Friday, October 31, 2008

The People Manufacturing the News

I alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases and ideas that catch my eye.

Be sure to read his full essay, as the last paragraph is the most powerful and poignant.

"Putting Eye Shadow on a Reptile

by Visible

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile but a comment from one of the Smoking Mirrors readers made it even more clear in my mind. I’m going to try to sketch this out in my limited fashion and hope that you will give me your thoughts about this.

To a certain degree it makes a great deal of sense and it’s come into my mind over the recent months… glaringly… up close… fine German lens-like… “crystal” as I like to say, either when understanding someone’s negative attention …or when I had to impress someone with their need to understand me in ways that I , thankfully, don’t encounter that much anymore but which residence in the former United States used to make necessary on occasion. Except we’re not talking about negative attention here and “crystal” only gets said in reply so… never mind.

Some of you may be familiar with the game of “Risk”. I had that game around for awhile but it was never easy to find enough people to play it with because it requires getting several really smart and informed people into the same room to do it and that’s a commodity that is increasingly rare as time passes. It’s a little like Chess but… I think you get the idea and you can google it if you don’t. It might help to encourage you to look at the way Napoleon liked to wage war. Even though he was one of history’s biggest losers he was also one of the great military tacticians of all time. He revolutionized certain facets of combat.

Those of you who have been paying attention… and I suggest that that is about as many people as are available to play “Risk”, or who understand how “Go” works have probably noticed a most curious thing. To illustrate this, I have to take you back a little. Remember how over the last eight years, the collective media was in a mosh-pit… “Going out of business!!!” frenzy at a major department store/ $200.00 laptop, CLOSEOUT! …customer trampling mood to stick their snouts up Bush’s ass when there was only one hole, first come first served’ kind of a thing? And… they assisted in selling the 9/11 ‘bend over and wait’ scenario and gave that big time ‘reach around’ when The Supremes were showing us how it is that you do that thing… beforehand down in Florida? And… how they packaged all those wars and did all that “no knock” on the economy and shoehorned all those legislators into their Peter Principle follow the leader slots?

Did you notice how, no matter what the offense was… no matter how criminal or treasonous the act was… that is was okay and “Can I have another Sir!” You saw that… right? And… have you seen how all the odious sleaze balls who used the blood of dead Iraqi’s and Palestinians; Papuans, Afghanis and sundry as printer’s ink suddenly did a one eighty and now are hanging mistletoe over Obama’s ass? Have you seen how every McCain misstep is screaming in ten foot letters from your TV set? Have you not wondered at the crucifixion of Palin and the strange affair of the hundred and fifty thousand dollar wardrobe and not wondered who was directing all of these photo-ops?

I’ve been wondering about this… see, the way I remember it… the people manufacturing the news and delivering it to you were some of the worst, low to the ground shit-weasels that I’ve ever seen and integrity and anything virtuous… if it got anywhere near any of these people… there would have been cases of spontaneous combustion going off like it was a Chinese New Year… now… step by step… all of a sudden… now you see it now you don’t… here today… washed in the blood tomorrow… these whores and their pimps have found themselves a new Teflon angel?

How come… after eight years of “Please… please screw me in every unnatural way in front of a live audience and then give me a Golden Shower so I can go home to my wife.” reporting… all of a sudden… but step by step… we’re seeing the new Camelot bondage apparatus machine go on sale everywhere when it wasn’t even around in the first place to begin with? Don’t try to understand that sentence, you’ll just hurt yourself. Oh… wait a minute… maybe that’s the point. Maybe somebody did go down to Compton and find themselves some pipe swinging Calypso singers to get medieval on your ass.

Oh… trust me… that wasn’t a racial slur it was just me at “the spinning wheel, baby.” doing the “Hip Ghand” by way of Lord Buckley and the Zionists are going to love it cause as much as “the lady doth protest too much.” they are creaming in their blood-stained jeans over this.

You notice how Obama banana dana is starting to look like that South American dance craze that I can’t even remember the name of right now but that I even saw happening in baseball stadiums during it’s brief illustrious career? Man… didn’t the video feature a couple of old white guys demonstrating it? You can look for Brzezinski on Dancing with the Stars right around Valentine’s Day.

This isn’t to say that Obama isn’t or wasn’t or couldn’t have been one of the good guys if he had opted for something else while he was being fast-tracked to one more betrayal of the human race… everyone has a little Raskalnikov in them even if it is after the fact. Yeah, people… haven’t you noticed how Obama has more money behind him than the last cat that wailed in the alley on your miserable, “I can endure this.” ass? …which followed another “I can’t Believe this isn’t Hugh Masakela” …and no… that’s not a sax …playing cocaine snorting Bush (Daddy Bush) Buddy? Tell me you saw that. Tell me you’ve been watching. Or at least tell me you want to come to my house for a little informal game of Backgammon for money.

I don’t know how many times they are going to play the ‘bait and switch’ game on you before you wake up. I do believe you like it. That’s been my mistake all this time. I thought you were like me… a little twisted but strictly Vanilla… as the ads in the sex personals go… Don’t tell me you like it. I can’t take losing my dog and losing you at the same time.

(The author raises a fantastic point here, and one I had been privately worrying about: the lying MSM's swing over the last week to being truth-teller on the election. Perhaps it is the bloggers and the fact that the route is too big to steal; however, when has that ever stopped the MSM from its lying agenda-pushing? And the money...)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I wouldn’t care all that much what these nasty reptiles get up to if it weren’t for all the dead body’s stinking in our foreign dump sites. Sure… it’s karma and the people dying are quite possibly the people who were doing it last time but… as it goes… when you keep on playing “an eye for an eye’ you wind up with a lot of blind people gumming each other to death.

I’ve got a point… and that point would be you. Level the playing field or wind up as part of the pavement. It’s too late this go around but I hope it won’t be too late in 2012. Let what should be a lesson actually be a lesson for once. Realize that… if they had wanted it that way that everything being said about McCain and Palin could just as easily have been said about Obama. All it would take is a change in the lighting and the staging. If they had wanted it that way then Obama would look like one more John Kerry and McCain would be Reagan like it had eyes all over again.

It doesn’t matter in respect of my life and… as I said… I wouldn’t maybe care that much except that I know they are using real people and destroying real lives and I’ve got this problem… I’ve got this terrible problem that’s like a bad tooth in Calcutta. I can’t block out the screams and the grief and the suffering hearts. They are part of my own heart and the truth is that I would not have a heart if I could not feel these things and you are all responsible for turning your head and playing make-believe in a real world. It’s one thing when you see it on TV. It’s another thing when it happens to you and it will. Mark my words. It will.