Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Suiciding Somalia's Peace Process

CUI BONO, readers?

"Somalia takes step toward peace deal

NAIROBI - Somalia's transitional leaders made important concessions toward peace yesterday, agreeing to accept insurgent troops within their ranks and detailing a plan for a phased pullback of Ethiopian soldiers, currently the most powerful force in the country.

This agreement could be an important step for chaotic Somalia, where thousands of civilians have been killed this year in vicious urban combat between, on one side, the Ethiopian troops and militia members loyal to the Somali government and, on the other, a determined Islamist insurgency. The recent fighting has compounded the country's dire humanitarian problems, with millions of people on the brink of starvation. --more--"

And now we get THIS?

"Suicide bombers kill at least 28 in Somalia

HARGEISA, Somalia, Oct 29 (Reuters) - A wave of suicide bombings killed at least 28 people across northern Somalia on Wednesday in five attacks that snatched attention from political crisis talks taking place in neighbouring Kenya.

This STINKS of "Al-CIA-Duh!

No group immediately claimed responsibility. But suspicion fell on Islamist al Shabaab insurgents.

At least, in the Zionist War Daily it did.

Both Somaliland and Puntland had been relatively quiet in recent months compared to the south, so Wednesday's coordinated blasts would be a major expansion north for al Shabaab.

More and more it looks like ANOTHER FALSE-FLAG OPERATION, folks!

Violence in Somalia has killed nearly 10,000 civilians since the start of last year and forced more than a million from their homes. --more--"

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