Sunday, July 5, 2009

You Can't Kill Truth Blogs

"There’s a mysterious force in the universe that creates a hundred more to replace each one they get.... The truth is, we are winning the information war and they are looking like the lying sacks of shit that they are"

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"The FEMA Blogger Camps are not a Wi-Fi Zone

Let’s see now… The Israelis invade Gaza and murder 1500 people in cold blood using banned weapons and destroying the infrastructure so that the people are now living in the rubble and… Obama says nothing. Cynthia McKinney along with a Nobel Peace Prize winner and 20 or so other people get kidnapped on the high seas, while trying to deliver aid to these people and this same psychopathic, thug nation or… should I call it a repug-nation? Well… this same murderous collection of international criminals hijacks their boat and arrests them and… Obama says nothing.

Obama… continuing in the footsteps of his predecessor, as a serving lackey for this aforementioned, pirate nation, sees an American psy-ops, black bag insurgency go to work against a legitimate Iranian election; certainly much more legitimate than most American elections and… turns into Mista Kurtz… “The horror! The horror!”

Meanwhile, furry little critters in the underbrush are working over time to pump the party line out of the rotating spokes of the ZOG umbrella. You might want to google Tara Bahrampour with certain keywords, maybe some Iranian names or the name of a particular religion and well… if you’re in the blogsphere none of this comes as a surprise but if you get your breakfast cereal from the MSM then you’re eating Captain Crunch… not actual food.

MSM revenues are going down, down, down. The TV news and the radio news; the magazines, newspapers and even websites are sinking into the toilet bowl of history and they aren’t happy about that. Of course, a part of this is due to the non-educational system and the newly designed, disposable, trash culture where no one reads anything that doesn’t have tits or the Jonas Brothers on the cover and, for the moment, Dr. Michael, ‘just turn your head and cough’ Jackson. However, apparently a lot of this is also because the MSM lies all the time, in the service of the Zio-Nazi agenda which owns it.

They’re not happy in make-believe MSM land. They are not happy about the bloggers. First came the “9/11 truthers are low level terrorists” and now we have, “digital dickweeds” and “political extremists” who should be jailed the way they are in China and Burma. In keeping with the sort of reportage we expect from the MSM, CEO of News Limited, (accent on ‘limited’) John (I can’t find my) Hartigan, isn’t aware that Burma hasn’t been called Burma in awhile… possibly as much as twenty years. Oh well, it gives new meaning to living in the past which, is right in line with the destiny of those who do not learn from history and are ‘doomed’ to repeat it.

Of course, Hartigan won’t know whether Edmund Burke or George Santayana said that quote or whether the actual word is; ‘doomed’, ‘destined’, ‘condemned’, ‘bound’ or something else. I used ‘doomed’ but I’m just a blogger so it is likely I am wrong or intentionally so or… just messing with you.

I don’t care what Hartigan or the others have to say. I don’t care what the “real reporters” have to say because my interest is in real truth as opposed to manufactured truth, which is their beat and never the twain shall meet. I’m not going to be sipping single malt scotch with these lying whores any time soon. I don’t have a press card which means I didn’t take an oath of prevarication in the official press bathhouse, nor engage in the obvious rituals. I didn’t have sex with Geronimo’s skull and I’m not getting video-taped in a Tel Aviv hotel room.

I’m guessing the Fema Blogger Camps are not going to have Wi-Fi. The truth is, we are winning the information war and they are looking like the lying sacks of shit that they are. They thought they had the situation sewn up. They never imagined that the internet would launch millions of dissident voices that would expose them ‘on the ground’; uncover the inconsistencies in their make believe reports, open the eyes of their hamster clientele, make news out of what they ignore and generally do everything they were supposed to do and didn’t have the honor or the integrity to attempt to do. In fairness to them, I should say, they wouldn’t be allowed to anyway. But… that does mean they are well aware that they are whores and they don’t like it when we catch them gobbling the devil’s knob on our cell-phone cameras.

Yes… they thought it was just an easy walk into Mordor with the whole of humanity behind them. These Judas Goats thought they’d picked the winner and now? Well… now they look like what they are; LA party girls headed home on foot down Hollywood Boulevard at six in the morning. The make-up and the outfit are not what they were before. Now the sunlight presents the true picture and it isn’t pretty.

I guess they’ll have to take some of that Afghanistan, opium money and put together blogger hit squads. I’m not sure they can do that. You see, there’s a mysterious force in the universe that creates a hundred more to replace each one they get. It’s the same mysterious force that has rendered it impossible for anyone to ever take over the world. It’s kind of connected to the fact that there are all these different countries; languages, cultures and customs that goes back to the Tower of Babel. There doesn’t have to be a religious angle for this to have come about. Let’s just say there’s a mysterious force because history shows that all by itself.

“Hey girls, no… I’m not looking for a good time and I doubt I would get one here but… I want to let you know that I know how you feel. I know how you must feel when you sell everything that made you human for the chance to hang out with people who hold you in contempt. I can understand the smoldering rage you feel at the loss of something you placed no value on until it was gone. I can understand how you wanted the money and the associations. I can understand that for a minute or two you felt like you were somebody and how you believed that pretend integrity and the rest of those pretend things work as good as the real things under the right kind of lights. You’re whores. It happens.”

Yes… I can understand how people get caught up in this shit pursuing their own self-interest and I know how it burns inside when they lie to maintain their positions. Their conscience gives them no peace. You can lie to everyone else but you can’t lie to yourself. Even when you manage to do that for awhile it doesn’t last. The light of the real person inside will burn through that and torment you for as long as you continue in this way.

I’m not a saint and I don’t think my kindred spirits in this collective effort are saints either. For some reason, certain things are more important to me than money, power and position. I won’t even put advertising on my sites, nor do I criticize those who do. I understand that we have to make a living and …there are products worth having. I understand how the world works but… I just cannot go that way. I don’t want to take any chances besides the one’s I’m already taking.

Dear reader… they are ramping up for the main scene. They think they need to do something about the virtues still burning in the hearts of those who oppose them. They’re going to lose and worse but… for awhile it might get iffy and problematic. They’ve got things like this in mind. Let them screech and threaten as they wish. They are being exposed for what they are (courtesy of the apocalypse) and that has got to hurt. The lies and those who serve them are being revealed by the hour. There’s no stopping this. It is part of the cycle of human destiny within the context of every age.

We have a duty to ourselves and each other to be on the right side of history. The villains and the vehicles of centuries of deceit are being revealed. Take comfort in your knowledge that you are not a whore; a liar, a murderer and tormentor of the defenseless. Take comfort in knowing that you do not support these things and that you struggle to speak for those who are denied the opportunity to be heard by the governments, corporations and media at the behest of bankers and demons in human form. They are passing away and they don’t like it. They could stop but they won’t. Ergo… well, I don’t think I need to paint you a picture.

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