Thursday, October 2, 2008

Message to U.S. House: First, Do No Harm

"First, Do No Harm

The most basic principle in medicine is summarized by the 2,000-year old saying coined by Hippocrates, the father of medicine: First, Do No Harm.

When a patient is wheeled into the hospital, the doctor has to make sure that any treatment doesn't make the patient worse. You want to make the patient better, if possible. But it doesn't really matter how wondrous the treatment sounds if it ends up killing the patient. In deciding between possible treatments, the fundamental first priniciple is that you don't want to do anything which will make the patient worse.

The "First, Do No Harm" principle applies at all times, even in the most urgent, life-and-death ER situations (ask any ER doctor).

The treament proposed by doctors Paulson, Bernanke and company will not work to make the patient - the U.S. economy - better. (See this).

More importantly, it violates the most basic prinicipal of First, Do No Harm. For example:

  • Billionaire investor Jim Rogers says the bailout would prolong the financial crisis
  • Congressman Ron Paul said that the bailout will probably make things worse
  • And many other people have said the same thing.
Call and fax congress TODAY and read them the above-list of experts who have said that the bailout will do more harm than good.