Monday, July 20, 2009

I Hate My Government

"I Hate This Phony Democracy

July 13, 2009

In our country, the country we love - we are free to write or say anything against our government (regime) without fear of being arrested or harassed for it - that is, until we start attracting a large following, then we are not so free anymore. I remembered what happened to Ross Perot when the regime thought that too many people were listening to what he had to say; they attacked him with a massive media campaign in an effort to discredit and demonize him by smearing him as crazy and racist. Years later the same type of media smear campaigns were waged against David Duke, Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul.

Basically the rule on freedom of speech in America is this; you are free to say anything you want, provided you don't attract too many listeners, because once you do, the regime will deem you a threat and you will be attacked by the press as a racist extremist lunatic, afterward, Jewish hate mongers will organize their usual groups of anarchists, liberals, communists, etc and protest at your home and place of work - complete with bottle and brick throwing, not to mention balloons filled with urine. If these tactics are not enough to silence your tongue and make you want to issue a public apology for your "hate speech", the regime will do to you what they did to Huey Long, assassinate you. Some freedom huh?

But the American regime would rather not kill its enemies for fear of making martyrs out of them, so nonlethal ways using psychological warfare is the method of choice in the United States today. But as the economy falls apart, and more Americans have lower paying jobs and poorer living conditions, more people will speak out against the regime and its genocidal campaign against White Americans. The Jewish bankers, media moguls, politicians, ADL, SPLC all know this, and that's why they are all pushing for hate speech legislation. They know that as time goes on, more White Americans will have less fear of Jewish led mobs and media smear campaigns, so they will have to use a more direct method to suppress freedom of speech, and that direct method will be imprisoning people for "hate speech." And what is hate speech? It's whatever the regime says it is. But you can be sure it will be targeted against White people, not just in how the law is written, but how it will be selectively applied. Just as in many European countries today that have hate speech laws, it is just fine to say that Italians control the Mafia, but say that Jews control the media and you will be arrested for hate speech.

Another reason why this democracy is phony is the Orwellian way the government conducts its affairs, and how the mass media reports on those affairs. For example, one of the reasons George Bush gave us to invade Iraq was to preserve the peace. Going to war is preserving the peace? So War is Peace, just as in George Orwell's 1984.

Take a look at the following news articles on the U.S. governments order to our military regarding poppy production in Afghanistan.

US army to wage war on drugs by wiping out Afghan poppy fields. October 13, 2008.

"America will take its war on drugs to a new level next year, by using US ground troops to help eradicate Afghan poppy fields"

US Marines protect Afghan's Poppy Fields July 8, 2008

"Hey, guys, don't pick the poppies. That's the order from the Obama Administration to the 4,000 Marines presently engaged in Operation Khanjar or 'Strike of the Sword,' an invasion of the Taliban infested Helmand province in southern Afghanistan. The Marines of Bravo's Company 1st Platoon sleep beside groves of poppies. Troops of the 2nd Platoon walk through the fields on strict orders not to swat the heavy opium bulbs. The Afghan farmers and laborers, who are engaged in scraping the resin from the bulbs, smile and wave at the passing soldiers. The Helmand province is the world's largest cultivator of opium poppies - the crop used to make heroin.

Afghanistan grew 93 percent of the world's poppy crop last year, with Helmand alone responsible for more than half of the opium production in the country, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime."

The U.S. government tells us that drugs are bad, yet it protects the drug trade. It arrests American citizens for growing and selling drugs, but orders U.S. Marines to protect growers and sellers in other countries. It tells us not to hate other people, but justifies their hatred of other people by calling them insurgents, islamofascists, extremists, right wingers, racists, anti-semites, etc. It proclaims to oppose the proliferation of nuclear weapons, but allows Israel to acquire and manufacture them. It demands Iran verify that its nuclear sites are not manufacturing weapons grade uranium, but objects to any country that demands Israel verify that its nuclear site at Dimona is not doing the same thing. And while the U.S. government discredits our country with hypocritical double standards, there is the corporate controlled press playing right along, pretending not to know and down playing this information to the American public. They will report all day and night on Michael Jackson, but hardly a word on the U.S. governments drug dealing, hypocrisy, and lies

I can go on and on giving examples of the U.S. governments dishonorable and disgraceful double standards, but anyone who loves America and freedom should already know these things, and as for the way the corporate media reports the news on our government activities, it really is an is insult to our intelligence.

I admit it, I hate my government. I hate most of the elected politicians in it. How could I not? They are nothing more than actors - nay, con artists (acting being a respectable profession). But most of all I hate the corporate controlled news media, because it is they who portray these con artists as trustworthy statesmen who care about us and our country when they know they do not.

Without the mass media protecting these corrupt and treasonous political leaders, they would be exposed for the criminals that they are, and as such, they would be prosecuted, jailed, and for those found guilty of treason and murder - executed.