Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Last Desperate Push

Why won't you listen to us, Washington D.C.?

"The Last Desperate Measure - U.S. House of Representatives vote for revised Bailout Act on a second try this Friday

If you reside in the U.S., make an effort to contact your Representative to try again with fax, email and phone "spam".

Contact link here or here

If one of the 12 "NAY on first vote" representatives contemplating voting YEA on the second vote reside in your state, contact him/her. Info.

The Senate-approved bill is slated for House vote October 3rd Friday morning at 9:30 AM EST.

Like Qrswave said, if this bailout act pass in House in a second attempt, "America is over, effective immediately."

What the Senate have done is circumvent the procedural rules -- ignore House after failure of passage to revise the bill to throw in more pork to make it palpable to allay some office holders' concern. The overhauled bill is nothing more than the Washington-Wall Street vultures gouging on the rotting carcass of a Taxpayer pig.

This is the act of desperation in defiance of the people's will. They are corrupt in service of the plutocracy as enablers of kleptocracy.

Michael Rivero likes to say that "the last act of the government is to loot the nation."

I'll pull the last effort. This post may be updated with my new fax letter. I'm considering fax spamming some or all of the Congressional people but that would take a few hours.

Hold the assholes accountable! (track incumbents)

Campaign for Liberty (revamped version)