Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Monstrous Lumbering Murder Machine

a.k.a. the Government

I question things no matter where they come from.... These people aren’t fooling around and we shouldn’t be either"

(Blog author's note: I often alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"The Government may be Big but it's not Your Brother

Your government is not just inefficient, venal and a crack whore for the corporations. Your government is dangerous and out to get you. Here’s a little taste. This is in 4 parts so look at the menu to your right for the rest. You’ll also want to give this a look. I wish Alex Jones would give his guests more time to speak. This seems to be a trend with a lot of hosts and it’s something for them to remind themselves of. I like Alex Jones and think he’s genuine which, coming from me, is high praise indeed. I don’t think well of a lot of alternative news gathering sites for a variety of reasons. The best hosts work to extract the maximum from their guests and reserve their editorializing for times set aside for that purpose. Point taken, I hope (grin).

Don’t let the government give you any shots. Let me repeat that, don’t let the government give you any shots. It looks like they want to kill you; “let me count the ways.”

I don’t know what the story is about Obama. It’s obvious that he’s a lightweight and a front man for The Syndicate. I don’t know if there’s something human and courageous lurking below the glad-handing exterior. So far, the evidence is not good. He’s either completely in the enemy camp or he’s as clueless as a Beverly Hills teenage girl (insert ‘boy’ if that makes you feel better).

Right now it looks like the government has got Boomslangs coming out of their ears and once they hit the ground they go into a mating frenzy with the Black Mambas. It’s looking like voodoo on steroids. Meanwhile they have only limited and temporary control over the financial horror show that they are propping up with two by fours and bullshit. From what I can see, the purpose of this is to loot the last bloody nickel from the thing before they bring it down on the heads of the public.

I haven’t listened to all of that radio show but I listened to enough to hear some viable truth. I’m not sure about the Michael Jackson connection. That sounds fantastic and I often hear fantastic things in the alternative media. I question things no matter where they come from. I’m not looking to prove any point. I am looking to see the point and to separate the fantasy from the fact. The information on the Alex Jones web cast is truly scary. It won’t change anything as far as I’m concerned but it does seem to open the door for lockdown meditation retreats in our future. I’ll take that as it comes. It’s not going to change anything and I hope the same applies to all of the warriors out there in the landscapes and woodwork of these troubled times.

I’m thinking that no one should pay any more taxes. There needs to be a groundswell of people who are living in the most threatened locations and those would be America, The U.K., Canada and Australia. Other places are under degrees of threat but the threat is greatest in the just mentioned areas. These areas are also heavily under Zionist control. That makes the situation no big surprise.

Listen up people. They are squeezing you like lemons but they are not making lemonade. You have to go to your most effective weapons. You can’t just run into the street crying “Viva Zapata” and firing your guns into the air. We aren’t at the Red Dawn stage yet but we are getting there (note the year it came out). You have to shut this monster down. That means you have to take away its income. A nationwide tax revolt is the way to go and everyone working in any area that serves the government interest needs to drag their feet and muck up the works as they go. No one should put any money in the stock market. No one should buy anything that is not essential. You have to injure the corporations in whatever way you can. Do not eat in any chain restaurants. Do not shop at any chain stores. Do not buy Intel products or give Starbucks a dime. Educate yourself about everything you buy so that nothing goes to the genocidal maniacs in Israel.

Everyone working in any sensitive area that is involved in the various schemes of killing people needs to start going public with information; anonymously if necessary. Otherwise we need so many whistle blowers it will sound like the world has turned into a gay Disco which, unfortunately, it looks like it already has. I’m hoping I’m hitting enough of the points being made on the Alex Jones web cast. I wouldn’t want to think that I was missing too many.

If you want something to stop operating you have to cut off the water. You have to cut off the petrol. You have to forget to check the oil. Worst case scenario, you sugar the gas tank with Karo syrup. This monstrous lumbering murder machine known as the government has become a self-service operation. It services itself. The people representing you are representing themselves or the vampires who own them. There are a few real people there; Jim DeMint, Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney… maybe some others… few, all too few.

The American people need to form an organization similar to the Oathkeepers. They need a promise organization. “I promise not to give the government one red dime until it either destroys itself in some kind of sexual, auto asphyxiation scenario or it starves to death.” You have to kill the monster and failing that you have to bring it to heel.

The banker’s and their cronies need to be arrested and put on public display in a traveling zoo so that they can be pelted with road apples and sundry. They need to be stripped of their assets and then stripped naked and left quivering in the Jello of their obese, obscene appetites. They need some public Cold Turkey on camera, broadcast around the world. They need to be dishonored (not that they have any) and humiliated.

I expect that many of you know what needs to be done. I know that all across the lands I have mentioned people are very angry. It’s times for some blows against the Empire. The force is strong in you. Darth Vader needs to be put into a continuous loop of that scene from Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis found Ving Rhames in the pawn shop.

There are a lot of savvy people in the military. You see what’s happening and I know you don’t like taking your orders from Israel. It’s past time for you to be talking to each other.

Here’s some good news. As I have indicated at different times here and at the other blogs, the seriously evil Boomslangs are losing their minds. This is going to speed up exponentially. They are losing it. Their reach has exceeded their grasp and they are vulnerable within in ways they cannot explain to themselves. Things are happening in their heads that they don’t understand. I know why this is and so do a number of you. Watch and see just how outrageous this gets. This is a controlled object lesson taking place right now but it requires your participation and presence. It is very important to see these people for what they are and to project that outward and inward in your thoughts so that we can take advantage of our numbers to push the envelope and manifest something similar to that attempt to levitate The Pentagon. It’s the same principle. We can join hands in a virtual way and have effect in the physical realm. Don’t think they don’t know about this. They are doing it to you right now. Our collected numbers can blow them out of the park. The power of just one focused individual is a great deal more than you might assume. That power increases dramatically as numbers are added.

If you only start thinking about these things, that would be a big help. Don’t let yourself down. If you never stood for anything before you had better stand for something now or you will die on your knees. These people aren’t fooling around and we shouldn’t be either.

For those of you wise enough to know that this is just a dream and to understand the implications of non-action versa action and all the possible metaphysical and philosophical constructs that your studies have allowed you, let me say… sure… yeah sure …but I wouldn’t want to have to live with myself afterwards.

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