Friday, July 17, 2009

The Only Weapon We Have

"I think in the US, the military and the federal states with their law-enforcement entities will have to be on the side of the reformers, if the Americans want to prevent a catastrophe"

“The War on Terror is a Fraud”

July 17, 2009 by Notsilvia Night

"and until we realize this the Empire is going to continue"

Dr. David Ray Griffin

on May 18, 2007, in Seattle, Washington
on the “9/11: “Let’s Get Empirical”"

Dr Griffin is right on both counts, I think. 100% conclusive evidence is in by now, due in part to the relentless effort of Griffin himself, that 9/11 was an inside job and that there is no dangerous “international Islamist movement” called AlQaeda, that threatens the lives of people in the western world.

“AlQaeda” was created by American, British and Israeli intelligence organizations in order to serve the aims of those organizations, to further the power accumulation of the western financial Empire and the “military industrial complex”.

Here is a list of important links to books, articles and video-material concerning the truth of what really happened on September 11, 2001 in New York and at the Pentagon and who is most likely connected to those events – and to say it in advance: It weren´t Muslims.

As for the second part of the statement, he is right as well, even in reverse: When the majority population, including the innocent people within the governments, the administrative structures, law-enforcement and the military of the western world, realize and accept this fact, this will be the end of the Empire.

The ordinary people will no longer accept the loss of life, resources and wealth for the “War on Terror”, and the people within the administrations, the police and the military will no longer feel bound by any oath of allegiance towards their respective governments or their complicit Parliaments to go along with a war-policy or a policy of destroying civil liberties or even a policy of oppression of the general population.

We know now, that the American government has committed treason against their own people and their own constitution and so has the American Congress. Some have done it by direct participation in the deliberate massacre of about 3000 innocent people, the majority of them Americans. And others have committed treason by knowingly covering up the truth.

Governments of other countries around the world have committed a similar act of treason against their own people by helping the American government to cover up the facts, since some of the victims were citizens of their countries. The cover-up still continues and therefor have all western governments lost some of their legitimacy. They can enforce compliance to their rule by means of violent oppression but they have no longer the moral or legal right to demand it.

This means from both a moral and eventually a legal perspective, that all western government employees are no longer bound by their oaths to their governments, they are now only bound by their own conscience to do what they think is right.

By covering up the facts on 9/11, the governments of the western world have broken the contracts they made with their own people, the contracts as they are written into the western democratic constitutions. All democratic governments promise under oath, when they are sworn into office, to uphold the laws and the constitution, and so protect their population from harm – and in return the people are required to obey the laws of the land. A government that doesn´t do that, has no longer any claim on the people to obey the laws they set.

When the fraud of 9/11 has become an established fact among the majority, and at this moment we are not very far from that, people on all levels of the power-structure as well as among the population will start to refuse following orders, if those orders contradict their own consciences. One´s own reasoning and conscience of what is right or wrong, and what is doable and what not, will become the only law.

I don´t think that total chaos will break out. Most people´s conscience and reason are pretty good tools to prevent that. But when the “Empire” can no longer trust in the total compliance of their military, police and administration employees, they will have a whole lot more trouble to wield enough power to go on with their endless war-schemes.

Now a lot of people working in public administrations do not have much trust in ordinary people and their conscience, they are afraid of anarchy and lawlessness. And this the reason why they are still ready to a carry on as if 9/11 hadn´t happened, although they do know the truth.

But an anarchic revolution is not the necessary consequence of the acceptance of the 9/11 truth.
In most western countries the legitimacy, that has been lost by the 9/11 cover-up, can be regained by an honest investigation and prosecution of the guilty parties. Most certainly, however, a change would occur within the western system. Since the people could no longer trust the system to keep itself honest, the majority population would now demand more openness and more opportunities for participation.

There would most likely also be a demand to transfer most power away from centralized international or even national institutions and back to the local city, town and village administrations. It´s after all a lot easier for the people to watch the fingers of their elected councilmen than those of some far away EU commissionars.

A lot of people within the system are reluctant to agree to this kind democratization, I know. They´d see it as rule by the ignorants. International rules made by “experts” seem at first glance so much more efficient in “saving the world environment”. But, if they are decent human beings, they might still consider the consequences of allowing today´s “elites” and their paid-for “experts” to lead us all down the current garden-path.

The elites are already losing their power of deception and they a afraid to lose more. There are several possibilities of what the global imperial plutocracy might do to try to prevent this.

One is, they might instigate a catastrophe, a large, maybe even nuclear, false flag attack, or the release of a biological weapon, coinciding possibly with these mandated swine-flu vaccinations. When panic breaks out, they will try to institute a total police state by proclaiming marshal law. This scenario might only happen in the United States, but more likely it will happen all over the western world.

Another possibility is, that they will start WWIII by attacking Iran with nuclear weapons, causing the deaths of millions of people, and retaliation by large parts of the Islamic world, ending not unlikely in the nuclear involvement of Russia and China against the West.

Both scenarios are so scary, most people refuse to even consider them. However, if we don´t face those possibilities, we will make them more likely to happen. For here is the paradox in the situation: If we, the majority in the western world, accept, that those scenarios could happen, because some insane elites want to cling to a power they have abused a million times and more, then these very same elites will no longer retain sufficient power to actually put their plans into action.

On the other hand, if we refuse to accept, that those elites indeed are capable of mass-genocide, then we make that scenario more likely.

The power of the plutocratic elites lies in their secrecy. If their plans get out into the open, nobody, absolutely nobody will support them any more. Even those Malthusian fanatical environmentalists would not support a plan made public, where a “population reduction” virus is deliberately to be released into the environment. They know, they would be the first to be “reduced” by an angry population.

While the accepted truth about 9/11 and the elites’ crazy plans for “full spectrum dominance” will eventually lead to the necessary democratic changes within the system in most western countries, it will probably be far more difficult to get changes to occur in the United States. The US system has become so corrupt through and through, it will probably have to be rebuild from scratch. The current ruling class in Washington has messed things up far too much.

I think in the US, the military and the federal states with their law-enforcement entities will have to be on the side of the reformers, if the Americans want to prevent a catastrophe.

And the societal consensus for reforms must be as broad as possible, including all kinds of anti-war- and civil rights groups, truth-movements and anti-war-religious groups, excluding all those who do not accept that 9/11 was an inside job with, at least possible, but actually very likely, Israeli involvement.

The globalist elites have already gotten a lot of blood on their hands, most of it through covert war-fare, using the intelligence agencies they control for false-flag attacks. But 9/11 is the most publicized of them. It is the one false-flag event where we, the people, all those diligent “truthers” throughout the internet together with all those courageous experts with their scientifically proven reports, have accumulated the most evidence of how it was done and who was most likely connected to the crime.

The 9/11 truth has given us the best opening to take back our countries from the insane megalomaniacs, sitting in the Pentagon, the military industries, the high finance industries and the related think-tanks, who want to drive the whole world into endless war and destruction.

War is not inevitable, neither is a pandemic. But the only weapon we have to prevent them is the truth.

The truth will indeed set us free.