Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is Happening in Front of Your Eyes is Not Actually Happening

"I’d give a lot to find out that these things are not true but it’s looking like instead of “where there’s smoke there’s fire” it’s ‘where there’s fire there’s fire.’ "

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"Boomslangs in the Treeline, Black Mambas in the Grass

by Visible

There’s a Charlie Brown cartoon that features Charlie, Lucy and a football. It says a lot about the world we live in ‘at the present’. Watching it you can apply it to a host of things that move like Boomslangs in the trees. They’re an exception in the Colubridae
family which is mostly composed of more benign and useful creatures. You could compare them to the psychopaths who move through the human herd as if they were a part of it. Interestingly, the venom of the Boomslang is of the solenoglypha group, meaning it causes intense pain on delivery. I guess that’s a parallel too.

Camouflage is a big part of nature. It’s got a lot to do with concealing creatures that other creatures want to eat. It’s also in use by creatures that are looking to eat other creatures. Camouflage is basically a lie. Something is made to look like something other than what it is. We’ve got that too. The Boomslang psychopaths in the human herd are big on camouflage; camouflage of their person and the camouflage of lies.

Here’s one of the early lies that will be tumbling out of the tree line like cherry blossoms in Potomac Park. You can ignore the part about the Taliban militants slipping out in burkhas (even though that qualifies as camouflage) and just consider the impression being given about how caring and noble the architects of the unwelcome invasion of Afghanistan want you to think they are. It almost takes your mind off the drones in Pakistan and the ongoing murder of helpless civilians.

You’ll note the telling reference to the Taliban as drug dealers. You won’t hear anything about how it was the Taliban that eliminated the drug trade in Afghanistan. You won’t hear anything about how the war was orchestrated for the profit of London bankers and other n’er do wells slithering through the tree line. You certainly won’t hear about the conflict originating from a joint Mossad/CIA attack on American soil. I’d venture to say that some Afghanis are involved in some aspect of the opium trade but I wouldn’t blame them one bit. There have been other opium wars but the same Boomslangs were involved in those too.

Sure, there’s
that oil pipeline and the Israel connection which segues into Iraq. I’m supposing that’s a feature too. The Boomslangs are getting so fat there’s a possibility they will crush the tree line under the force of their weight. So far… not a whole lot of profit has come out of that angle but they’re not done yet are they? In the meantime the Military Industrial Complex is booming as the rest of the world’s economy is sinking into the underbrush except for… the drug industry and the various blood industries.

I’m starting to think that the Boomslangs, masquerading as humans, have the intention of climbing up the ass of humanity and replacing the natural Kundalini with their own presence, in order to host the reptile mind. It makes sense in a twisted and perverted sort of a way. It probably explains the monopoly on the pornography trade and various other trades whose intention is to distort humanities perception of itself and render it open and willing for the intrusion. “You’ll feel a little something cold in the sacral area but after that there will be a warm coiling sensation at the nape of the neck and everything will feel normal and comfy.”

Certain Boomslangs have been up to very bad things for a very long time. I’d give a lot to find out that these things are not true but it’s looking like instead of “where there’s smoke there’s fire” it’s ‘where there’s fire there’s fire.’

The Boomslang in the White House is saying that detainees that are acquitted might not be released from the torture prisons. This goes on in the same time frame as Marines begin to go on duty for routine domestic duties. Looks like the Comitatus Posse got ambushed by Boomslangs in the Badlands. Try to remember that what is happening in front of your eyes is not actually happening. They want you to think that the Boomslang in your bedroom is doing a reinterpretation of Leda and the Swan. It does have certain heterosexual implications so it’s probably not going to be playing in any large cities. Well, even if it’s not what it seems you can be sure it’s what it seems or they will call in the Marines. I hope those Oathkeepers are sincere. I really do.

Lucy was always using different ploys to get Charlie to kick the football. The Boomslangs are no different. They slithered into Afghanistan over 9/11 which they were responsible for. They slithered into Iraq because of non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Now they want to slither into Iran over non-existent nuclear weapons as they manufacture a series of school shootings so that they can slither into your gun cabinet and take your weapons of defense.

It doesn’t matter to me if the Boomslang is actually a Green Mamba. They’ve got a lot in common. The high priest of this whole nasty enterprise is actually another snake that doesn’t live in trees but operates in the more conventional environments that we generally associate with snakes and you’re going to run into him due to checking out the tree lines for the other guys. I’m guessing- and in some cases hoping- that you know the snake is a metaphor the same way that Leda and the Swan are. Does it make any difference in the long run?

I’ve got nothing against the snakes in Nature. I’ve got nothing against crocodiles. I just don’t think they should be allowed to take human form. We’re supposed to be moving into ever more refined expressions; not taking atavistic intelligence and re-seating it in the expressions as we go.

If we can’t isolate the Boomslang culture from the human culture we’re all going to die from the necrotic effects of snake bite. Parts of the culture are already necrotic. Hard choices have to be made. There’s a reason why we as a people chose to lose a limb rather than allow the body to die. It’s the reasonable choice.

I’m not sure how you get rid of these Boomslang psychopaths. Maybe you relocate them to a Boomslang reserve. Maybe you set the Boomslangs tree on fire. You’re not going to make friends with the Boomslang. It doesn’t work like that. It’s you or the Boomslang.

How many lies must you believe before you recognize the lie? It seems that some people are determined to perish rather than to admit that they were deceived. How can it be that there is anyone left who still believes that 9/11 had anything to do with Bin Laden? I guess the trouble with stupid and deluded is that there’s no way out except for the brutal hand of painful experience. Some life forms are not meant to survive. They’re food for the Boomslangs.

We’d all like an easy transition from the Boomslang petting zoo to a Boomslang free world but the dichotomy rules that out. There’s going to have to be a revolution. Comfort yourself with this, they are already calling you terrorists and you haven’t even done anything yet. They know what your options are as they go about the business of killing and enslaving others on their way to you. They know what your options are and that is why they are exercising their own. None of this is accidental.

It may be that you find an escape hatch where you can sit out the grand finale in which the Boomslangs destroy themselves and maybe not. Wherever you may find yourself, keep it in mind, appearances have no power. There’s something behind the veil and whatever it is, it doesn’t like Boomslangs taking over human forms. Nature doesn’t like it either. It’s going to hurt when the surgeon cuts away the necrotic parts but you’ll feel a whole lot better once he’s done.

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