Monday, October 20, 2008

U.S. Framing Venezuela For CIA-Colombian Coke Ring

I'm so sick of the agenda-pushing, enemy-creating lies of the Zionist Amerikan press -- and HERE is ANOTHER ONE!!!!

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"Strained US ties with Venezuela a boon for traffickers; Flights carrying Colombian cocaine on rise" by Bryan Bender, Globe Staff | October 19, 2008

KEY WEST, Fla. - The number of flights transporting tons of Colombian cocaine from Venezuela, destined for the United States, has risen sharply, according to US and foreign intelligence reports, presenting a new challenge to drug enforcement authorities at a time when cooperation with the Venezuelan government is at a record low.

Colombian traffickers appear to have found a safe haven in neighboring Venezuela, whose relations with the United States continue to worsen. Since his election in 1998, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's populist, anti-American message and close relationship with Cuba have soured relations with the Bush administration.

Yeah, except CLINTON was president until January 2001! And the MSM LIES just keep on coming!!!

Meanwhile, cooperation between Colombia and the United States in the fight against narcotics trafficking has simply unraveled. Members of Chávez's administration also appear to have aided Colombian rebels allied with the drug cartels.

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie!!!!!!

Last month, the United States froze the assets of three current and former senior Venezuelan officials for aiding the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a main rebel group colluding with the powerful drug lords. The rebels protect the cartels in exchange for a share of the drug profits.

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So when ISN'T the Zionist Amerikan MSM lying?

As a result, authorities are unlikely to stop the drug traffic out of Venezuela anytime soon. A representative of the Venezuelan government said accusations that his country has created a drug trafficking haven are "unfounded," insisting Chávez's government shares antidrug intelligence with at least 37 countries and that Venezuelan cocaine seizures have increased nearly 60 percent since 2005.

"The US government's discrediting of Venezuela in the fight against drugs is a political maneuver," said Angelo Rivero Santos, a senior counselor at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington. "Venezuela's antidrug strategy is based on a comprehensive strategy that includes prevention, drug seizures, arrest and extradition of criminals, destruction of clandestine airstrips, and the monitoring of possible drug routes."

Yet it is clear that Venezuela could be doing far more, according to several specialists. "The radar tracks don't lie," Jim Roberts, a former US diplomat in Latin America who is a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation in Washington said, referring to surveillance of the drug flights originating in Venezuela.

That includes CIA SHIPMENTS, too, right?

The increased trafficking out of Venezuela also goes beyond the Caribbean. An increase in drug flights from Venezuela to West Africa - a transit route for shipments headed to Europe - has also been detected, according to the Bush administration.

All the more reason NOT to BELIEVE this ITEM!!!!

Representative William Delahunt, a Democrat from Quincy and a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, believes the Bush administration has unnecessarily isolated Chávez and his regime.

"These relationships that are strained are often so because of poisoned personal relationships between leaders," said Delahunt, considered a Latin America specialist in the House of Representatives who in 2005 personally negotiated an agreement with Chávez to provide low cost heating oil for poor families in New England, much to the chagrin of the Bush administration. --more--"

Well, you know, I didn't see BUSH'S OIL BUDDIES or HIS GOVERNMENT picking up the slack!!

And how does the U.S. say THANK YOU? By SHITTING in Chavez's HAND!!!!