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The Catholic Church and Palestine

"The Catholic Church and Palestine

July 14, 2009 by Notsilvia Night

Mentioning the Catholic Church when discussing political matters doesn´t endorse me to non-Catholics, I realize that.

But what about this:

In order to take a position against the Catholic Church on the matters of Israel and Zionism – and also on the matter of financial oppression and Imperialism, which I will discuss in my next post,- one should know, what her position is.

(I promise I will discuss the matter in the comment section with anybody, who cares to comment. I will keep all comments and answer them, no matter how critical, under the conditions the commenter will not denigrate God, Christ and the Virgin Mary nor the prophets and sages revered in Islam, and he or she will not use obscenities either. Otherwise, he will have to exercise his right to “free speech” some place else, and I exercise my right to not listen to obscenities and blasphemy.)

It´s my opinion, that we live in times of severe crisis, and that we, religious and secular people, alike will have to find some common ground, from which we together struggle against a terrible inhuman system, which is threatening to draw as all into the catastrophe of a new World War. Whatever divides us at this moment cannot be so big, that it justifies us to fight and hate one another, while our whole world is about to go down the drains.

No doubt our differences are important, and we do not and cannot lay them aside totally. But I think we have to reserve them for later. In order to cooperate, we do not have to join the same organizations and agree to a single program. It might even be a lot better to work for peace from a very diverse spectrum of opinions, a decentralized approach. But we need to stop bitching against one another. We need to stop falling for the “divide and conquer” tricks of the war-party. Maybe we can show one another a bit of tolerance and respect, so cooperation on important matters can become easier.

One important aspect of respect is, to really be interested in the whole story, and not just read the tiny out-of-context quotes the main-line media presents. The mainline media does everything to frame all social matters in such a way, it will keep ordinary people divided along ethnic and sectarian lines – unable to understand one another, unable to join hands for a common cause, a cause we ordinary people all over the world actually agree upon.

There is no doubt in my mind, that the official Catholic church, with it´s center in the Vatican of Rome, opposes Israel´s crimes against the Palestinian people. The Church opposes the oppression, the land-theft, the expulsion, the discrimination and the open, brutal war-fare.
In this the Church stands far more on the side of the Palestinian people, both the Christians as well as the Muslims, than ever on the side of Israel....


But why wouldn´t the Pope visit Gaza, when he came to Palestine this year? This would after all have been a non-violent act of support for the Palestinian people.

The reason might be, that Israel would not allow it. If the Pope had visited Gaza, he would have to have talked to the Hamas leadership in the same way as he has talked to the Fatah leadership and president Abbas. This would have given Hamas more legitimacy in the eyes of the Catholic world. Israel wanted to prevent this kind of legitimacy at all costs. If the Pope would have gone against the Israeli government in this, Israel would have let the Palestinian Christians suffer the consequences.

One other thing:

Shortly before the Pope´s visit to Palestine, the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made the prediction, that AlQaeda was planning to blow up the “Church of the Holy Sepulchre” in Jerusalem. Now we know, that there is not a single true-believing Muslim in the whole wide world, who would ever even consider to do such a thing. Blowing up one of the most holy places in Christendom would seem absolutely insane for even the most fanatic Muslim, especially since the AlAqsa Mosque, one of the most holy sites in Islam, is practically right next door.

This means that those who would possibly blow up this church, they would not be Muslims. But Muslims would be framed for it. Such an attack on such a large pilgrim-site might kill hundreds, possibly thousands of people. And while there is a possibility, the Church could protect this one church with better security, the Church will never be able to protect all local churches all over the world.

Now, everybody has the right to risk his or her own life, when standing up for truth and justice. But the Pope is a symbolic figure. If he provokes certain ruthless people too much, he wouldn´t just be risking his life but the lives of many others. I think, that he went as far on behalf of the Palestinian people, as he thought was possible under the circumstances without provoking retaliation.

I do understand, why some people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, are disappointed that the Pope didn´t go any farther. But from everything I read about him and from him, I´m certain, that Pope Benedict VI. is not a Zionist stooge. Of course people can stick with this opinion, if they want to. Everybody has their own reasons for their own opinions. I only can tell you, what I think, and explain you, why I do think so...."

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