Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Time Monks

"we are about to enter a new and unpredictable period of cosmic and human events....

’s attack on Iran is going to be the biggest mistake they ever made and will lead to the complete destruction of Israel"

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"Of Time Monks, Kairos and Benthic Zones

by Visible

I was going to take a break from the more materially focused, literary escapades that I have been providing in this sector of this quadrant of this period in the precession of the equinox. Pretty soon we are going to be in the central vortex, where the light shines at the appointed moment on the mysterious hieroglyphs that suddenly appear in holographic form on the gateway to Petra, certain pyramids and whatever other portals may appear. As is always the case, it will be proven that the historical, reality bandits and revisionists are dead wrong and whoever winds up in Petra, it won’t be the people claiming that it will be them.

I was going to let a necessary silence swallow up my thoughts for a time because we are about to enter a new and unpredictable period of cosmic and human events. Imagine my surprise, as I was considering this, when a generous reader purchased and sent me the latest Time Monk’s transmission. Perhaps a little background would be helpful and I’ll also throw in a brief selection of data bursts with some analysis. Previously, I had only seen a short synopsis. Last night I read the entire 47 pages of the data set analysis. There is a serious warning and disclaimer posted prior to the actual file which warns against people with health or consciousness problems reading the body of the work.

After reading the composition, I must say that the warning is not without justification if… what is being predicted should be real. What hit me as I was reading the text was how closely it mirrored many of my own thoughts and much of what you have been reading here for some time now. Nothing has quite the same impact as to see one’s own internal findings measured out and corroborated in an impartial, impersonal mathematic construct. I heard bells going off. I said to myself, “Yes, this is some part of what I am seeing too.”

I was most especially struck by the constant references to TPTB and how they are not nearly as powerful as they imagine and how the summing up of which I have been speaking about here is headed dead on for them. The system recognizes the global danger presented by the Zionists and also points out something I’ve been sensing for some time, which is that Israel’s attack on Iran is going to be the biggest mistake they ever made and will lead to the complete destruction of Israel.

They speak about the punishments and justice that are on their way to ‘the elite’ and those who serve them. There is much mention of the looting of The Vatican and what is to be found there. All sorts of revelations and new capabilities for knowledge and understanding are going to present themselves within the environment of global revolution. Well… you can see it, can’t you? All the signs are manifesting. They say that come September it’s going to heat up like a black and blue steak in the pan. It’s going to be charred on the outside and raw in the middle and come November, it’s “Katie bar the door.”

While I was reading this, I felt like the ball in the pinball game. If certain of your centers are open you are going to be having a similar experience. Otherwise, the denial factor is going to intensify. Lately I’ve seen an assortment of Schmoos and Smurfs manically fixating on conspiracy theorists as if they were dangerous lunatics. As the Zio-fiction press ‘conflates’ (I had to finally use that word for my own amusement; it’s replaced ‘on the ground’ as the new buzz for the upscale, word fashionistas.) the ludicrous no plane at the Pentagon/Apollo moon landing hoax with 9/11 being an inside job, it is good to remember that it is the Zionist infiltrators in the alternative media who are actually pushing the fantastic into the mix to discredit the hard evidence that shows irrefutably beyond doubt that 9/11 was done at the biding of ‘the elite’ through various intelligence agencies, principally the CIA and Mossad.

If you can afford this document (I don’t know what it cost) then you should by all means get it, provided you are not faint of heart or having consciousness problems (grin). I suspect it will floor you. It did me. I saw point after point, already made here by my readers and I, as well as by those few others at various points on the cutting edge of the moment. I was struck by the repetition throughout, of justice coming down on the heads of the formerly rich and powerful. I was struck by the scale of predicted devastation which involves various features converging into a Gotterdammerung of epic proportions. It is a gripping and fascinating read.

There is no insistence that what is portended will happen ‘exactly’ in any way. There is no insistence on being right. Explanations and reservations appear all through the document. However… this item, taken in toto, is riveting. I can only speak for myself when I say that what I was reading echoed my thoughts over recent times based on my observations and the pronouncements of my intuitive witness. I was hearkened back to a mysterious episode last fall where for several days I was the recipient of information very, very much like what I was reading here.

There is a lot of hope in this construct, depending on who you are and what you are up to. It is uncanny how closely it mirrors so much of what has been said here by the majority of the participants. It should come as no surprise that agents of repression within Blogger have made commenting here such a difficult enterprise. The Time Monks are at pains to make it understood that the deceived elite are operating on all available levels to shut down and manipulate the flow of information. They also point out that, as has also been repeated here, that the elite and their representatives are going to turn on each other all over the planet. There is going to be a chaos of exposures; treachery, finger-pointing and every rat for himself behavior.

I feel very much confirmed in many things this morning. This is not to say that any of what Time Monks predicts will come true in the ways presented, or at all. But it is a certainty that something like it is coming. Gerald Celente has been predicting eerie similarities that counterpoint the Time Monks all too closely. Information about the coming upheavals and transformations are appearing from sources at far removes from one another and all with yet more eerie similarities. I will be treating with metaphysical aspects related to what is coming at Visible Origami later today.

It becomes more and more clear that a large portion of the population is in a serious mode of denial and will not countenance what is in their face. I believe this is because they cannot risk the mental atmosphere of having to accept that everything they hold dear is at risk and that everything they think they know is wrong. It appears they would forfeit their lives before they would entertain the necessity for awakening. Awaken they shall however. There is no other recourse. It is a telling thing how Time Monks defines the Zionist agenda as a very bad thing across the board. There is no equivocation in this. Apparently there is going to be some eye-opening the like of which has not been seen before. The whole concept of apocalyptic unveiling is brought forth in myriad aspects. The imagined high and mighty are going to tremble in their shoes and all of their bolt holes and food storage compounds are going to be revealed by those engaged in creating them for them. Truly, evil is going to turn on itself.

There was far, far too much presented in this document for me to treat with it in anything but a general manner. What I can say is that when you read it you are going to be amazed at how it closely it mirrors what you already sense and suspect. It takes a lot to blow my mind. Suffice it to say that that has now occurred, in relation to what I have had the opportunity to read in recent hours.

One thing comes to mind, here at the end of this latest posting. It is past time to orient yourself to whatever you find important. According to whatever that is, you will be sorted accordingly.

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