Thursday, October 2, 2008

Questioning the Holocaust

"I Am A holocaust Denier and I Am Unafraid,

If everyone were to take this position tonight, the NWO's game would be over tomorrow. You don't necessarily have to believe that the holocaust narrative is false or even highly distorted, all you have to do is believe it's wrong to throw anyone in jail for questioning this one event. Please note that nobody is ever thrown in jail for questioning the Ukrainian genocide, or the murder of 20 million Russians at the hands of the Bolsheviks. Folks, I can be a holocaust denier if I want to be, I'm not entering your homes and making you listen to me, I'm not the one picking you up at the airport and extradicting you to a third party country to be imprisoned for not believing me, why should the Zionists be able to do that with impunity?

I Am A holocaust Denier and I Am Unafraid

By Curt Maynard

Now why would anyone entitle their essay, “I am holocaust denier?” Well allow me to explain. First off, I don ‘t deny that Jews were ostracized and persecuted by the National Socialists in the 1930s and 1940s, I freely acknowledge that fact. I don’t deny that hundreds of thousands were sent to “concentration camps,” in Germany, Austria, France and Poland. I don’t deny that International Jewry was viewed as problematic and parasitic by many Europeans in the 1930s and 1940s and I don’t deny that many Jews lost their lives during the Second World War.
What I do deny is that six million died, I refuse to accept that number, primarily because that is what I am suppose to believe. I am holocaust denier, because many cowardly European governments throw their own people in prison for questioning [not denying] the holocaust - none of them [not one] deny that the Nazis persecuted and excluded Jews prior to and during the Second World War, they do however question some of the more unlikely stories associated with the so called holocaust and for that reason, the media, which as you know [and you know you know] is disproportionately under the thumb of Zionist Jews.

Canada, and many European countries, including France, Germany, and Austria throw their own people in prison for questioning some of the most improbable assertions associated with the holocaust from some of the most dubious witnesses and sources. A few examples are listed below - bear in mind as you read them that some of these examples were entered into the court record, provided by alleged “eyewitnesses” used to convict [and thus justify the execution of] Nazi leaders for crimes against humanity during the Nuremberg Trials immediately following WWII.

Discarding your emotional knee-jerk response, how likely do you really think it is that any of the below examples actually occurred?

The bad evil Nazis deprived the poor suffering Jew of pet companionship

Bad, bad, bad German soldier tore baby in half with bare hands before the eyes of the mother [Physically IMPOSSIBLE]

Henry Kissinger’s relatives turned into soap [The soap story is no longer accepted as true, even by the purveyors of the holocaust story - Yehuda Bauer, who is Jewish and perhaps the best known holocaust historian alive today, states that the story is false]

The New York Times states that 1.5 million Jews died in the gas chambers at Majdanek [Unfortunately for the Times, historians, even Jewish historians as well as the “official Auschwitz Museum,“ have downgraded the actual number of Jews killed at Majdanek by almost 95%]

Memorial Plaque claiming that 4 million Jews died at Auschwitz quietly changed in 1989 to 1.5 million [What happened to the other 2.5 million?]

The bad, evil Nazis electrified a floor in order to kill Jews [Completely laughable]

The bad, naughty Nazis used an atomic bomb to incinerate Jews at Auschwitz [Don’t laugh, this was actual testimony given at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg and used as justification to hang real people for crimes they never committed].

Geysers of Jewish blood spurted out of the ground for MONTHS after the killing [Yeah right - blood coagulates [clots] very quickly, that’s why we don’t bleed to death from small cuts].

A River that runs red with Jewish blood [literally according to the St Petersburg Times]

Mainstream media runs story of Jew that survived being gassed six times - “maybe children resist better,” stated “survivor.” [Fact - they don’t - it takes less gas to kill a child]

Pedal actuated brain bashing machine at Sachsenhausen [Funny how those “industrious Germans” found it necessary to employ a “pedal actuated” implement of murder].

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. The fact of the matter is though, if you were to suggest that any of the above stories were false, even questionable, you’d be sent to prison in Canada, Germany, Austria, France and a number of other European countries - you’d be a holocaust denier too.

It is for this reason and no other that I am now coming forward and declaring myself a holocaust denier. I refuse to be cowed by foreign governments, including the state of Israel that has passed a law in which it declares itself as having the right to prosecute so-called holocaust deniers living anywhere in the world, including here in the United States, our Constitution and right of free speech be damned! I refuse to surrender my own intellectual integrity any longer to cowardly academics/scholars that refuse to allow their students to study the holocaust utilizing any and all sources - I have myself been victimized by these cowards and liars - I’ve had to produce the historical garbage they wanted in order to acquire my well deserved degrees - the truth is, their cowardice is rampant - we have no reason to ever expect much from them and every reason to expel them from academia once the truth becomes widely known and accepted.
I declare myself a holocaust denier, not because I doubt that the Nazis ostracized and persecuted Jews during the Second World War, but because I have a responsibility to side with those that wish to tell you about the above - to show you the voluminous amount of material out there that masquerades as evidence, but contradicts itself, refutes itself, and is disproved by real facts, scientific facts, by reality! The holocaust story as you are aware of it is false, it has been distorted, misconstrued, frequently fabricated, and often based on nothing more than fantastic lies. I am a holocaust denier, because Israel says I can’t be. I am a holocaust denier because Germany, Austria and France have thrown tens of thousands of people in prison for nothing more than questioning some very questionable aspects of the “official” tale. I am a holocaust denier, because I known great men like Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Germar Rudolf, Siegfried Verbeke, Horst Mahler, Robert Faurrison, and thousands upon thousands of others are guilty of nothing more than trying to acquaint you with facts that the Zionist media and complicit western governments refuse to allow you to see. I am a holocaust denier because I shouldn’t be, at least according to the “programming,” each and every one of us is subjected to from the time we are born until the moment of our death. I am a holocaust denier, because I am unafraid of the consequences - I know I am fighting the good fight and I know honest historical revisionism will win in the end. Truth always prevails!

I am a holocaust denier, Israel and Zionism be damned!


Webmaster's Commentary:

"The word "denier" should be avoided. "Denier" is what the defenders of the orthodoxy choose to call anyone who asks questions about the official version of history, but in truth nobody is denying that bad things happen in war. Nobody is denying that the Nazis had slave-labor camps (from which the Bush family made a tidy profit). Nobody is denying that a lot of people died in WW2.

But what is being questioned is whether there was a deliberate program of extermination aimed solely at the Jewish people, when the available evidence seems to indicate that people OTHER than Jews dies in those camps, and that the vast majority of those deaths were from typhus epidemics triggered when the allies bombed critical German health infrastructure toward the end of the wars

We KNOW that many of the post-WW2 propaganda claims made about the camps were hoaxes. The lampshades supposedly made from human skin turned out to be ordinary goat leather. The bars of soap claimed to be made form the fat of prisoners actually contain very little fat at all, the DNA tests show that the frat in question came from pigs, not people. The mythical zapping machine that explained why there were not enough bodies to justify the claim of 6 million dead could not be built now, let alone in 1945. Ground penetrating radar proves there are no mass graves at Treblinka. The list goes on and on

Now, because of Bush's lies about Saddam's 'nookular' bombs, we are a wiser nation that knows we are lied to by government to trick us into agreeing to government policy (such as the bailout). It is right and proper that we re-examine everything we have ever been taught to see if it too was a lie, and indeed we have learned that the lies are legion, indeed a constant fact of life in the United States. Time makes ancient truth uncouth, and we have already come to accept that there was no Spanish mine that sank the USS Maine, just as there really were no torpedoes chasing USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin.

So, re-examination of history is legitimate. Yet in this one area of inquiry, tremendous legal force is used to prevent such questions. Why? I mean, if those who question the official story of WW2 are just crazy, let them speak and them prove them wrong. You don't see laws that jail people who claim Elvis is still alive. People who insist the Apollo Moon landings never happened are not arrested. People who claim to have seen Bigfoot do not have their houses firebombed. Only in this one area is the full weight of the legal system used to crush down any who dare question the orthodoxy. Not since the days of the witch burnings have we seen such legal pressure bright to coerce acceptance of dogma

It is nothing so much as the actions of those who promote the orthodox view directed against those who ask questions that makes it obvious something is being concealed. They act like people with something to hide
." -- Webmaster of Wake the Flock Up