Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No Plastic Surgery For Palestinians

"STOP~Don't Help Those Disfigured People

What can one say? Every day it's the same thing, only the date changes. More doctors are being turned away by the Zionist Rogue State controlling the borders of Palestine. This time it's a team from France, including a highly respected plastic surgeon, who's aim was to help re-construct the lives of disfigured children. The disfiguring, of course, coming from the Evil Rogue State and Zionist Occupying Force that targets women and children civilians.

Israel clearly is not interested in having anyone "tamper" with their disfiguring results, or offer any assistance to these disfigured people. Israel likes to have their "handiwork" available for all to see, like some sick badge. A reminder to Palestinians that they reaped the benefits of a genocide for daring to hold a democratic Election in 2006, even the Evil Shrub Bush graced the television news programs touting how wonderful it was to see people exercising their democratic rights to vote. However, just like Iran, those "rag heads" voted for the wrong effing people, how dare they! (American sentiment there, NOT mine!)

Anyway, like I said, same shite, different day: