Friday, July 10, 2009

The Truth is the Enemy

"Like many others, I have put some years into this and what it is is what it is. I didn’t set out to prove a particular point. I only wanted to find the truth and in the process I found.... This is why there is such a hue and cry against the internet and the bloggers who are revealing the truth"

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"Zionism; a Psychopathic Cancer of the Soul

I didn’t want to write about Michael Jackson again but I may have to mention him a time or two here today. I’ve received a number of emails wanting to show me another side of Michael and the writers did it in a restrained and thoughtful manner. Even in the comments section this has been the case. Michael appears rather accidentally here today because some people are making certain arguments and there is bound to be more of this appearing in following days.

I’m not going to take a position on this. I’ve already seen plenty to make some agendas clear to me so I wouldn’t be surprised by much in relation to them. The world is presently in a difficult state due to the antics and intentions of a collection of psychopaths who are, very unfortunately, over represented by a particular group of people. Has it always been these people or does the source of negative force shift and change with the centuries? Whatever has been is less important than what is so… let’s look at what is.

There’s a video that is being scrubbed from the internet. Just about everywhere you go, it’s gone. You generally see, “this video has been removed for violation of terms of service” or something similar. The only place I could find a copy was on a white pride site that I located through Google. ADL gremlins and assorted megaphonies in concert with various fellow travelers have all but removed this video from the usual locations. Unfortunately for their zealous efforts, concerned individuals have retained hard copies and are popping them up here and there. I was searching for some time but this was the only place I could locate it for the moment.

This video pretty much tells the tale; a bunch of drunken, American, Zionist Jews in Israel giving you that ‘in vino veritas’ thing. Let’s add to this.

It’s an inarguable reality that Mossad was involved in the 9/11 attacks. It’s also an irrefutable reality that Zionists in the Bush administration and in positions in powerful think tanks and the mass media were the single most powerful lobby for the Afghanistan invasion which was a response to 9/11 that was blamed on Bin Laden (who was in Afghanistan) but which was, as I’ve said, actually performed by Mossad with the assistance of the CIA and members of other intelligence services.

Following this invasion, the same Zionist cabal lobbied for the Iraq invasion, told the lies necessary to lend credence to their presumptions (Michael Ledeen and his yellow cake fantasies comes to mind) and pounded the drums of war until that happened too. Along the way they attacked Lebanon under false pretenses and performed a hideous slaughter on the people of Gaza.

Presently; this same crew of psychopathic scoundrels is working to initiate an attack against Iran, once again using the US military to accomplish it. They are being assisted in this by political whores like Vice President, Joe Biden who is one of the more unctuous and sanctimonious hypocrites to ever come down the pike. He and Joe Lieberman are a couple of bookends in The Devil’s Library.

A few days ago a ship sailed to deliver goods to the people in Gaza who had been smashed by the Israelis and left living in the rubble of their former homes. Cynthia McKinney lays out the whole thing in a letter from an Israeli jail where she was detained after the Israelis hi-jacked this aid boat in international waters. Feel the passion and conviction of her words and ask yourself… ask yourself what does your heart say in response.

Now let me add two more features to this presentation. Recently, members of Goldman Sachs, who control the administration’s financial policies, in concert with the Federal Reserve and particular European banking families, orchestrated a financial meltdown in order to gain a firmer control over world financial markets and the flow of currency.

The second feature is that a special holocaust (patent pending) was performed on a variety of people in World War 2 and has since been exclusively co-opted by the Zionist Jews who are now the only real victims of the event. Whatever the actual numbers are; the Red Cross figures or those of the Zionist accountants who claim six million and continue to claim six million, (even though three million victims have since been removed from the Auschwitz ledgers) are not my concern. My concern is what they have used this event for.

Following the war, they used world opinion to gain a nation in the land of Palestine which was, at that time, inhabited by a great many Palestinian people who have lived there for many centuries. Over the course of following decades they have practiced a systematic genocide on these people and used the slur of Anti-Semitism to counter all criticism of their actions. There has been another purpose for this reflexive use of Anti-Semitism and that has been to give the appearance that they are Semitic and therefore related to the original inhabitants of this land. They are not Semitic, they are Ashkenazi. The Palestinians are Semitic.

In the process of their ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people they have changed the names of all of the formerly Palestinian towns as if that would legitimize their presence. The claim of being Semitic allows them to give the false impression that they are the people they are replacing. Now, this nation of Israel is a launching pad for world disorder and the looting of the world’s treasures. This was the intent all along and whatever the truth of the special holocaust (patent pending), this was the intent as well. A study of Zionist manipulation during the war and their many associations with Hitler and his policies, stand as compelling evidence of certain long range plans.

So… what we have is a serious problem that threatens everyone who is not of the psychopathic, Zionist persuasion. Through their near total control of the world’s mass media they have been able to give continuous false impressions of what is really taking place. A casual study of who owns the media shows very clearly what the truth of the matter is. Either the people listed as owning it own it or they do not. Which is it?

Everything I have mentioned here is a fact and the more you research this, the more evidence there is of it. Like many others, I have put some years into this and what it is is what it is. I didn’t set out to prove a particular point. I only wanted to find the truth and in the process I found an understanding of why they have gone about it the way they have.

The world needs to wake up to what is going on and the world is waking up. The internet is one of the main reasons, in concert with the ‘lifting of the veils’ in this time of The Apocalypse. This is why there is such a hue and cry against the internet and the bloggers who are revealing the truth. The truth is the enemy of ‘business as usual’ and the enemy of every lie that justifies every theft and murder that accompanies ‘business as usual’.

There’s no telling how this will all resolve itself. I believe it is all part of a cosmic play whose purpose is an object lesson for humanity. Because of this, I am confident of the outcome. I’ll leave you with your own thoughts on the matter and you are free to let us know what those are.

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