Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Ignorant and Indifferent AmeriKan

"Ignorance for Dummies

Ignorance is bliss as it is seemingly better to not want to know. You see, if people really knew the depth of the rat hole into which we've descended, maybe they might have to take action or even consider putting a few cases of bottled water in the closet before the hurricane hits. But no, they don't want to know, and if you try to warn them it will fall on deaf ears because God will save them as their faith in Jesus is all they need. They have put on the armor of the Lord that nothing can penetrate including common sense. These are the so heavenly minded they become no earthly good and they are the poor sacks that were on the rooftops crying for "hep" after Katrina. Jesus must have had inventory problems or maybe his network crashed because I didn't see him delivering any Aquafina. Was there a lesson learned? The ignorant come from all walks of life, found amongst those that have the ability and means to actually do the research and search out the looming menace facing society, so there should be no excuse for the people to come begging. Or should there?

Alex Jones drones on about waking the masses and releases yet more videos that prove nothing other than we the people don't want to see the major shafting we are receiving at the hands of the masters. The lies from the NIST and 911 Commission are debunked once again here, and no one seems to care because, "OMG they lost Michel Jackson's body!" Big news today is that women don't want to date unemployed men. Wow, run me over with a bus, as it is really hard to believe the women of the United States of Deception only care about what a man can buy them. Please tell me it isn't so!

Slave: one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence. If money is not the most dominating influence in most peoples lives today than forgive me if I am going off on a tangent. It is not money, but the lack there of that makes one do what they would rather not. Stacking lumber at a sawmill ten hours a day six days a week is not the life someone would have dreamed about as a child. Driving the portable toilet trucks that sucks the shit from the honey huts cant be the dream job of the masses, but it is what one has to do to survive. Most people are living in such misery, so is it any wonder they would rather not know that all their efforts digging ditches are for naught because the Wall Street moguls are systematically robbing them and their families of every ounce of blood they possess? Helplessness is best left locked in a box and buried.

Listening to yet another patriot radio broadcast, the mouthpiece had a caller that was busting his chops over not beating the 9/11 inside job dead horse, to which the reply was, " I cant prove 9/11 was a government black ops. I talk about facts on this show, not about things unproven even though there is mounting evidence we were told less than the truth from the 9/11 commission, but that doesn't prove the government was involved. I like to deal with facts that are proven and as far as I am concerned, 9/11 is history and should stay there, as we will never be able to prove exactly what happened." Circumstantial evidence at best and face it folks this man is right, we will never get to the bottom of it just like we can never prove who killed JFK. Feeding on this truth, it is damn hard to try to convince people that don't want to hear about a subject that is and most likely will stay unprovable, so my advice is to save your breath and your mental health. In other words, stfu already because "waking up" the sheep without hard facts is not only a waste of time, but makes one come off looking like a paranoid kook.

In signing off I say, "don't blame them." How dare anyone bitch about the ignorant sheeple. Please, leave them alone as their world sucks enough already and trying to show them that the government is in lockstep with robbers, liars, murderers and freaks is not going to be the highlight of their day after twelve hours of asbestos abatement. Keep your misery to itself even though it does love company and let these poor downtrodden live in some kind of peaceful normality as the world goes into death throes. IF they wanted to know they would by now, so don't go off all righteous because you have prepared for the mass extinction of Global 2000 and these idiots just wont see because when it comes to happiness they are above the "ones that know," as there was a time that I myself was not armed, barricaded and paranoid, which I commonly refer to as
"the good ole days."