This country was so royally screwed on September 11, 2001, that it simply boggles the mind. This date, and I’ll use the crypto-Jew FDR’s words right here because they fit even more so than Pearl Harbor (which he used like 9/11 to get us into war with Hitler), is a date which will live in infamy!

What more will it take for you to get the big picture? Are you waiting for them to do a exposé in the mainstream media? Will it take the nice guy Charlie Gibson of ABC news to tell you? Forget it Bub, those news organizations are owned by the same power structure who are behind this evil in the first place.

Now, if you tell people that we should be forming armies in the street about the Jew/Zionist’s destruction of America, they might balk at the suggestion simply because they have no idea of the extent of these people’s past and present perfidies in the World. But if you say to them, “what if these people were proved to be behind 9/11, don’t you think they should all hang?” They’ll say “hell, yeah! They should be dragged from their GD mansions and SUVs and thrown into the slammer — right the f–k, NOW!”

911 JEWS

Backstabbing, Zionist Jews are all over the place in this whole 9/11 business — before, during and after. Anyone researching the facts behind 9/11 sees it — they may not say anything for fear of being called “Neo Nazi,” but they do.


The Jewess, Rita Katz is the Director and founder of SITE.

All kinds of Jews have been found involved in 9/11, from the very start. From facilitating the purchase of the World Trade Center, to various highly suspicious events that day and in the subsequent cover-ups, obfuscations and lies; to even insurance payouts to Jews like Larry Silverstein (above).

And the 9/11 and Islamo-terrorist ”psyops” on America’s head keeps on going on. Like the so-called private organizations SITE Intelligence Group and IntelCenter (Jews Ben Venzke and Jim Melnick) both set-up and run by Zionist Jews; who always just happen to conveniently be the ones to “discover” Al Qaeda videos, which they then disseminate to all the mainstream Jew news operations (for profit, of course).

For the Jews, it’s all one big happy (and profitable) family when it comes to messing with the goyim’s head for Zionist Israel!

In the last couple of months or so, I’ve been reading from a paper released in Denmark by nine scientists, a peer-reviewed report that categorically states that an explosive called nano-thermite was found in the dust of WTC destruction. This cannot be debunked, no way, no how.

Four different dust samples from various locations in NY, preserved shortly after 9/11, were analysed microscopically and spectroscopically and what they found will shock you, should you still labor under the fallacy of it being a plot by some guys in a cave, eating sheep eyeballs and rice.

First off, tiny spheres of iron were scattered all through-out the specimens. They’ve known about these for a long time, even the United States Geological Society found them when checking NY for environmental hazards after the event. By themselves, it’s not conclusive, yet are a strong left-over indicator of thermite reactions.

Volunteers for FEMA found evidence of severe “high temperature corrosion attack on the steel.” The Worchester Polytechnic Institute found clear-cut signs of “welding-like” temperatures on the few samples of steel they managed to get from WTC 7.

However, further investigation in the last 2 years has revealed something else. Something that cannot be so easily explained away by all the naysayers who still suck down the government and media story. They just cannot or will not concieve of people here in our own country being so evil as to do something like this, even when the evidence has now become overwhelming.


Scanning electron photography shows the tell-tale evidence of Nano or “Super” Thermate.

The nine scientists showed conclusively that much more than iron spheres were in the dust, they also found unbelievably small flakes of material that when examined tested positive as thermite explosive residue. It’s called “Nano” because of how small it is. The original material was engineered on such a small scale, because it makes it infinitely more powerful and destructive on a pound-for-pound basis. Also, such material is never seen in civilian uses, even in legal building demolition. It’s clearly a high-tech, military grade material.

The scientists, using scanning electron microscopy, zeroed in on the material which you can readily see in the above shots and is comprised of two parts, red and gray; the red side is the reactive material suspended in a gel-like medium, while the gray side is a ceramic-like mixture of iron and oxygen as a substrate for the red layer.

This kind of thing is not paint chips, construction material or a byproduct of burning office equipment. This material would have to have been purposefully created at this miniature scale and dispersed during the final explosions that brought down the buildings.

Cover for a Nano Thermite explosives report.

DOD report on Nano Thermites.

None of this was ever investigated (that was revealed) by the 9/11 Commission. Of course, they also totally ignored the “collapse” of WTC 7, not even putting in one single sentence about that unbelievable event. Also, NIST (National Institute for Science and Technology) not only ignored it but, not so surprising to hear, they were also affliated with the people behind all this technology in the first place!

Furthermore, NIST even repeatedly evaded requests by outside scientists to search for precisely these kinds of explosives in the dust and debris collected from the WTC. They didn’t want to find it to begin with.

This nano-thermite is also called “active thermatic,” which means explosives for all intents and purposes. But it’s more than mere explosives that you might think of. For one thing, it’s fiercely hot, so hot it can easily cut right through thick steel girders and I-beams, like a hot knife through butter. Also, it generates tremendous pressures, powerful enough to pulverize concrete into dust. Which was seen when those buildings of the WTC were blown straight down to hell!

Here, let Richard Gage explain in this short video. He’s being interviewed in a small market, local TV station in Fresno California, and you will never see this guy put on a national news program or something like the History Channel. His credentials are impeccable and he’s just way too persuasive.

Richard Gage, a practicing architect for 20 years, founded Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth in 2006. Gage appeared on the FOX TV News affiliate in Fresno, California on May 27 and was allowed to explain the scientific and structural evidence that proves that the World Trade Center collapses were actually controlled demolitions in which nano-thermite was used to pulverize the concrete of the towers.

Now, let’s stop a second and think about all this. Let’s put it all in perspective. Don’t you think if our media were truly a free media, that some of this might get reported on and debunked if at all possible? No, they turn a blind eye to it, because they don’t want the American public to get wise to the real deal!

That’s right, the mainstream news is now doing everything they can NOT to report anything on 9/11 investigations. The complete absence of any mention these days is so obvious that it should tell you a little something, something. They’ll talk about the stupidest news item, way before any of this.

And how about this story? A retired Major General, in charge of military intelligence at the time, comes out and says he thinks 9/11 was an inside job. That’s right, this should be front page news everywhere, but it’s not. Watch the video yourself:

Major General Albert “Bert” N. Stubblebine III, retired head of all army intelligence says: “the press is NOT free” and are telling us “what they’ve been told to say.” He asks ”what is it they do not want the public to know?”

The traitorous, backstabbing “American” Jews who teamed-up with the Israeli MOSSAD and ZOG elements of the US government and intelligence to pull off this incredible evil on America must be, have to be exposed to the light and brought to severe justice.

But don’t take my word for it. Read up yourself about all this. There are plenty of people who have dedicated themselves to research and exposing 9/11 as a INSIDE JOB. These are highly intelligent folks, not the crazies that the owned media does it’s level best to paint them as. Most may not name the Jew in public, but I can guarantee you that they think and know about it.

Here, you go read up on it. See here for a layman’s synopsis: 911 Research, or go here for a PDF of the science paper itself: OPEN CHEMICAL PHYSICS JOURNAL

One thing I am very certain you will at least agree with me about: There is so much to 9/11 that it fully deserves to be rightly and openly investigated, without any Jews involved whatsoever. Jews are seen neck-deep in the whole affair and they’ll do whatever they can to derail it or deflect any evidence that points to fellow Jews and the Israelis.

Little Jews know instinctively that if the American people awaken to the fact that 9/11 was a Inside Job, they will be in a highly vulnerable position, naturally enough. They know that the MOSSAD and other devious, Zionist Jews have little problem doing something like 9/11 (they have a big, BIG history of false flags and other evil schemes).

But these people are simply so arrogant that they think they’ll be able to keep the wool pulled over our eyes long enough to complete their final destruction and takeover of the US and the ongoing race war against Whites.

Well, I got some news for you Jews, America is waking up to the real deal fast and you had better start making plans for Aliyah to IsraHELL, now. In fact, just you taking the time reading this blog post, instead of checking out the real estate prices in Tel Aviv on the Internet, should tell you that you are one arrogant, but stupid SOB. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


9/11 should be the wake-up call of all wake-up calls about the Jews, my friends. All of you White Americans now reading this, need to bone-up on everything and tell your family and friends, since the Jews are now doing everything they can to remove free speech from the White countries of the West, before we come to our senses about these people.

They’ve already succeeded to a large degree in Canada, Australia and Europe. Even questioning the Holohoax (another giant Zionist Jew lie) can end you up in jail.

White Americans, even the police and military, should now see right through all the lies and machinations of Jewry over the years. Let me tell you: Payback will be a bitch! They’ll be lots of wailing and gnashing of Jew teeth when they realize just what they lost in America. We gave them entrance into the good old US of A and look how they repay us: By stabbing this country right in the back!

— Phillip Marlowe

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