Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain Didn't Learn From Vietnam

But you still can, American!!

Just as George W. continually tries to top his old man (tax cuts, Iraq, courting the rapid Christian right, etc -- and the potential bombing of Iran after Obama wins the election to top his father's insertion of troops into Somalia after his '92 loss), could Johnny Mac have NUKE USE in his genes?

"For McCain, father's error holds lesson; Failure to fault policy on Vietnam shapes views" by Michael Kranish, Globe Staff | October 22, 2008

WASHINGTON - Admiral McCain was the subject of Nixon's ire because he had complained to the White House that Nixon was imposing too many restrictions on his ability to bomb North Vietnam.

What a WARM-HEARTED individual, huh? Isn't it bad enough that we tropped more bombs than in all of WWII (all sides) and SPRAYED CHEMICALS like napalm and DEFOLIANTS like Agent Orange on them (and OUR OWN SOLDIERS)?

And who would have ever thought a MASSACHUSETTS CITIZEN would ever have been nostalgic for the HUMANE NIXON, 'eh?

In a 1975 oral history given to the US Naval Institute, Admiral McCain said members of the US military must understand that "if it's necessary, die for your country. This sounds hard-boiled. . . . but we have got to have young men who will go forth and die for their country.


Yes, American children and young adults -- be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID!!!!

McCain has said he applied Vietnam's lessons in backing a "surge" of troops to Iraq and saying there must be no timetable for withdrawal. And, after initially expressing optimism about the Afghan war, McCain has called for more troops. While the conflicts are different from Vietnam, there is a similar question of whether progress will be undone if US troops are removed.

I don't know how you call FLATTENING of TWO NATIONS and the resulting DESTRUCTION and MASS-MURDER (and indefinite imprisonment and torture) "progress," but that is your racist, Zionist-controlled, Muslim-hating, AmeriKan jewsmedia at work!!!

Oh, yeah, if you want to refight the Vietnam War, go here.

Wow, look at ALL the PRINT!!! Don't you wish the Globe would spend as much space on BUSH'S LIES about Iraq or the FALSE-FLAG TERRORISM of the STATE -- beginning with 9/11?

Oh, that's right, AmeriKa's jewspapers PROMOTE the LIES!!!!