She thought of heading to the corner were she used to buy muffins, but a friend advised her not to stray from the main road. "Hold your pocketbook like this, walk fast, and turn your rings around," the friend told her.

Of course, that is all the kids' fault, huh?

White sees the potential in the neighborhood, but the police patrols made her nervous. "This has a village feeling here, like I remember," she said, "but I don't feel the warm, fuzzy side at all." --more--"