Thursday, October 30, 2008

AmeriKan Press Says Don't Believe the Polls

And get ready for a STOLEN ELECTION on Tuesday!

"Are polls accurate in presidential race?

WASHINGTON — With the U.S. presidential election less than a week away, Democrat Barack Obama holds a steady lead over rival Republican John McCain in opinion polls, leading many pundits to say McCain is effectively finished.

Could the polls be wrong? They have misled before. Polls showed Obama ahead of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the January New Hampshire primary by an average of 8 percentage points. Clinton won.

That's because SHE

lso see:

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McCain's campaign thinks it could happen again on November 4. "All signs say we are headed to an election that may easily be too close to call by next Tuesday," McCain pollster Bill McInturff wrote in a memo released on Tuesday.

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Pollsters can't simply tally up the results of their telephone surveys but must make educated guesses about who will actually show up to vote. These "likely voter" models vary from poll to poll, leading to results that can vary as well.

Amerikan MSM Admits Polls are Made Up

Another question is the "Bradley Effect" -- the notion that white voters fearful of being labeled racist overstate their support of black candidates in polls. That theory, named for a black 1982 California gubernatorial candidate who narrowly lost to a white opponent after leading in opinion polls, has been widely discounted.

Despite these concerns, pollsters say they're confident in their work. After all, it's hard to overlook the fact that major polls have lined up closely with the actual vote in every presidential election since 1980. --more--"

Well, except for 2004!!
Which makes you wonder about the MSM because here they are reporting 2004 as if it were legit!

Can't have it both ways, guys!!!
Obama better win then!!