Monday, July 27, 2009

Dispatches From Mumbai

"Video: "Dispatches - Terror in Mumbai"

I previously wrote that Mumbai terror attack was the work of the Mossad. Not certain about whether CIA and Indian intelligence agency RAW had secondary involvement to engineer a false flag operation to open the door to total war for self-interest in service of USA and Israel.

It's bizarre the terrorists arrived at the dock by boat with the arsenals of destruction and walked into the crowded areas to lob grenades and shoot automatic rifles with ease as though so many people can be slaughtered without obstacle. Yet in the video, the captured surviving terrorist, while in the dazzled state of mind, droned on the motive of mass murder. He said, "just people..."

That's why I called them Manchurian candidates.

I contend the nefarious Zionist agenda (David Ben Gurion wanted the war between Indians and the Zionists' hated enemy Pakistanis) failed to materialize hoping for the war between Pakistan and India. They may think they are clever and deceitful, but they are exceptionally evil and stupid.

Description of the video by other source:

The untold story of 2008's terrorist attack on the Indian city of Mumbai. The story is told in the words of its victims and the gunmen. Produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Dan Reed, Terror in Mumbai tells the story of what happened when 10 Muslim gunmen held one of the world's busiest cities hostage; killing and wounding hundreds of people while holding India's crack security forces holding India's crack security forces at bay.

Featuring footage of the attacks and interviews with senior police officers and hostages, including the testimony from Kasab - the sole surviving gunman, Dispatches reveals what happened, hour by hour, from the perspective of the security forces, the terrorists, their masterminds and the victims.

50 minutes long documentary

Video clip by Nepos Libertas (whose original YT account was banned for anti-Zionist video collection last year)

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