Monday, October 20, 2008

Globalists to Take Over Pakistan Economy

When you factor in that the destabilization of Pakistan is PART of the PLAN to get U.S. forces into the country and broadening the "war on terror," then this all makes perfect sense.

Done ON PURPOSE, readers, remember that. And woe to the poor Pakistanis!!!!

"Struggling Pakistan may turn to IMF; US fears militants will capitalize on financial faltering" by Jane Perlez, New York Times News Service | October 19, 2008

God I hate NY Times news stories.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - President Asif Ali Zardari has returned from China without a commitment for hard cash needed to shore up Pakistan's crumbling economy, leaving him with the politically unpopular prospect of having to ask the International Monetary Fund for help.

No one likes being taken over by globalist destroyers!

Zardari and other Pakistani officials, who returned from Beijing on Friday, were seeking the aid from China, an important ally, because it faces the possibility of defaulting on its current account payments. With the United States and other nations preoccupied with a financial crisis, and Saudi Arabia, another traditional ally, refusing to offer concessions on oil, China was seen as the last port of call before the IMF.

Accepting a rescue package from the IMF would be seen as a humiliating step for Zardari's government, which took office earlier this year. An IMF-backed plan would require the government to cut spending and raise taxes, among other measures, which could hurt the poor, officials said.

All while the globalist bankers and money men loot the place!!! That's why people don't like their plans! It leads to SUFFERING!!!! Like here in AmeriKa!

The Bush administration is concerned that Pakistan's economic meltdown will provide an opportunity for Islamic militants to capitalize on rising poverty and frustration. Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher was in Islamabad yesterday to confer with Pakistani leaders on the country's debt crisis as well as the rising insurgency.

First of all, what bullshit that the administration is concerned, and secondly, what would the U.S know about debt crises -- other than how to get in a doozy of one?

Now, are you ready for some Zionist insults?

The Pakistanis have not been shy in exploiting the terrorist threat as way of trying to win financial support, a senior official at the IMF said. But because of the dire global financial situation, and the reluctance of donor nations to provide money without strict economic reforms by Pakistan, the terrorist argument has not been fully persuasive, he said.

Are you 'effin scitting me? Yeah, the Pakistanis are engaged in a SHAKEDOWN of the financial system -- unlike the INSIDE JOB, BLACK-BAGGING ZIONIST and CIA CROWD that carried out the atrocity in which these "wars" are advanced!!!



"A selling point to us even has been if the economy really collapses, this is going to mean civil strife and strikes and put the war on terror in jeopardy," said the official, who declined to be identified because he was not authorized to speak to the news media. "They are saying, 'We are a strategic country, the world needs to come to our aid.' "

Oh, good heavens, no! We might have to STOP KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE, including women and children!! Say it isn't so, Jane!!!!

Pakistani officials said they had received promises from the Chinese to assist in the construction of two nuclear power plants, as well as pledges for business investment in the coming year.

I'll bet the U.S. silence on that really steams Iran's bean -- and Pakistan isn't even a signatory to the NPT like Iran!!!!

Whew, did I ever catch a whiff of U.S. hypocrisy stank!!!!

But Pakistan had also hoped China would make a $1.5 billion to $3 billion deposit in its central bank, according to senior officials at the IMF and Western donor countries. The cash infusion would have helped with payments for oil and food as hard currency reserves dwindle, officials said.

Shaukat Tareen, the new Pakistani financial adviser who accompanied Zardari to China, began to prepare the public for an IMF program yesterday, saying for the first time at a news conference that if Pakistan could not stabilize its economy within 30 days, it "can go to the IMF as a backup."

Economic hardship has been mounting across Pakistan for the past several months. Electricity shortages have become so dire that even middle-class families in big cities have to ration supply, with power cuts for 12 of every 24 hours. Food prices have soared, making some basics, even flour, too expensive for the poorest to afford.

And yet the AmeriKan jewsmedia has been strangely silent on Pakistani suffering. WTF?

There is mounting concern that large-scale protests are not far off. --more--"

How come the people in other countries -- the so-called "primitive" cultures -- have WAY MORE BALLS than AmeriKan sheeple?