Friday, October 31, 2008

An Obama Voter?

"White Like Me...Barack Obama Our 44th President

I interrupt my long self imposed silence to watch our economy collapse to make the following announcement. Yes Obama I have your number. Don't you think it is some what shameless to try to pass yourself as black just to secure 20 percent of the vote in this country? You are of course as white as I am. I am not the least bit fooled by your exterior. Hell your Grandmother even looks like mine did about 30 years ago. And now that I am aware you are truly a socialist interested in spreading the wealth perhaps you will have my vote. I do admit though that I am concerned about your cavorting with terrorists. Your seemingly blind support for the terrorist State of Apartheid Israel is alarming. But your reported association with respected scholar Rashid Khalidi gives me hope that your blind support of Israel is a charade just like the illusion that you are really black. Good luck Mr. President. And don't disappoint me.


I know the feeling:
John McCain Hates Israel