Monday, July 13, 2009

Borat's Bulls***

I've never seen the movie and never will.

I'm just not interested and don't think he's funny.

"Jew Sacha Cohen, the purveyor of filth, mocks and degrades Rep. Ron Paul in an ambush in the film "Bruno"

I have not seen Sacha Cohen and Jew director Larry Charles' 2006 film "Borat" because I heard it's filthy and foul. I will not see "Bruno" for the same reason based on reading some reviews that describe their astonishment "Bruno" had not been rated NC-17 for explicit full frontal male nudity and gay sexual content.

Sacha Baron Cohen's motivation to make films is to degrade the American culture by introducing filth while asserting Jewish supremacism in arrogant showmanship. Cohan and Charles are typical Jews who believe that the majority of non-Jewish people is dumb and must be corrupted to confuse and depress the population. That's their attitude, and that is why they deserve to have their asses kicked and banished to Israel.

Sacha Cohen is one of the prime movers behind the rising "anti-Semitism" in order to proclaim that Ashkenazi Khazar Jews, the purveyors of corruption, treason and depraved filth, are the victims of anti-Semitism when there is a public backlash. This is disingenuous while they get away with getting rich in profiteering off of mocking, humiliating and degrading unwitting victims. This is typical of Jewish treachery, exploitation and willful fraud.

Sacha Cohen is one of the most despicable examples of unabashed Jewish influence in the Western media. And for pushing his filthy agenda on America and the West drowning in the cesspool of Jew-instigated corruption, Cohen has proven to the world that the Goyim enjoys being controlled, mocked and swindled while he, the producers and distributors laugh all the way to the bank.

Save your money and download the torrent of Bruno movie if you can stomach viewing it. Do not give the Jews your money.



: Boston Globe Bashes Ron Paul With Borat