Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Truth is the Original Homeless Person

"God may rule in Heaven but money rules on Earth"

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"The Ringworm Complex and the Federal Reserve

Lies have always been the soft currency of the world. When people sell houses and cars they lie. When they sell other products they lie. When they sell religious beliefs they lie. When they sell the news they lie; they even manufacture the news out of lies before they sell the adapted lies. When they sell lifestyles they lie. When they sell political systems they lie and the candidates that front those systems lie as well. It starts with them selling themselves and that… was an extension of the primary lie that they told themselves. The lies of the world are like strands of false pearls that shine with false promise, in the currency of belief that buys the lie and gives value to the main industry of existence; pretending to be something else. All of this, being composed of garbage, generates garbage, which winds up down wind and around the bend.

The truth is the original homeless person. Looking for the truth makes you Diogenes as a mental patient. They can’t find anything he’s supposed to have written. Perhaps that is because if they had he would have been Diogenes as prison inmate.

We’ve seen some pretty hideous behavior sweep across the planet at various intervals like a brush fire fever. We’ve noted that it’s usually made possible due to the accelerated ringworm condition of general ignorance. You notice ringworm once the patch gets large enough and you don’t have to worry right away because it takes about ten years to cover your whole body. Ignorance is like that in many ways. Just keep scratching and ask yourself why one of that ancient character’s names is ‘Old Scratch’.

Yes, we’ve had Genghis Khan and Napoleon, who bled his country white in pointless wars of conquest. The beautiful lies of patriotism kindled the youthful and passionate ignorance and an epidemic of scratching in The Ringworm Complex. We’ve had Stalin and Mao and George W. Bush and nobody can conquer the Hindu Kush.

We’ve had Mongols and Turks and Holy Wars. We’ve had inquisitions with white hot tongs and auto-da-fe’s. The ignorance has traveled intact from the mysterious origins of culture and civilization into the present day. History serves a particular purpose, I suppose. It’s there to remind us of where we’ve been and maybe it’s supposed to educate us in the direction we should go but… that hasn’t worked at all.

Ask yourself which hurts more; the cut finger from ten years ago or the cut finger from ten minutes ago? Is what once happened more important that what is happening? The pederast dynasty of The Vatican has had a good long run. They folded, spun and mutilated existence over the stretch of many centuries. I don’t know of any wars that the Vatican is engaged in at the moment besides the War of Information. Just about all the players are involved in that.

People tell me that The Vatican is behind everything. You get some strange information coming down the pike every now and then.

I keep hearing that behind the Zionists there is some really secret cabal that is using them, without their knowledge, to do dreadful things. I can see who the individuals are that were engaged in the 9/11 orchestration and following hocus pocus. I can see who owns the information entities that sold the Bin Laden angle. Is there a secret shareholder that we don’t know about? I can see who was responsible for the lies that led to the Iraq invasion and I can see which interest group is crying out for an attack on Iran. Is there some secret interest group behind them? I can see who ordered the genocide in Gaza and I can see who carried out the genocide in Gaza. Is there some alien or terrestrial entity that is using them without their knowledge?

I can see who the players are in the international banking world. I can read the names of the individuals that exercise the power of these banks. I can see the connections between these individuals and the individuals in the media which provides the explanations for why things happen and what they mean. I realize that when you own the means of printing money then you can decide who you will lend it to and that means it is possible to buy and control nearly everything simply by being the ones who are loaned the money to do so. I can read the names of those who occupy important positions in government and I can see where their loyalty lies by what they support and oppose.

I can see the presence of powerful interest groups and I can see their agenda in the laws that are enacted, which protect the interests of those who are engaged in non-stop criminal enterprise against humanity. Is someone else doing this from a control booth in Mongolia?

When Son of Sam went to trial they didn’t try the dog as well. However, Charlie Manson did get tried although he wasn’t directly engaged in the murders. In neither case was The Process Church of the Final Judgment brought into the courtroom. I didn’t see Robert DeGrimston there or Scientology either. Robert DeGrimston is supposed to be a business consultant in New York now. That makes a certain kind of sense. Was somebody else behind all of the people who did all of the things we hear about or are these things being done by the people that are connected to them in front of your eyes?

History is one thing and the moment is another. Do we march forward into the endless future as an army of blind men gumming each other to death or do we put halt to the evil of the moment? As long as the faucet of money is in the hands of certain people they can control what happens. This is the reason why the Federal Reserve has come and gone and come again and why heads of state who tried to mess with it got assassinated. It’s all about controlling the money. It’s not because someone achieved at something because they were smarter and more industrious. They achieved because they had all the money they required and the competition did not. This is the lie of exceptionalism.

In this world of differences, all of the differences seek to prosper and their prosperity most often comes at the expense of someone else. I can see with my own two eyes, which interest group is behind the majority of today’s criminal activities against the human race. It’s not Genghis Khan and it’s not Berkowitz’s dog. The means of continuance is the control of the issuance of currency and the specificity of lending. The engine which turns the wheels of destructive industry is the power that controls the money which is granted for that purpose.

No nation should have its fortunes held hostage by foreign banks. If a nation’s fortunes are held hostage by foreign banks then the policies of that nation will be subordinate to foreign interests. If any group or individual can control a nation’s money supply they can control the government. They can determine who is elected and who is not. They can make the laws and evade the laws at the same time. God may rule in Heaven but money rules on Earth. There’s a greater mystery at play here but it is not the focus of this polemic.

The solution is simple. The power of making money and exercising control over the recipients of that money must be returned to the people of the nation in which that money circulates. The problem you face is that the counterfeiters control the people who carry the guns which protects the money, which serves foreign interests. The other problem is that world media, which has been purchased with counterfeit money printed exactly for that reason, is in the hands of those who print the money.

Whatever may have happened in history is composting under the leaves of the falling years. Your not having learned from it is one problem. Your not acting collectively in the moment is the other. You are here, if you are here. You are there, if you are there. Which is it?


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