Thursday, October 9, 2008

Debunking the "America is Racist" Myth Promoted by AmeriKan MSM

I also saw Tuesday: Who is Joe Six Pack? Video , and yet the lying, agenda-pushing American MSM is still shoveling the narrative of a stolen election via racism!!!


Strange how that video doesn't load and work now, either, huh, when the guy said that the idea that the rural voters a racist is a crock of shit??

"Re-Propaganda: Squidbillies Outs CNN As "Liberal Jew Propaganda"

When i first saw this (yes, i watch cartoons)

my jaw 'bout hit the floor..

Presented here in it's entirety, the segement comes about 3:10 in.

Viacom must have shit when they saw it...

i guess sick and wrong can be right sometimes.


Yeah, the DIVISIVE, Zionist-controlled MSM is a BUGGER for me, too, the fucking liars!!!!!!!!!!

See How to Rig the 2008 Presidential Election for some of the most atrocious propaganda you have ever laid eyes on, readers -- which was nonetheless quoted by globalist mouthpiece David Gergen!