Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pandemic is the Pick for AmeriKan Totalitarianism

I listed it as one of my five.

"Pandemic, America's Final Solution?

Albright, Biden and Powell have all chimed in
about a generated crisis to test manchurian puppet Obama when he gets selected to read
scripts for the elites. This threataganda seems
to be timed to coincide with the collapse of the US financial system when Obama takes office. It seems that a man made pandemic (read U.S. Military strain of a weaponized virus) will be unleashed. This would be the best way to manage the masses during a severe downturn - We can't have people getting together during a depression now can we. When your neighbors get sick, you are going to tell them to get the fuck away from you, perfect way to keep people isolated and afraid, and most importantly, ready for whatever solution these sick fucks have schemed to cull and manage the herds. Please take time to read the 1st link below.


After reading his links, read mine

Bush Prepares Release of Bio-Weapons on American Public

Biden Foretells Coming False-Flag Terror Event