Wednesday, October 22, 2008

U.S. Companies Do Not Pay Taxes

Seems like the ONLY ONES paying taxes are you saps, Amurkn shit-eaters!

"More than 30 companies, IRS settle on tax shelters

The Internal Revenue Service said more than 30 companies agreed to settle disputes over use of leasing tax shelters the agency considers abusive and some courts have declared improper. The settlement addresses leasing transactions that allowed at least 45 companies to lease or buy large assets such as non-US rail systems or sewer systems, and then immediately to lease them back to original owners.

Like a city or state?

According to the IRS, however, the "lease-in, lease-out" and "sale-in, lease-out" transactions let companies improperly bolster their balance sheets, and had no purpose other than to create tax benefits (Reuters)."

That's why the WHOLE DAMN INCOME TAX should be SCRAPPED EVERYWHERE -- as well as it being UNCONSTITUTIONAL

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