Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jack Rabbit's Rant

(I agree with him on so many things; a powerful piece of work)

"Our American Train Wreck – By Accident or Design?

It is my firm belief that the Average American Family is in for some big shocks and some hard times with regards to their savings, civil rights, and the future direction of their country. And if these Americans shrink from their duty to get involved they won’t have to worry about the country their children will inherit – because somebody else will own it.

I base these opinions on information available mostly on the internet. Yes – the internet – the last bastion of free speech where even a JackRabbit can express views for the consideration of others. Will it last?

The election of Obama demonstrated that the public knows what they want – but for some reason they can’t get what they want. How is it possible to have elected Obama yet the war plan accelerates? Once again we get a smooth-talker who, exactly like GWB did upon election, acts in opposition to campaign promises. If you remember the debates – it was obvious who the corporate owned media deemed worthy of debate time and who they didn’t. Is it a coincidence that corporations benefit from Obama’s actions and the public suffers? Hmmm – how many times the president’s salary was spent getting him elected? No profit-first corporation spends money unless they expect a return on investment.

Jack Rabbit’s opinion – your average Joe-6-pack is oblivious to the geopolitical situation because he and wifee are working working working- paying usurious and arbitrary interest to monopoly lenders – paying for private school, paying ever-rising-prices for food as inflation kicks in, getting robbed on gasoline, car repairs, phone bills, car rental bills – basically everything. They are also completely in the dark because their media has been usurped by corporations with no interest in the public good – but in siphoning money into the CEO that runs the slum-like corporation. We used to call them slumlords – but somehow they’ve become great American heroes these American corporate CEOs – yes the robber-barons – perhaps because they, the robber-barons are the owners of the very media that treats the American public like mushrooms – keep’em in the dark and feed them sh#t. There is no longer any regulation of anything in the United States to the benefit of the average worker. As far as contracts are concerned the party who entered into the contract who is more well-heeled makes the rules. Those rules are the golden rule. Those with the gold rule. Speaking of gold – 2009 should be a good one for gold (IMO)- the metal you can hold in your hand. Liquid for sure. But six-pack Joe has no cash – just credit – which is worthless if you wish to purchase American Eagles.

What’s the problem? It’s complicated! Risking sounding “crazy” I’ll come out and say that it appears to me that we are being sold out in such a way that will ultimately end in one-world-government unless YOU become active to prevent it. The monetary crisis will provide the perfect lens with which to focus the masses to submit to emergency measures required to “fix” the problem – these measures, naturally, will require the surrender of RIGHTS. Is this a conspiracy theory? So what if it is? If it walks like a duck… I don’t know if it is or not but it seems reasonable to me that if group A wants to steal everything group B owns - that conspiracy is a given. There is plenty of info on this blog and those linked under Enlightenment. We Americans have tortured. We Americans are imprisoning people without trial. We Americans are firing missies via drone aircraft into sovereign nations. We Americans are occupiers. It is time to wake up -wise up – and stand up. Forget the money wasted on these misadventures of mass murder for a minute – think instead about sending kids to wars based on lies so corporations can profit. Take the most patriotic true believers – put a uniform on them – hand them a machine gun – and make them kill somebody else’s kids who are doing exactly the same thing. I ask you reader – what are you getting out of all this militarism? Hmmm I guess if you are employed by the war industry a paycheck. I hope it’s worth it.

Somehow the North American Union is on the Way (NAU) with or without public approval. This merging of Canada, USA, and Mexico seems to build itself as anyone you ask about it will deny it. Yet highways are planned. Our borders are unprotected. With the NAU, like the European Union preceding it, is rumored a new currency called the Amero which will be “necessary” (unConstitutional as it is) to solve the financial crisis. Oh and about the financial crisis – mostly a crisis for anybody who has to continue payments on their mortgage at the bubble-market prices. No relief in sight for us – but the banks get bailed out. I’ve read that 9.3 Trillion Dollars would have payed off EVERY MORTGAGE IN THE UNITED STATES – but whaddaya know – that’s not what was done with the phony “bailout” money – it went, it seems, to the same crooks that caused this mess in the first place. If this sounds crazy to you perhaps you can explain what you got out of the bailout – that is unless you work for Goldman Sachs.

Iran - Who the hell wants to send their kid to die in Iran? Send me your name, I’ll put you on a list, so the rest of us know not to mourn for your contribution to the conquest of sovereign nations with OUR OIL UNDER THEIR SOIL! I’m sorry for the rage – but what are you going to get personally out of an invasion of another country except higher taxes and the status of a modern-day Nazi in the eyes of the rest of the world. If you consider this writer paranoid – then is it reasonable for me to ask what word can be used to describe the American war on terror – where essentially we have to preemptively strike others (with real missiles killing real people) because of what they might do? How sane is that?

Iraq – WTF? WMD, blah blah blah. Yeah – Powell holds up a test tube of corn starch in front of the world at the U.N. and presto we go to war. Come to find out it was all fabricated, false, fake, lies. That’s what we were told and parents all over the U.S. sent their kids into a meat grinder. Lies. We are supposedly concerned about Iraqi civilization. Then WTF happened to all the antiquities from the museums of the cradle of civilization when America’s armed forces wrecked the place? The loss of Iraqs artifacts couldn’t have done much to help them understand their history any better could it? But our prez did specifically instruct them not to burn the oil wells. Do you remember that? Meanwhile irreplaceable, priceless artifacts vanish thanks to an absolute disregard to their importance. We’re from the American government and we’re here to help. To the average person it may seem too sick to fathom that anyone would invade another country for natural resources – after all we are talking about human life here. Is it possible that our leaders don’t share our values?

Afghanistan – This is an easy one – Opium poppy. Pre-911 Taliban wiped this crop out. America moves in- banner crop every year. I’m also old enough to remember when the Soviets tried to take the place – what a bloodbath – but now Amerika moves in because we are so much braver etc… than the rest of mankind including antiquity. Pat Tillman died in Afghanistan and we were told numerous lies about the circumstances – now it seems the man in charge during that fiasco – is – no – not demoted – put in charge of the whole place. Yeah that makes a lot of sense to me – NOT. What can explain such actions of our leaders?

Federal Reserve – don’t talk about this topic or your head may end up back and to the left.

Council on Foreign Relations – I prefer to call this the Presidents club. Get their podcast – see if you can predict the future of every single American decision before it happens! Give it a try!

911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB – yes, I’m finally able to understand that the American masses don’t have either the education or the time or the energy to understand the scientific findings pointing to nano-thermate and where such a thing comes from. The masses have also ben conditioned for many many decades to see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil when someone is called a “Conspiracy Theorist.” That’s really a testimonial for our education system which is ……..bad word. There is much evidence gathered via the ever-growing grassroots 911Truth movement demonstrating that the official conspiracy theory the American government fed to its mushroom-masses was a myth. Much info on this blog and the sites linked. This is not a small issue. Ignore at the risk of basing all future decisions upon false premises.

Military-mercenary-industrial-educational-lawenforcement-corporateprison complex – 1 in ten Americans live behind bars so we and they can BE SAFE. But I wonder how a pot-smoker can be safe sharing a cell with a murderer, rapist etc…????? I suppose I’ll have a chance to find out since the bullsh*t hate speech laws aimed at bloggers like myself who dare to exercise their right to free speech may eventually shut my “microphone” off. Great! Now you can get all of your information from the same “news” shills who simply serve the propaganda bleat of the day from their corporate masters. Do you really think someone on NBC can say something that will negatively effect the GE stock price? If you do I’ve got a bridge for sale. Our rights are inalienable – yet the wise men in our feckless fascist government are paving the way to silence critics via “hate” crime. How pathetically childish. Somehow it suits the majority of the mushroom-like American public. I’m sorry for the sarcasm but how many times does one have to be robbed until they can identify they are dealing with a robber?

Yes the U.S. Media Monopoly – well not a monopoly – maybe a tri-opoly? It’s that bad. The FCC is a toothless facade. They are not worth the expensive office space they consume. The FCC has failed in their mission – period. They don’t even have the courtesy to quit, go home, and stop sucking off the government teat. No, not teat, they are bloodsuckers – because as they drain public funds their inaction undermines the public good by depriving the VOTERS of opportunities to hear dissenting voices – by allowing media consolidation. The result? Even those Americans who try to inform themselves are stuck with paid corporate liars posing as newspersons. Dig around on this blog – consider these seemingly radical ideas like free speech and independent thought. Glen Beck says 911 truthers wanna’ kill Jews – this is more than a lie – this is disinformation aimed at diverting and confusing the public. Some news eh? Jack Rabbit thinks there is almost ZERO on TV, RADIO worth watching or listening to. Why? Just look at your stocks – it’s the economy stupid! If they are worth anything why weren’t you warned about your ENRON stock etc…? AIG? Perhaps a coincidence – yes that’s it! Popular Mechanics is a great example – do they get any ad money from the war industry? Do they work hard to “debunk” 911 Truth? Hmmmmm. Wait….I’m in business too… lemme think about this – lots of military ad money – nano thermite/thermate (unreacted) found in WTC dust – nano thermite comes from military-industrial-educational-mercenary complex – a connection? Absolutely NOT since this would imply a conspiracy. Forget that. Sorry.

Torture – On this topic – I am stuck. I cannot reconcile OSHA regulations and Torture chambers. Maybe it’s just me but all I can say is that OSHA needs to be disbanded because Americans don’t care about torture – unless that is – their precious little one is held captive in one of our occupied countries – then – suddenly – this becomes a horrible, medieval practice. Pure witchcraft……but don’t we have to burn them with cigs to get fake info to embark on corporate resource wars? Yes – I want cheap gasoline to go the beach which I never get because they raise the price every tourist season – but my kid is being tortured. That’s wrong – but I don’t care if they torture “terrorists” who’ve been named terrorists without a trial because they are Muslims – where is my Happy Meal?

Americans – my fellow “citizens” (and I use that term loosely) – WAKE THE FLOCK UP! Your country, and most importantly, your Bill of Rights is being stolen from you for the interests of… Who? Israel is one for sure. The answer to this question you will have to figure out for yourself. The answers are on this blog, at the sites linked, and possibly apparent on your credit card statement.

Finally – a word of encouragement. The powers manipulating the American system are those who take the time, interest, and money to do so. The American system works perfectly – the most involved parties overcome. If you are not involved – you will be overcome by those who are. That is the absolute bottom line. Don’t forget it.