Monday, July 13, 2009

Gazan Death Toll Keeps Rising



"Gaza Death Toll Rises by One

In Gaza, Abdallah Na'im was yesterday released from his grave of rubble........Another soul uncovered, another person gone, another life extinguished.

Beginning in December and continuing into January, for 22 days Gaza had it's own 9-11 terrorist attack. In scenes reminiscent from September 11th in New York, yesterday in Gaza, another victim of the Zionist Terrorists was uncovered in the rubble. It has been eight months now, yet bodies continue to be uncovered in the 420,000 tons of rubble the Zionist terrorists left behind as a statement to the world that they are above the law.

The magnitude of death is incomprehensible, the numbers we quote so easily of Palestinian dead, they roll off our tongues and keyboards minus the gravity of what they represent. 6.6 people per day, for 22 days, today that number went up by one, and there will be more. Each one denied the most basic of human rights, the right to live and prosper in their own county, free from oppression and terrorist attacks from high flying drones or F-16s with DIME missiles or White Phosphorous. Today in addition to the 6.6 dead per day, let us also remember Abdallah Na'im and many others who will continue to be found lifeless among the 420,00 tons of rubble.After six months… New martyr’s corpse under rubble

The corpse of a Palestinian was found on Saturday under the rubble of a house destroyed during the latest Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip last winter.

Palestinian medics identified the man as Abdallah Na'im, who was in his 20s.

Mu’wieyah Hasaneen, head of Emergency and Ambulance Services at the Health Ministry in Gaza, told Ma'an that "the decomposed body was found under the rubble of a destroyed house near the Wa'ed building," which itself stood near the Islamic University campus in Gaza City, but was destroyed by a Zionist aircraft.

He added that "the corpse was moved to the Dar Ash-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City," noting that "the number of those who were killed during the Israeli war on Gaza amounts to 1,505," following the most recent discovery.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its partners on Friday began clearing around 420,000 tons of rubble caused by the assault, and reiterated the need for the Zionist entity to ease its blockade so building materials and other vital supplies can enter the area. source


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