Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paulson's Puke

Do you believe this rat-shit scum when you see him and hear his gravely voice?

I never do!!!
Oh, and EXPLAIN THIS, dick shit!!!!!!

More bailout contracts contain blacked out portions

"Crisis demands global effort, says Treasury chief" by Bloomberg News | October 22, 2008

WASHINGTON - US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson yesterday urged countries to cooperate when necessary to stabilize financial markets and praised China as an "important engine" of growth during turbulent times for the global economy.

Uh-oh: The Titanic Stern of the Global Economy

Nothing like grabbing onto an anchor when you are drowning, 'eh, Hank?

Hey, you have been "wrong" -- translation: lying -- the WHOLE TIME so why not KEEP GOING, 'eh, scum shit?

Speaking about the domestic situation in an interview with PBS's Charlie Rose to be aired last night, Paulson said he aims to intensify efforts to stem foreclosures by using part of the government's $700 billion financial-rescue fund.

That is NOT WHAT he is using the $$$ for!!!!

See: Healthy Banks to Get Bailout Bill Loot

Government-Funded Golden Parachutes

America Never Had a Chance

"There still are a disturbing number of foreclosures where people are walking away from their mortgages," Paulson said. "There is clearly more that can be done - needs to be done."

Oh, look at him!!!!! All worried about the BANKS!!!!!! I wouldn't just walk away, AmeriKan homeowner -- I would BURN the thing to the GROUND!!!!!!!!! Let the bank have THAT PROPERTY!

Paulson said he spoke with Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chairwoman Sheila Bair, whom House Financial Services Committee chairman Barney Frank has proposed to lead a "governmentwide effort" to stem foreclosures.

Paulson didn't specify how he plans to help homeowners. The $700 billion rescue package gave the Treasury authority to buy individual mortgage loans. A government official told reporters that once the Treasury hires an asset manager for the so-called whole-loan purchases, that firm will be able to work with homeowners on easing their payment terms.

He has NO INTENTION of HELPING YOU, readers, otherwise they would be DOING IT NOW!! He's just PASSING LOOT OUT to his FRIENDS!!!!!!!!

To read MORE LIES of Paulson, go HERE

Meanwhile, see the PROOF of his LIES:

"Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has offered to inject $125 billion into banks by purchasing preferred shares, part of a $700 billion industry bailout that also may include buying defaulted loans."

Doesn't say HE WILL!!!!

Maribel Carrillo is one of the new, happy-ending stories for bank regulators who hope to stem the foreclosure pandemic by modifying delinquent mortgages in bulk.

Yup, the ONE KERNEL of CORN in a TOILET filled with SHIT -- and the AGENDA-PSUHING, pro-bank, pro-looting Zionist joosmedia found it, huh?

And now some Congressional Democrats and state officials say the FDIC's approach should be replicated as the Treasury Department buys billions in troubled mortgage debt as part of a $700 billion financial industry bailout.

Yeah, except it is NOT BUYING the DEBT -- or if it is, it is not HELPING YOU KEEP YOUR HOME!!!

In other words, it is GIVING MONEY to BANKS!!!!

Still, the program's success isn't guaranteed. Delinquent borrowers are inundated with collection calls and mail, and often give up hope about holding onto their homes. --more--"

Burn it, Americans!!!! Don't let 'em have nuthin!!!