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The Freedom of the Zionist Press

"Exposing the Matrix - The Hoax of Free Press

Andrew Winkler, The Rebel Media Group

In my previous essay ‘The Democracy Hoax, ’ I spoke about how Western style democracy, especially in its most perverted form, the Anglo-Saxon two-party system, was the political equivalent of World Wrestling Federation: a staged competition with choreographed pretend fights and pre-determined outcomes. You could also compare it with a horse race where the ruling elite owns all the horses. No matter who wins the election, our self-chosen rulers always win. The biggest hurdle for anyone dreaming of becoming the leader of the opposition, leave alone the head of government, is not to be elected or even nominated, but to convince the ruling elite that nobody else in his or her party would serve them better in that role. Once that’s achieved, everything else – money, media attention – just falls into place.

Another cruel joke of the Matrix

Which brings me to the topic of this essay, a joke almost as cruel as the democracy hoax: the hoax of ‘free press’. Let me start by asking, what ‘freedom of press’ actually means. The concept has been passionately promoted in the 18th and 19th century as part of the struggle of Jewish media against the historic European elites and really only means – in spite of all the fairy tales told by Jews to their Gentile supporters – ‘freedom of Jewish press’. Why else are Jews so quick to ignore ‘freedom of press’ when it comes to Jewish sensitivities? (The likes of ADL and CAMERA have developed an art form out of curtailing freedom of press without throwing anyone into prison, for example by ‘lobbying’ advertisers, financial institutions and others to boycott a particular publisher.)

One of the taboo topics of Western societies is the question who owns the press. In most Western countries mainstream media are owned and controlled by Jews, in many cases as much as 90% of the market. How did the Jews gain such a strong-hold? The unfair ‘Jewish advantage’ goes far beyond the rampant tribal cross-promotion, most visibly in movies, where we are used to be constantly bombarded with Jewish brands such as Madonna, Ben&Jerry, Tiffany, Cosmo, Dell and Starbucks.

Although in theory it’s the readers and viewers who are deciding which media to consume, and 99.5% of them are Gentiles, they don’t matter all that much for the success of a media company. It’s the advertisers respectively their ad agencies – most of them Jewish – who chose which media to use for their campaigns. Everything else flows from there. The more advertising income media companies have, the most attractive products they can offer to their consumers.

Media ratings

I hear you asking: but what about ratings? Doesn’t the number of viewers and readers influence whether a media is used by advertisers? Much less than what most people think. Virtually all print media are wholesaled via Jewish distribution companies. If they want to push a particular media product, those distributors force their retailers to buy up to 20 times more copies than what they can actually sell.

The unsold copies then go back to the distributors for credit once the next edition comes out, and the distributors receive a credit note from the media company. Sounds harmless enough. The only problem here is that nobody tells the advertisers and their ad agencies how many of the sold copies are returned for credit. The ad agencies do know about the scam, but they are not going to let down their Jewish mates. And the more copies a media company ‘sells’ that way, the more they can charge for advertising.

I’m not saying that the official media sales figures are entirely fake. All that consumer exposure in newsagencies and supermarkets is bound to generate some real sales eventually. Anybody who understands anything about retail knows about the importance of product placement. The more copies of a particular media product consumers see on the shelves, the more likely they are going to buy it. And whose media products are Jewish media distributor pushing in such way? That’s right. Do I need to get into who owns the companies who measure TV ratings?

Jewish Interests

So whose interests are those Jewish media serving? Having all that advertising income from companies conned into believing that they are reaching far more consumers than they actually are, enables Jewish media companies not only to produce the glossiest magazines and hire the best writers and photographers.

Those advertising dollars also put Jewish media owners into a position to give generously for all sorts of Jewish causes, and they have to do so in order to get the above described support from their fellow tribesmen. That’s why Jews are renown to be such big donors. They give more than half of the funds raised by both Democratic and Republican Party in the U.S., inspite of being only one or two percent of the population. The situation in the UK and Australia, where Jewish donors control both Labour and Conservative respectively Liberal Party, is no different.

Jewish donors also give generously for seemingly unselfish causes. They donate – with a lot of media publicity, mind you – to buy toys and blankets for Israeli children hiding in bunkers from home made Palestinian rockets, usually landing in soccer fields or killing Arab Israelis. They also give to build Talmud schools to teach Jewish kids that Goyim are actually animals created by God to serve, enrich and entertain Jews, and that the 10 commandments only refer to how to treat other Jews. Those schools also make sure that all Jewish kids know that God wants his ‘chosen people’ to kill all Goyim living in the ‘promised land’, and while they are at it, kill also all neighboring people refusing to be enslaved. (I hope none of my readers considers these kind of teachings to be calling for genocide, because that would be anti-Semitic, wouldn’t it?)

Gatekeepers and corporate censors

Given the extreme Jewish control and ethno-centricity, it doesn’t surprise that no Jewish media company dares to do anything that their co-religionists might perceive as being decremental to their interests. Even more liberal newspapers such as the Guardian and the Independent in the UK, who regularly feature articles critical of some of the Jews-only state’s worst human rights abuses and acts of aggression, they firmly steer away from where it really hurts, such as the question of Israel’s right to exist or the veracity of the official version of the so-called Holocaust.

Even more important than avoiding topics decremental to Jewish interests, is the pushing of views perceived to be beneficial. Whether it is the promotion of anything that ridicules and destroys despised Christian beliefs and values of their host countries, the pushing of the dogmatic belief in the Holocaust and other obvious lies such as the fraudulent ‘Wipe Israel off the map’ mistranslation by Mossad-owned MEMRI or the U.S. government’s ’12 Arabs with box cutters’ conspiracy theory, Jewish media consistently operate in ways serving Jewish interests only, rather than the interests of the entire community they are located in.

As long as Jewish ethno-centricity, supremacy and media control continues the way it is, and has been for a while, and as long as Jewish media keep prostituting themselves to the interests of a sectarian ruling elite, there will be no such thing as ‘freedom of press’, only ‘freedom of Jewish press’, that is the freedom of Jewish media to shaft the Goyim as they please.

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Andrew Winkler is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blog and founder of Jews Anonymous.


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