Tuesday, July 14, 2009

They Have No Choice

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles (and lift key quotes to start) not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays; however, I'm not going to do that today.

This post had me on such a roller-coaster of emotions and is so thorough that I will be adding my own brief commentary here and there)

"The Apocalypse for Dummies

What can you do besides shake your head and give a rueful laugh at the irony of a high end mole in a Karl Marx suit appointing so many ‘Czars’? What can you do except stare in bug-eyed wonder at the overwhelming number of members of The Tribe who take the party line to protect the status quo so that their jumped up little nation of goose-stepping fascists won’t be revealed as one of the arch perpetrators of 9/11?

What do we make of all the left-gatekeepers who say the truth about 9/11 doesn’t matter? See the first comment in this link for just a few names and wonder of wonders they are members of The Tribe as well.

(Names I loved and respected until about five years ago; it was them that I finally woke up and accepted 9/11 truth)

At what point does coincidence, as Goldfinger explained to James Bond, become enemy action? Look at the second video which is a close up of one of the towers after it was hit. Look at the small injury at the top of the building and you tell me how it managed to heat the support structures all the way down to the bottom to the extent that the building could come down in free fall into its own footprint. Let’s not even mention the natural inclination of fire to burn upward or that it didn’t do much in that direction either.

Then there are the inescapable facts that precede the event. If you’ve got the time, here is a very comprehensive timeline related to 9/11.

We’ve seen one of The Tribe’s blackface operations singing and dancing on the MSM about rising hate crimes recently. We know that all of this is to counteract the relentless engine of the internet revealing what has been hidden and… at what point do the scales tip? At what point is critical mass achieved? Do they shut everything down and make criminals of us all or… does something remarkable happen?

(That's the key concern and question going forward)

I made a provocative comment in my last posting here (it’s gone now) to see what the general tone of my readers was. At the same time, I’ve been traveling all over the internet to see what the general tenor of the contributing population thinks about America being controlled by a nation that attacked it and then hid and/or spun the evidence in way that an eight year old would find hard to believe. People are angry out there and they’re not afraid to come to the same conclusions as I. It doesn’t matter if you are going to alternative news sites or to the mainstream, it’s being said over and over. For everyone who speaks there are usually a great many more who do not but who also know.

(I'm sure one of the angry ones, and I know I'm not alone. I also read and leave comments sometimes)

It’s the old story of closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. They really have no choice but to legislate against people speaking out. They have no choice but to bypass and dishonor The Constitution. They have been caught out. Everybody knows. Here’s the ultimate irony; if they can’t even beat a small group of fighters with second class weapons fighting the best armed military in the world in Afghanistan, how are they going to stop the people all over the world who are telling the truth on the internet?

Well… as far as Afghanistan goes, they don’t really intend to win that war. This is the explanation for your puzzlement about why they don’t introduce enough soldiers in the first place. Wars these days are fought only to enrich corporations and bankers. That’s usually the case anyway. Wars have nothing to do with any stated causes and nothing to do with winning at all. They are about controlled murder for money and intimidation for those elsewhere who are resisting corporate theft in whatever corner of the world it is taking place in. You could be next. It’s about land and resource grabs. It’s about psychopathy in action.

(The man is so perceptive and concise it's almost unreal, although at this point I was awash in tears at the stark reality. Such is the internal workings of a foolish old man)

I’m guessing that, these days, before anyone becomes president they already have the Polaroid’s and video necessary to maintain fealty. They set these guys up way before hand. You might think the game is so wired that there is no chance of turning the tide, au contraire… au contraire.

(I need more.... and he gives it)

The tide has turned and they are scrambling like the sewer rats that they are, doing damage control, while over-extended in gratuitous wars around the globe as they prop up a ‘dead in the water’ economic system, thinking they’ll be in their bolt-holes when the shit hits the fan… au contraire… au contraire. This is the time of summing up and there are just too many people for them to control the world and rape it at the same time.

Many people think the solution to this is mass murder on a large scale and ‘they’ are thinking about that and they are working in that direction. They are attempting what many others before them have attempted and never succeeded at. They won’t succeed at it either. Unlike those they are oppressing who are not afraid to die, they are… afraid to die.

(Not afraid of it? I'm looking forward to it! If this evil cabal isn't defeated then I don't want to live in their world. And I will feast upon their internal organs when I meet them in Hell)

They are weak and without the characteristics that make one strong. There is no tensile strength in their bones. There is no righteous passion in their hearts. There is no clarity of virtuous purpose in their minds.

(He is starting to lift me up because he is right about the passions and virtue. They aren't bullet-proof vests though)

As I have said many times before, they are being set up by forces unknown to them in order to give the world an object lesson. This is a movie and the director is on the set. In the final act they will turn on each other. It is their nature. Imagine the degree of arrogance that wars within them against the uncertainty of their fears. They are divided against themselves and lying in both directions. It’s a wonder that they don’t put their own hands around their necks and strangle themselves. In a sense this is just what they are doing.

In the meantime they are exposing themselves so that there will be no doubt about their crimes. In the meantime they are lying and dissembling without pause as they are being more exposed with each passing day.

(I can't argue with him there, what with the newspapers of the last few days. Bush and Cheney crimes -- albeit obfuscating rubbish -- in the paper along with the rest of the fantastic lies)

At the same time humanity is waking up. Who knows why this is? Whatever the reason, humanity is waking up and new generations are appearing from locations unknown with a new message for those who have preceded them.

(I gotta admit, I'm having a hard time seeing that on a local level. Certainly the worldwide web is teeming with dissent from all corners of the world)

As much as an unfortunate percentage of The Tribe is on the front lines of darkness, they are not exclusive in these pursuits. They are joined by other fell representatives from every nation, race and religion.

(Hence the term globalists)

They are coming out of their holes and being forced out of the inner planes because these are the times that have been written about. You are living in them. These are those ‘interesting times’.

(Oh, Visible!
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Is that why I am SO EMOTIONAL?)

The Apocalypse is a mathematical condition. It adheres to the laws of physics.

(Like the IMPOSSIBILITY of THREE SKYSCRAPERS falling into their own footprints at free-fall speed because of fires)

It comes whenever the world has reached the final limits of its forced state of imbalance. This is not a religious condition. It is a natural occurrence that follows the course of natural laws.

(At this point I am RAGING in EXALTATION saying YES, YES, YES!!!!!!)

Yes… it looks grim. The degree of crime at every level is a wonder to behold. Max Kaiser conducts a brilliant interview with Michael Hudson where you can hear all about it (see the right sidebar for the next two clips). It looks like they can do whatever they want and that their captive governments will just wink and nod all the way through. Don’t be taken in by appearances, this is all part of the show.

(Gee, and now we find out that Goldman Sachs has been
neck deep in every ugly financial meltdown in the US over the last hundred years -- and yet they PROFITED IMMENSELY from this last one)

I’m writing this because I hear so much despair and uncertainty as the movie moves to the denouement.

(Lord, I feel like he is reading

You’ve heard the phrase, “These are the times that try men’s souls”. Please understand that ‘try’ means to temper. It is just such adverse conditions blanketed in exaggerated fear which is the fire that tempers your metal. If it doesn’t kill you, you’re going to be a lot stronger and… if it does… you’ll probably be back again unless you’ve finally become free of the need and in that case you have my congratulations.

As someone once said in a song; “don’t let it get you down, it’s only castles burning.” The world is the world is the world. Whether we understand the purpose of it, it does have one and it tends to repeat itself in what it offers and in the events that transpire regardless of the age they appear in. We are at a major transit point… major; not just the end of a 2,000 year cycle and the beginning of another but the end of a 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. Try not to get composted and stay the course in all of the better meanings of the phrase.

(You ever cry tears of happiness and sadness at the same time, because that's what it feels like for this old fool. The FINAL SENTENCE is filled with suck LOVE -- yes, love -- and HOPE in face of such evil!)

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