Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Made Forbes Magazine

"The reason the measure stands even a chance of passing is not that Bay State citizens are selfish... but that they are angry. This is an attack on political establishments there and throughout the U.S. that routinely put their own interests above those of their constituents"

Yeah, that IS the CLIMATE around here, and we are HANGING MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Boston Tea Party II

The Massachusetts political establishment is horrified--voters might actually pass a proposition abolishing the state income tax. The personal income tax rate is 5.3%, and the state capital gains levy peaks at 12%. Under the proposition the tax would be cut 50% on Jan. 1, 2009 and eradicated on Jan. 1, 2010. These exactions currently raise about 40% of the state's budget revenue--27% if you count all of the Bay State's off-budget spending.

A similar measure was on the ballot six years ago. With almost no promotion it garnered a 45% yes vote, stunning politicians. The measure got a majority in a third of Massachusetts towns. An earlier proposition--a mild one--had appeared on the ballot in 2000. It cut the income tax to 5% from 5.75%. It passed. But state legislators thumbed their noses at the voters, lowering the rate only to 5.3%--a graphic example of the growing disconnect between citizens and the political culture.

Naturally, opponents predict the direst of circumstances if the measure passes, even though the state legislature will probably treat the referendum the same way it did the previous tax cut initiative.

"leaders like House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi have suggested they would ignore the result even if voters approved the question"


The reason the measure stands even a chance of passing is not that Bay State citizens are selfish (even though each would enjoy on average an additional $3,700 of income) but that they are angry. This is an attack on political establishments there and throughout the U.S. that routinely put their own interests above those of their constituents: lavish government pensions with payouts that would bankrupt private companies; resistance to genuine reform in Medicaid spending, which has become the biggest item on virtually every state's budget; ever more pork-barrel spending; and ever more obsequiousness to rapacious special interests.

It's telling when one of the most liberal states in the Union, with two extremely liberal U.S. senators and a House delegation with nary a Republican, is on the verge of a tax rebellion.

Bay State voters--go for your proposition. Your pols didn't enact your polite initiative of a small income tax reduction. Maybe they'll wake up when you whack them with a 2-by-4.

I doubt it. not when they are a bunch of brain-dead looters!!!!!


And HOW MANY TIMES I gotta post it, readers?

Of course, "flushing . . . millions of dollars away supporting a highly profitable industry" when it comes to $300 million in taxpayer dollars for
Hollywood is o.k., even as the price of a school lunch rises; paying $13 million for a computer software system that could have cost less than $3 million is all right because the winner was a close friend of the House speaker, even as my poorer-than-dirt district "has been struggling to close a $2 million budget gap."; the lottery shelling out "millions of dollars" for sports tickets for "lottery officials, their family members, and friends" is fine, even as schools are closing; making interest payments to banks to the tune of "a staggering $22 billion" for the Big Pit, as we call it around here, is required, even as bridges are neglected across the state; and again, paying off banks like UBS, who can "demand repayment of an additional $2 million a month beginning in January" while also receiving a "$179 million payment," while the state pension fund loses $1 billion dollars -- which still didn't stop the executive director from carving himself a nice "$64,000 bonus on top of his $322,000 annual salary."

Oh, and did I not mention the $1 BILLION dollar giveaway to the pharmaceutical corporations, even though "it's never been easy to turn a profit in biotech?" Flush that money away, too, taxpayer. Of course, the war looters were next in line for a handout. And should the state be appropriating money for a "multimillion-dollar reconstruction" of golf courses?


And did I forget about PAYING FOR the CORPORATE TV COMMERCIALS or the outlays for illegal immigrants?

Oh, about those immigrants

"200 pack meeting on immigration

More than 200 people turned out last night at Chelsea High School for the state's first town-hall-style meeting on how to better integrate immigrants into Massachusetts cities and towns. About two dozen people testified during the two-hour session, calling for more jobs, interpreters, and English and citizenship classes.

Yeah, ummm, WHO is going to PAY FOR THAT?!!
It sure as hell better not be the TAXPAYER!!!!!!!!

Others had more personal appeals, including a Somali Muslim who said she wanted a place to pray and a Honduran woman whose son won two college scholarships but cannot use them because he is here illegally.

You GOTTA BE SHITTING ME?! As they tell
our kids to go to cheaper schools, pay more, and shut others down?

The meeting was the first of six planned throughout the state, as part of an executive order Governor Deval Patrick issued over the summer (Boston Globe)."

, readers! That's why they made it a brief, huh?


Need one final insult, Mass. taxpayers?

Massachusetts Gives More Money to Hollywood

Yup, but they are going to CUT JOBS and SERVICES while telling us we need to keep the income tax!! Don't you just get SICK of the BULLSHIT and LIES of STATE GOVERNMENT?!!!!

P.S. And truthfully, readers, I don't know if I want to do this anymore. I have been at this non-stop since a quarter after 8 and it is now 5 pm. You can read the post below for how I am feeling, and I am sick of sifting through
MSM lies every damn day, then going to the blogs and being overwhelmed by the truth. Why should I waste time and money on lying jewsmedia and neglect the blogs? All the Zionist-controlled agenda-pushers are doing is making me angry and stressed. In fact, I'm pondering chucking this whole thing. Read my commentary below. I have fucking had it with the same Zionist shit, day after day!

So where are my blogs going? I don't know. I don't even know if I will be here tomorrow.